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Emergency in the Amazon


If you don't know what's happening in Brazil right now, you need to look.

They're burning the Amazon to the ground.

We've all grown disappointingly accustomed to the steady *cutting* of the forest, but this is different. They're BURNING it now.

There are hundreds of "teams" of people going into the forest and intentionally setting fire to it.

Their intention is to claim the land as cattle ranches, and whoever "clears" (burns) it, gets to keep it, and ranch it.

There are over 70,000 FIRES raging, RIGHT NOW, all over the Amazon.


The president of Brazil, who was elected last year, campaigned on the promise to completely exterminate the entire Amazon rainforest. To COMPLETELY EXTERMINATE it. And now he's doing it. HE'S DOING WHAT HE PROMISED on the campaign trail.

The government has completely stepped back from all environmental policing. They literally DISBANDED the environment agency. They fired all the employees, and closed the offices. There is no law anymore. It's a free-for-all.

The president gave the signal that he was offering carte blanch support for full-on settler-colonialism of the entire Amazon, by brazen vigilante violence. He basically said, "there's no more law, and you can all go and take it."

And that's exactly what they're doing.

And they're setting fires all over the forest, with the goal of burning the whole Amazon to the ground, from the Andes to the Atlantic.

"Jair Bolsonaro."

You need to memorize that name. And learn how to pronounce it properly. The "J" is pronounced like a "zh." It's important to know, because that name might be the name of your murderer.

YOURS. He might kill YOU.


Because if he kills the Amazon (as he's promised to do, and making good on that promise), then YOU DIE AS WELL.

A few days ago, the city of Sao Paulo had a solar eclipse. Not because of the Moon, but because of the SMOKE. There is so much smoke from the burning Amazon, that Sao Paulo, a city over 1000 kilometers away from the forest, entered night-time at 3:00 in the afternoon.

There are photos. Google them.

The Amazon is a living organism, and like any organism, it can die. The forest produces the very rain that sustains itself - and without the forest, there will be no more rain... which means no more forest. There is a FEEDBACK LOOP of desertification that could lead to the death of the entire forest. Some scientists have said that if the forest loses 20% of its size, it could enter a drying-out feedback loop, and the whole place could turn into savanna.

If they don't just burn the whole thing to the ground first.

This is an emergency, for YOU, because without the Amazon, YOU WILL DIE.

The Amazon is the lungs of the planet. It produces 25% of the oxygen that YOU breathe. If the Amazon dies, the oxygen content of the air you breathe drops by 25%. That's equivalent to adding about 11,000 feet of elevation to your locale. If you live at sea level, you will have the oxygen content of an 11,000 foot mountain. And if you live at 5,000 feet, like Denver, you will be breathing the equivalent of 16,000 feet elevation, which is basically the limit that humans can survive at. If you're higher than Denver, you'll either evacuate, or suffocate.

And that only accounts for the loss of the Amazon. It does not account for the loss of the forests of SIBERIA, or ALASKA, or CANADA - all of which are burning catastropHically, right now. It also doesn't account for the acidification of the oceans, which produce 50% of our oxygen.

And the more of the Amazon that burns, the more the forests in Siberia burn. And the more those burn, the more Alaska burns. Which means more of Australia burns. Which means more of Africa burns.

Which means more of the AMAZON burns.

The planet is getting killed before our eyes.

This is a Holocaust. We are IN A HOLOCAUST, RIGHT NOW.


The word "holocaust" is Greek, and literally means "burnt offering."


If you recited "Never Again", sorry, it DIDN'T WORK.

And this time, there is no "escaping", because there are no "safe countries" to escape to, because the ENTIRE WORLD IS THE OVEN.

Everyone has a number tattoo on their arm. EVERYONE. Even the guards. Even the Führer himself. He too will get gassed, since the whole world is the chamber.

Quit your job. It doesn't matter anymore. The S.S. is on it's way to your house.

It doesn't matter what color your skin is, what religion you practice, or your gender, or your sexual orientation, or your nation, or your politics or even your wealth or status. No matter who you are, the stormtroopers are coming for you. Quit your fucking job.

This is a full-fledged planetary emergency, and your ONLY job, no matter WHO you are, is to do absolutely EVERYTHING in your power to Stop The Holocaust.

Our planet has CANCER.

Those burning the forest, and those supporting them (the climate deniers and eco-deniers) are CANCER CELLS on the body of the planet.

And cancer is DEADLY.

We have to do something, and we have to do something NOW.

If we don't then we will fucking DIE.

We need REVOLUTION, and we need it to be WORLDWIDE, and we need it to be IMMEDIATE.

Electoral politics are not the answer anymore, because it's TOO SLOW. Even if we elect Bernie president, the forest could be gone (or far past the tipping point) before he's even sworn in.

The time for winning elections is past already. Decades ago, that would have been the answer. But we're in an EMERGENCY. We cannot wait for electoral majorities. We need radical, forceful REVOLUTION, and we need it NOW. If we don't do it, we FUCKING DIE.

This is NOT the occupation of Manchuria.

This is NOT the invasion of Poland.

This is NOT the Battle of Britain.

We've already SLEPT THROUGH all that.

This is Hitler's navy sailing up the Potomac, and docking by the Jefferson Memorial.

This is Panzer tanks rolling through Manhattan.

The war hasn't just "already begun" - it's almost OVER.

And these invaders AREN'T TAKING PRISONERS.

If you don't want to kill to defend yourself, then you still need to at least FIGHT.

These cancer people need to be, at he very LEAST, dis-empowered, disarmed, and sequestered. The levers of power need to be removed from their grasp. At the very least, they have to be put into some kind of custody, to keep the types of technology and machines that they would use to destroy the world, out of their hands.

This is the Great War, and there are only two sides to choose from:

The Side of Life, and the Side of Death.

Eco-deniers are enemies of Life, and they are fighting for Death.

They have to be neutralized. Something needs to be done.

If you make war upon the entire living world, we're not going to go quietly into the dark. We're gonna fight.

And we're gonna fight like we're fighting for our lives. Because we are.

If the planet dies, it won't be televised, because there will be no people left to televise it. You won't watch your favorite news anchor reading you a report about how the planet is dying. There will be no nostalgic eulogies about how we've "lost biodiversity" or "been bad stewards of the Earth." Nope, none of that. It's not something you'll WATCH - it's something that will HAPPEN TO YOU. You will fucking DIE. You'll STARVE TO FUCKING DEATH.

This is a WAR, and it's going to KILL YOU, unless we fight, and win.

There is one thing that MUST happen for us to win this. We must UNITE, in a single movement, under a single banner.

Separately, there's almost nothing we can do. Sure, we can change our consumer habits, stop buying meat and dairy, stop buying any unnecessary consumer products, and start letting our lawns re-wild. These are important changes that we NEED TO MAKE.

However, they're not enough. This disease is SYSTEMIC, and only a systems-change will cure it.

As individuals, we are virtually powerless to save our planet. But TOGETHER, we can win.

We must rally around the banner of the Planetary Protectorate.

The Planetary Protectorate is the social manifestation of the Planet's self-preserving intelligence.

Wherever there's Life, there's intelligence. All forms of life have intelligence to preserve that life.

And the planet is no exception. The planet has an intelligence. And when under threat, this intelligence emerges into the minds and spirits of all living creatures.

Different people are in touch with this to varying degrees. If you're reading to this, chances are you're aware to some degree. And when we become aware, we want to do something, and one of the first things we notice is that we're stronger in numbers, when we work together to cooperate. So we link up with other people to be stronger. Thus we form organizations.

There are countless organizations, dedicated to various specific aspects of the ecological and social crises threatening our survival. There are organizations to protect whales, to protect the rainforests, to recognize animal rights, to stop human trafficking, to stop war and create peace, to help the poor, to stop timber logging, to stop fracking, to stop tar-sands drilling, and on and on it goes. Hundred of different specific struggles and specific campaigns for specific causes.

And because there are so many, it's a strength, but also a weakness. Because everyone is out doing their own thing, and working on just one piece of the puzzle, but not addressing the big picture.

So another level of organization must arise. A level above specific campaigns and causes. A "meta-organization." An organization of organizations.

All of humanity must unite under a single cause that encompasses all of the issues at once, and addresses them as the big interrelated picture that they truly are. And this meta-organization is the Planetary Protectorate.

Right now, the Protectorate is an idea, an energy, a passion which manifests in the minds and hearts of individuals. But we need it to be more. We need it to become a GOVERNMENT, with the power to govern the whole planet, and protect us from cancer-people and cancer-ideologies, BY FORCE.

And there is a plan for this. There is a plan to form the Planetary Protectorate. And it's a plan that YOU can get started on, RIGHT NOW, WITHOUT WAITING for any permission or electoral victories. You can take this fight into your own hands, NOW.

Join the Earth Party.

We are the communication-arm of the Protectorate, and we've published a MASTER PLAN to win this war. It's called the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization.

It contains a comprehensive VISION of a sustainable, compassionate future, encompassing all aspects of the necessary political, economic, and societal transformation that's necessary for our survival.

Here are some links:

Our main page:

Our page addressing Climate and Ecology:

Our main Plan:

THIS is your call-to-arms.

It's time to start giving a fuck. This is a fight for our lives.

P.S. And if there are any spooks from the CIA or NSA or whatever reading this, and if you're thinking, "Uh oh, we got a potential violent radical here", you need to WAKE THE FUCK UP - the Army of the Dead is coming for YOU, TOO. If this planet dies, YOU DIE TOO. Do you honestly think you can survive without an inhabitable planet? When the air becomes unbreathable, do you really think your billionaire bosses are going to invite you into their underground bunkers, and share their canned food with you? YOU are just as expendable to them as the rest of us are. If you really care about PROTECTING people, then you need to start fighting on the CORRECT SIDE of this war. You need to take that passion you have for defending your COUNTRY, and start using it to defend LIFE ITSELF.

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