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Green Eggs and Gates

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Do you want Bill Gates' vaccines? I do not want them, Sam-I-Am. I do not want the strange vaccines. Would you like them here or there? I would not like them here or there. I would not like them anywhere. I do not want the weird vaccines. I do not want them, Sam-I-Am. Would you like them in your house?

Would you like them with a mouse? Would you like them through your blouse? I do not want them in my house. I do not want them through my blouse. I do not want them here or there. I do not want them anywhere. I do not want Bill Gates' vaccines. Would you? Could you? In your car? Take them! Take them! Here they are. Please just keep them on the shelf, We decry the Windows Elf.

Epstein did not kill himself. You may like them. You will see. You may like them in a tree! I would not, could not in a tree. Away the needle! Let me be! Could you, would you, with a goat? I would not, could not with a goat! But what if we require a note?

A doctor's note to pet a goat? A doctor's note, to board a boat? A doctor's note, to cross a moat?

A doctor's note, to go and vote? A doctor's note, to leave your house? A doctor's note, to buy a blouse? A doctor's note, to travel there, to travel there, or anywhere?

Will you then submit to Bill? Will you bow down to his will? Would you, could you, get the shot? No way will I get the shot. Get the shot, I will not. I do not want the forced vaccines, I do not want them, Sam-I-Am. Then you may not board a boat. Then you may not pet a goat.

Then you may not go and vote. Then you may not board a plane. Then you may not board a train. Then you may not buy a blouse. Then you may not leave your house. Then you may not go to work. You're just an anti-vaxxer jerk! To leave your house, you must submit. You must get the Certificate. To verify immunity, and then you may come play with me! Not in the dark! Not in a tree! Not in a car! You let me be! I will think outside the box. I know that there is no great pox.

The statistics are inflated. Lies and lies, the TV stated. C19 is overrated. The virus' toll is overstated. Panic-Porn is saturated.

Turning on the television makes a very bad decision. Cameras focus on outliers; Media can stoke the fires. We all know they're proven liars. Please recall the Bush quagmires!

Weapons, weapons, mass destruction! The Iraq War's introduction! Terrorism, here and there, Terrorism, everywhere!

What happened to those scary guys? Nothing! They were only lies! Lies to scare us downright shitless, dumb, irrational, and witless! Willing to give up our freedom, just so we could, quote, "defeat 'em." Mass-surveillance introduced, Still no rationale produced!

"Temporary" it would be, and then they'd give rights back to me. 20 years and still no rights, 20 years, and still no flights without them fondling my balls, in the airport's vaulted halls.

20 years, no privacy. Anyone with eyes can see: They lie, they lie, all day long! They lie to make their profits strong! They lied to profit Halliburton! Please start peeling back the curtain! Now they lie for vaccine makers, Fauci, Gates, the freedom takers! Soon the papers they'll demand for you to go outside and stand. To stand and walk upon the land, "Papers, Papers!" they'll demand. Papers prove your blood contains the antibodies in your veins. Without the papers you will languish. Staying home in endless anguish. Papers? Those are inconvenient. Discretion might just be too lenient. Absolute control requires circuit-boards, electric wires. And then they'll want it in your hand - a microchip, they will command. RFID chips to prove that you are now allowed to move. Implanted underneath your skin, no choice but to leave it in. Thus begins the final plan to merge computers into Man. To make us One with our machines. Do you realize what this means? Complete control of every mind, our spirits to forever bind. I must stop this evil plot, before I become a robot! Let it be for all attested That I want Bill Gates arrested. Prosecuted, and exposed, For tyranny he has imposed.

Experiments he's done on kids,

like his forebears' slavery bids,

in Africa, in India,

he shoots the vaccines into ya,

to test them out for white consumption,

operating on assumption

that the black kids matter less,

and if they're injured, no distress.

The same vaccines, he does confess,

he wants to give you, with duress.

Fauci? He's a member too! Of the Gates Foundation's crew! The cabal that controls the W.H.O. which they sure will not tell you! Fire him, indict him now, prosecute him, show just how he conspired and lied to scare ya to engineer a mass-hysteria. Medical fascism? No! Into the night we will not go. Into the night? Without a fight? Hell no! Hell no! We won't go! We do not want Bill Gates' vaccines.

We do not want his microchips. We will not take them in a house. We will not take them with a mouse. We will not take them here or there. We will not take them anywhere! Time has come to fight the elites! Everyone, everywhere - Get in the streets!

*** "Green Eggs and Gates"

Credit to Dr. Seuss

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