Bright Winter, Part 2: 5D Chess

If you don't understand Trump's actions, then the simple way to explain it is that this drama is playing out on the spiritual plane, in addition to the events we see in the news. Defeating a group of people, a particular cabal, and neutralizing them, is of course necessary - but not quite sufficient, because true victory is won on the field of consciousness. The mass-arrests of the cabal have to be accompanied by a concurrent Great Awakening, in the population.

And that requires the "5D Chess" type of thinking you keep hearing about, which often results in the average person having difficulty understanding whats going on and why the Alliance is doing what they're doing at any given time.

We're playing chess, and some of the moves may look strange if you aren't aware of what larger maneuvers they're part of.

And the indictments had to sit for a while, because the public needed to be brought up to a level of awareness to understand the information being presented at the tribunals. The Event awaited an Awakening to give it spiritual ground to stand on.

If Trump had not waited - if he had just unsealed all the indictments near the beginning of his administration, then it could have had the opposite effect intended, sparking a revolution indeed, but a "dark" type, a counterrevolution, involving the sleeping masses "rising up" at the behest of the cabal (which would have still controlled them at the time), and "overthrowing" the very people trying to free them.

So he knew, and the Cue Team knew, from the very beginning, that they would need a mass-awakening among the public, to go along with the mass-arrests. A mass-neutralizing of the individual agents and institutions of the dark, while shining a light on them for the public to actually understand what's going on and why it's happening. They need to know it's good news, so they don't revolt in the wrong direction and sabotage their own liberation.

And so, one of the core missions of the Trump administration has been to awaken the masses, by exposing the cabal's activities, by drawing attention to them, thereby shining a light of consciousness into the darkness. We've managed to showcase the utter moral bereftity of the corporate media, thereby glitching one of the primary mind-control technologies of the cabal. Next to nobody still trusts the TV networks, the big newspapers, or anything owned by the Big Six of Media.

And now, the same thing is happening with Big Pharma. The Alliance knows that Pharma is another key component of the mind control machine, and it too must be exposed to the light. They knew ahead of time that the cabal was planning to make a major move, involving a "pandemic scenario" leading into a technocratic takeover of the globe. And rather than stand obstinately in the way and oppose it with brute force (which would have washed them away in a tide of anger induced by the germ-panic), they instead chose to use the principle of martial arts wherein one redirects one's opponent's force and uses his own force against him. They allowed the hoax to play out, in order to use the resultant public anger as a catalyst to expose Big Pharma, and rouse the peasants to march up to the castle of technocratic allopathy and set the torch to it.

He's now doing the same thing with the fraudulent voting machine systems that have rigged our elections for decades, not only in America, but throughout much of the world.

One by one, all of the cabal's major methods of control are being exposed to the light of consciousness, and the masses are aware now.

We are tearing the dark forces' veils of secrecy asunder.

Secrecy was always the foundation of the cabal's ability to operate, and without secrecy, it would have crumbled long ago. That's why, even when it splits into factions who fight one another for the top spot (such as the infamous Roth-Rock rivalry of the early 2000's), the one thing both sides always agree on is secrecy, and they never willingly violate it, no matter how savage the fighting gets. Whatever happens, they agree to keep it all hidden from public view.

And what are Trump and Team 17 doing?

Exposing it all.

You might not like *how* they're exposing it. You might have preferred that they just get on TV and lay it all out in Powerpoint format, way back in 2017 right after assuming office. You might have preferred them to be more polite about it. Or less polite about it.

But still, despite all the disagreements over strategy and collateral damage, the fact remains: they're exposing it. They're tearing away the cabal's protection of secrecy. They're using multidimensional chess-moves to do it.

But they're doing it.

The cabal is being pierced with the light of mass-awareness, more than ever before in its history.

So that's one of the ways you can know, for sure, that the Alliance is truly on our side, fighting against the same enemy we're fighting. They're exposing the cabal, and the cabal would never expose itself on purpose.

The only way the cabal would deliberately expose itself, on purpose, would be if it completely won the war already, and had everyone fully microchipped, nanotech-infiltrated, controlled by intracranial A.I., and fully fused with the hive mind. If the cabal has not secured complete and utter dominance over every soul and every square inch of the planet, then it would not choose to expose itself.

And Team 17 is exposing it. The entire Trump Administration is a giant exposure operation, to defeat the cabal, once and for all, by doing so not only on the military field, but in the field of mass-consciousness. Through exposure. Through the light of Awareness.

As long as Awareness is increasing, we are winning.

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