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Covid Rule Followers: How Far Are You Willing to Go?

I want to know how far the rule-followers are willing to go.

Is there a rule - existing or hypothetical - you're not willing to comply with? A point at which you break ranks? A level of control you're not willing to give them? A level of restriction you're unwilling to submit to?

At what point do you stop?

Where do you draw the line?

If I shared this post with you, I'd like you to go through the following timeline, and tell me which number is your line in the sand:

1. In some places, like Ontario, Quebec, and the UK, there is an 8:00pm curfew, and you're only allowed out of your house once per day, for 1 hour maximum.

Is that too far?

2. If that doesn't "work", and they change "once per day" to "once per week," as Boris Johnson recently threatened, will that be too far?

3. If they decide that you're not allowed to leave home at all, and your food and supplies will be delivered to your door by the military from now on, will that be too far?

Remember: Whatever they decide to do, they will come up with an excuse for. It won't be arbitrary and capricious. Science will support it.

4. Once you're no longer allowed outside, and your only means of communication with the world is through the internet, what will you say if all the social media platforms announce that there's a new zero tolerance policy for questioning covid rules, and you now have no way of speaking, nor hearing, any form of dissent, will that be too far?

5. If they decide that the platforms are unable to moderate their content effectively, and some amount of anti-science misinformation during a deadly pandemic is still leaking through, and they shut off the entire internet, and you have nothing but the TV to inform you now, will that be too far?

Perhaps you'll say, "People in the 1980's had no internet, and they got by fine, so suck it up buttercup! We have to stay safe!"

6. If the Science comes out and says there's a new mutation that's 10 times deadlier, and airborne, and indestructible, and it can escape from your windows and travel down the street and into other people's windows, and they decide that you're now required to keep all your windows closed, and not allow any circulation between indoor and outdoor air except once per day for some amount of minutes, and only while you're standing next to it, and cops start doing spot-checks to find rule-breakers with unattended open windows, will that be too far?

Remember: Science will support whatever it is they want to do. It only seems daffy now, because Science has not yet endorsed it, but once Science weighs in, it will be mainstreamed and normalized, and if you argue with it, you will be a conspiracy theorist arguing with Science.

If this sounds just absolutely nuts to you, and you're thinking "It's a pointless question, because the very idea is ridiculous, and there's no way the government would take things that far, and even if they did, not one citizen would go along with it," then please read the followup article on how this works:

Followup: Yes, They Could Take It That Far

7. If they decide that enforcing the window rule is too difficult, and too many covidiots are breaking it, and they don't have enough cops to enforce it, and the only way to deal with the threat is to vaccinate everyone by force, and the military starts going door-to-door forcibly injecting people, will that be too far?

8. If they start taking needle-refusers to camps, will that be too far?



9. If they just start doing executions on the spot, will that be too far?

Remember: Science will support it.

At what point are you willing to argue with Science?

At what point are you willing to say no?

At what point are you willing to admit that there may be another reason all this is happening, besides a "virus"?

At what point are you willing to admit you made a mistake?

At what point will the horror and depravity become great enough to overrule your pride?

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