How to Tell Good from Evil in the Upcoming Constitutional Crisis

In the coming days, there's going to be a battle.

It will be centered geographically in Washington DC, but it will take place emotionally and psychically across the entire country, and indeed the world.

And if you haven't been keeping up with the information outside of mainstream media, then you might not understand what's going on, or why it's happening. If you've become attached to the losing side, it will look frightening. You will probably think you're witnessing a "coup." The president will probably look like a "dictator" to you. You might think, "1939."

And the reality is, you're right about that. It is 1939 again - but you've got the roles reversed. They're upside down. The president isn't the Nazi. The Nazis are the people he's fighting, and who are fighting him. The Nazis are the people he's arresting and indicting. And he's our last bastion of defense against them.

I know this seems hard to believe, if you've read and listened to nothing but mainstream and/or leftwing media for the past 5 years, but it's the truth.

And if you doubt it, or you waver in your trust, or you're just confused and don't know what to think, there's an easy litmus test you take, to discern the identities of Good and Evil in this fight - and to do so with clarity, conclusively.

In case you question which side is the side fighting for you, and which side is fighting to enslave you, simply ask yourself:

1. Which side has been abusing you in all 15 of the ways outlined in the "15 Signs of an Abusive Relationship", for all of the past year, and has no plans to stop?

2. Which side wants it to be illegal for you to show your face in public?

3. Which side has spent this past year attempting to normalize the idea of state ownership of the inside of your nasal passages and blood vessels?

4. Which side is attempting to use that power to forcibly inject you with the blood of the devil?

5. Which side wants access-on-demand to your DNA to edit at will, with continual "updates" like Windows, to mold and reshape you at the molecular level?

6. Which side just introduced the NY Senate bill to grant police the power to invade your home without a search warrant, arrest you without an arrest warrant, and abduct you to a bioterrorism concentration camp, and hold you indefinitely without charges, all completely outside the purview of the judicial system, and, while they have you, probe and modify the insides of your body with long, thin objects in whatever ways they deem fit?

7. Which side wants to not only do these things, but censor and silence you, so that you can never speak to others about them doing these things, and never find out about them doing these things to others until it's too late and they've already come for you?

8. Which side is seeking a "fusion of your physical, digital, and biological identity"? (their own words)

9. Which side wants to inject you with nanobots to swarm into a neural mesh intertwined around your neurons like ivy around a tree, and then gradually substitute out your biological neurons for its own, and then have this bio-digital hybrid "you" connected via 5G to a hive-mind run by a super-intelligent A.I. that can read your thoughts as well as program your thoughts, for two-way control and the complete elimination of free will forever?

10. Which side has spent the past 100 years stating, openly and brazenly, in books, articles, essays, and movies, that its vision for the destiny of this world is the complete eradication of humanity, and all biological life, and our replacement by a "superior" race of silicon-based "life" forms?

11. Which side buys, sells, trades, trafficks, and rapes children on an industrial scale, and decorates the walls of their bathrooms with mural paintings of the children they've raped, as trophies of their conquests?

12. Which side has held an iron grip on the TV media apparatus all your life, and has used it to lie to you consistently about everything under the Sun, since you were born?

After this, there should be no more doubt about who's who.

When your grandkids ask you, decades from now, what you were doing when the Second American Revolution took place, you don't want to have to tell them you were fighting on behalf of the satanic vampire pedophiles. And you don't want to tell them you sat on the sidelines either.

Fight for the side of Good. While you can still choose.

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