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How to Utilize COVID-19 Isolation to Advance Revolutionary Consciousness

Ever since Greta Thunberg burst onto the international stage, and Extinction Rebellion protests started disrupting "business as usual" and shifting the consciousness of humanity, our shadow plutocracy has been looking for ways to shut it all down.

When we saw the enormous crowds, and the passion of young people fighting for their future, and the roadblocks forcing the entrenched masses to confront the ecological crisis... When we saw this, we knew the oligarchs were not going to let this stand.

We knew they'd be combing every possible option for an excuse to outlaw protests.

They tried to do it with legislation. Australia, for instance, passed several draconian anti-protest rules. Other countries started doing so too. There are several such bills in the United States, working their way through Congress and the state legislatures.

But "banning protests" is an extremely blunt instrument. It's too obvious. It creates too much resistance. An outright cancellation of the Right to Freedom of Assembly could easily backfire on whatever government is dumb enough to declare it. Such blunt instruments work in non-democratic countries, and possibly in young democracies with weak democratic institutions, where democratic consciousness has not had very much time to take hold. But in an advanced country with a democracy that's more than a century old, attacking democracy and civil rights with such a brazen, frontal assault would never fly.

It's well known that the "advanced democracies" have refined their repression tactics over the years. They don't rely on blunt instruments anymore. They use finer tools.

And now it looks like they've finally found one for the occasion!

It's quite remarkable how quickly the free world has consented to martial law. All it took was a little bit of corporate media fear-porn, and we surrendered our most basic rights, which are the cornerstones of democracy.

They've revoked the Right to Freedom of Assembly.

And they might go further. Some places (like San Francisco) have imposed a mandatory 24-hour curfew. No one leaves their house without permission.

It's possible that other cities and states may follow. New York's governor has already called on the military to come out and handle this, and there was even a question on this topic at the CNN Presidential Debate (with Joseph Goebbiden saying "Yes, I'll use the military").

In any case, the CDC and Whitehouse have issued "advice" to limit gatherings of people to under a certain number. The number keeps shrinking, and the "advice" is getting closer and closer to an order.

Mission... accomplished. No more protests!

While the fluoride in the water (and resultant pineal gland calcification and critical-thinking suppression) will prevent many people from connecting these dots, they're obvious to the rest of us.

They got what they wanted - what they've been seeking since Greta and XR first showed up, and the first major climate protests (e.g. Fridays for Future) started standing in intersections.

They did it!

Coming to America soon?

But it may have been the wrong move. The plutocrats might regret this.

Because, you see, they didn't silence us. They merely moved us. From one location to another. From the street, to the house.

But we still have our voices. We still have our brains, and we still have our logic. And our passion.

And now, we're in close proximity to the very people whom we most need to educate, and are best equipped to educate, on the climate crisis.

Our families. Our parents. The ones who keep voting to keep the neoliberal corporatist politicians in power. The very people we've been trying to wake up all this time. The very people whom our street-protests were (supposedly) targeting!

And now we're going to be alone with them...

for weeks, or months...

...with nothing to do!

This was a bad move for the oligarchs. They've bitten off more than they can chew.

Because this transition was needed all along. Street protests do have their place, but they aren't a good long-term strategy. Shutting down roadways with brightly-colored placards and chanting slogans is effective at calling initial attention to the crisis, but it's worthless for explaining the details.

It absolutely does not win hearts and minds.

Only one-on-one conversations can do that.

And we're about to have months of isolation, to do nothing but have one-on-one conversations!

School is cancelled. Bars and clubs are closed. Movies are closed. Work is cancelled. We've nothing to do... for a long time.

Except talk.

Listen to me, sisters and brothers: This is our greatest opportunity to make headway in educating those on the fence about revolution. Our greatest ever seen thus far.

During the upcoming weeks and months, we must sit down with our parents, our friends and families, and educate them.

Educate them about ecological consciousness. Teach them how our planet is a living organism, upon whose health and integrity our existence completely depends. Teach them how precarious the planet's condition is. Teach them about ways to stop the destruction, and reverse it.

Educate them about capitalism, and the reasons why it's a cruel, destructive, and unsustainable system. Educate them about new systems that can provide an alternative to replace capitalism. (Like, for instance, the Earth Party's Blueprint for a Mature Civilization!)

Teach them about permaculture. Teach them what's wrong with commercial monocrop industrial agriculture, and teach them about sustainable agriculture.

Show them that they can do it. Get their hands in the soil.

Teach them the history of Empire, including the American Empire. Teach them about the crimes the Empire has committed, and the crimes it's still committing today - and teach them about all the lies and manipulations the Empire used to manufacture our consent for these crimes.

Show them Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent. Wake them up from their media bubble - whether it's the Fox Bubble, the MSNBC Bubble, or whatever bubble they happen to be in.

Teach them about the long sequence of Washington and London overthrowing democratically elected governments around the world, in Iran, Chile, Bolivia, and so on. Teach them how the Empire is killing millions of people right now, through sanctions.

Teach them about the plight of the poor in their country. Teach them about what it's like to be middle-class (if they're upper class), lower class (if they're middle class), and homeless (if they're any class). Teach them about the totalitarian repression homeless people have been living under, with cops deployed in the middle of the night to wake them up, and keep waking them up, again and again, throughout the night, every night.

Teach them about the corporatocracy. Teach them how nearly all the world's food is controlled by a few corporations. Teach them about the media consolidation that's resulted in 6 companies providing almost all "news", and how even those 6 are still owned by the same upper-level asset management companies, like Vanguard and Blackrock. Teach them about the Federal Reserve funny-money system, and how it was built.

Teach them how all corporations are intertwined, inter-owned, and owned by the same tiny group of bankers, billionaires, and elite bloodline families descended from the European Royal Family (yes, there's only one - they're all interbred), and ultimately from the priest-kings of Pharaonic Egypt and Sumer/Babylon.

Teach them about the Pentagon black budget, the secret advanced tech programs, and the evidence for the secret space program.

Teach them about Operation Paperclip.

And Operation Mockingbird.

And Operation Northwoods.



Teach them about impossibility of Bronze-Age people building the Great Pyramid, and of Stone-Age people building Göbekli Tepe. Teach them about the antediluvian civilization, and the cataclysm that ended it. Show them how we can be better than what we've become, because we used to be.

Teach them about flouride in the water, the War against Visionary Plants and Fungi, mass surveillance, mass-incarceration, settler-colonialism, the American Indian genocide, the insect apocalypse, ocean acidification, soil depletion, chemtrails, 5G dangers, the Saudis and 9/11, everything!

Teach them about the meat and dairy industry, and show them how CAFO's work. Teach them the rudiments of a plant-based diet. Show them Dominion.

Teach them about logic, and how to follow the sequence of an argument, and how to identify logical fallacies, and how to develop the humility to admit when they've got something wrong.

If it's hard to talk to them because conversations tend to break down into shouting, teach them non-violent communication.

Teach them meditation and mindfulness, so that they can have the presence of mind to process the things you're teaching them.

Teach them anything and everything that they've been oblivious to.

This is our chance, people! This is the window of opportunity, when we'll have a chance.

The oligarchs bet on the wrong way to suppress consciousness. Their move is going to backfire. We're going to emerge from this isolation period with a much much higher mass consciousness, and many more people ready to support revolution, and evolution.

Bernie's revolution failed. But OURS doesn't have to.

Be strong, and be brave.

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