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Centrism is Nazism

The choice facing humanity now is binary. There is no middle ground between survival and extinction, between democracy and fascism, between a mature civilization and... whatever this is.

Centrism means continuing the industry of private mass-incarceration, in which corporations pay the government to go collect people and throw them in cages to rot, away from their families, away from sunlight, and laboring for 8 cents an hour, for years at a time. Effectively the modern slave trade. That's Nazism.

If you're comfortable waiting for this to end "incrementally"... who are you?

Centrism means continuing to launch military invasions of weaker countries, and bomb and slaughter innocent people, and overthrow democratically elected leaders, and install puppet leaders to shoot their own people to guarantee cheap access to natural resources for U.S. corporations. Just like the Nazis did.

If that were the German flag on the left, and Poland on the right, would you suddenly start to care?

Centrism means the continuation of the status-quo. It means detonating explosions over people's houses. It means mass-murder.

What if this was YOUR fucking neighborhood? Would the process of finally dismantling the military-industrial complex suddenly take on more urgency?
If this was taking place in the sky above where YOU live, would you suddenly lose the patience to keep waiting for "incremental" progress on stopping your country's multiple ongoing mass-atrocities?
What if this was you, or YOUR child? If this kid matters less because he lives in a far-away place with a strange culture, then WHO ARE YOU?

Centrism means watching people die because they can't afford basic necessities. Not just watching, but rubbing their faces in the dirt by telling them, "Hey, relax, maybe after another 8 years or 16 years, we'll get around to fixing all this!"

If this was you, would you still be a centrist?

Centrism means resisting or watering down a Green New Deal, and doing just enough on ecology and climate to smile for the cameras and say "we're doing something", while the planet continues to burn and the biosphere continues to collapse, leading to the deaths of BILLIONS of people, starting with the poorest and brownest/blackest among us.

If you don't care - OR if you do care, but think it's adequate to take just enough action for photo-ops...

...while failing to evoke the fundamental systems-changes necessary to save this planet and avert that mass-depopulation - then what, pray tell, differentiates you from a Nazi?

If you want an incremental approach to an emergency that threatens billions - that's Nazism.

We do not have time for incrementalism. We need change that is deep, massive, fundamental, comprehensive, utopian, and immediate. Anything less consigns billions of people to the gas chamber.

Not "chambers" with an "s." Chamber. Just one. The entire planet is becoming the final solution to the human question, and unless we come together and fix this NOW, the only ones who will survive it are those elites with the money to insulate themselves with air purifiers, private water supplies, gated communities, underground bunkers, and private security forces. Maybe space capsules.

And if you want to take an incremental approach to that, you might as well tattoo the diagonal swastika on your chest. This isn't a joke. This isn't a game. Centrism is Nazism.

The "middle of the road approach" is not acceptable.


It might be good enough for you, but it's not good enough for the upcoming generations who are going to have to live with the choices that you made, and inherit the burned-out world you gave us.

This is binary. Either this planet continues to support Life, and human civilization, or it doesn't. And if you're backing an agenda (and/or a candidate, or a party) that treats the question as if some kind of "middle ground" exists, then you're on the wrong side, and you're condemning the rest of us to a toxic planet ruled by Nazis (if there's even anyone around to rule it).


We're tired of it. You're doing this to OUR people, to OUR planet, and to US.


In the midst of an emergency, incrementalism is tantamount to doing nothing at all. Centrist approaches are USELESS.

What do we need?

We need a sweeping, all-encompassing plan to get ourselves out of this mess. We need a whole new system of governing human affairs.

If you don't know what to do, the Earth Party has you covered. We've put together a Blueprint for a Mature Civilization. It's a total redesign of our civilization, from the bottom up, to make it ecological and compassionate.

Have a look:

If you're not sure about something so big yet, then go ahead a vote for politicians who occupy the progressive side of the political spectrum, like Bernie, Tulsi, or Marianne or Andy. That will at least buy us *some* extra time. They're the best options you'll find on your ballot this year.

But for the long haul, we need a deeper change than even those relatively progressive pols are offering.

We need a mature civilization, and a step-by-step plan for getting there.

And here one is:

Check it out, and be sure to share your feedback with us! We want to hear your input! Everyone has a stake in this, and everyone should be heard.

Thanks for reading!

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