I Was Barred from Thanksgiving Dinner for Refusing a "Covid" Test. Here's My Epic Reply

About a week before Thanksgiving, my cousins (the hosts of our family's dinner this year) texted my mother, and told her that I'm not allowed to come unless I get "tested."

Not only can *I* not come, but my PARENTS can't come either, because they've been "exposed" to me!

So I sent a quick email to my cousin:

"Hey [redacted]. Can we talk about what's going on?"

My cousin responded:

"Sure I’d love to discuss this.

Let me express why I require a negative Covid test from you prior to you coming into my home.

I understand that you do not wear a mask and I understand your views on this. However, my husband and I legally as a doctor and a nurse cannot expose our patients to Covid should we become infected.

Second, my son [redacted] lives with his 92-year-old grandma and cannot afford to expose her either physically or himself mentally if something were to happen.

That’s pretty much it. Many families have cancelled Thanksgiving while others are requiring COVID tests and they are not medical professionals.

I hope you understand my position and will reconsider getting tested.

Have an awesome weekend!


And so, I responded in my signature epic fashion. I didn't hold back. I feel we are so close to the precipice, we cannot afford to hold back anymore. We need to lay the full truth out, for everyone, everywhere, every time. Anything less would be irresponsible.

Here it is:

* * *

Hi [redacted]. Thank you for explaining your thoughts. You are of course under no obligation to host a dinner for me, or anyone. And your house is your castle, and you can decide who comes in and who doesn't.

So as I explain my thoughts below, understand that I'm making no attempt to change your mind about the dinner, or about the question of whether you allow contact with me at any point in the future. I'm speaking about the bigger picture, of where our world is going.

Your individual choices, on day-to-day matters, do contribute to the type of decisions that humanity makes, collectively. So I'd like you to be as aware as possible of the potential consequences of those choices, so you can be better informed in deciding whether you really want to keep heading in that direction.

The simplest way to introduce the problem is this:

You've adopted a new "paradigm of health" in which your health depends upon your ability to **control other people.**

This is a deeply disturbing and twisted way to view health. Medicine has never worked this way, and you of ALL people should know that. This is not medicine. This is something else, disguised as medicine.

You may draw a distinction between public spaces and private property, and of course, there is one. But if you're already willing to deny someone access to YOUR house for refusal to submit to a medical examination, you're only one step away from requiring the same thing for entering PUBLIC spaces as well.

Do you, in fact, wish for that?

Do you want to prevent people - by force if necessary - from entering public places, such as transit stations and grocery stores - if we refuse to submit to a medical examination - or worse, a toxic chemical injection?

Maybe you're not exactly going out of your way to "lobby" for such a thing, but if it showed up on its own, would it make you happy?

Or would it bother you? Would you do anything about it?

Would you help enforce it? Would you look the other way while others enforce it?

It's not far-fetched. We ALREADY have forced muzzling. Force has already entered the equation. We're already living it. And I'm guessing you support that, and wish it were done in our state. I highly doubt you're opposing it. At the very least, you're not protesting against it. You're not standing up for the people fighting it. It's going on, and you're **looking the other way**, at best.

If that's the case, then the pharma machine has already secured your assent for both key elements of the scenario I've described: Forced testing (for private places), and forced muzzling (for public places). All we have to do is combine those two, and we have forced testing for public places. You're only one step away.

If such an "order" were declared by a governor here, would you support it?

I can be quite certain you wouldn't resist it, based on the choices you're already making currently. It's fairly certain you would at the very least look the other way while it was happening - while me, and millions of others, experience social and economic coercion to force submission to having objects inserted INTO our bodies.

Is my body your property? Is it public property? Property of the state?

Think very carefully about what you're doing here, because you, and especially your children, are going to have to grow up in the world you build. Do you want it to be a world in which the principle of bodily sovereignty has been abolished, and the state now owns the human body, and has access-on-demand to enter it - to physically enter you, and physically enter your children - at will? With no possibility of being told "No"?

Think hard.

And do your thinking now, because this choice is coming fast. In fact, you're currently building such a world, via the choices you're ALREADY making. And once you start, it's a train that takes on momentum, and a life of its own.

Once the control-paradigm takes root, there is no limit to how far they (and by extension, you) could follow it. The machine has already established control over people's movement and ability to congregate, and our ability to engage in commerce and social activity. They've already set up an ethos of access-on-demand to the insides of our nasal passages (You Are Here). The next phase is access-on-demand to the insides of our veins and arteries (coming within weeks), finally culminating in the establishment of administrator privileges to edit the molecular structure of our cells - because that's what an mRNA "vaccine" is. You're barreling towards granting tech-elites the ability to turn us all into epigenetic GMO's, and re-engineer us at the cellular level. By force.

This is far more dangerous than me showing my smile in public.

There are already governments setting up Medical Police forces (in Britain and Australia they're called "Covid Marshals"), to enforce this new Biosecurity State, eventually intended to replace the traditional police forces (which are being conveniently demonized, defunded, and dismantled to make room). The end result is a planned social ethos in which every human being is considered a "bioterrorist by default," unless and until proven otherwise, and the new police, operating under the aegis of the new religion (bestowed with the mocking name of "Science"), have the ability to detain anyone, imprison anyone, and insert objects into anyone's body, at any time, pending the adjudication of the person's bio-status.

Given all of this, what you're doing is far more dangerous than what I'm doing. I'm being safe. You're not.

The thing they're setting up - and which you've been willingly *collaborating* with - is the most gruesome iteration of evil this world has ever been presented with. Please, reconsider what you're doing. This isn't about one dinner party; it's about which direction this world will go in, and whether humanity will even continue to exist. This is a war for Life Itself, and I implore you to fight on the right side of it.

* * *

I recognize that there's a possibility that you're actually thinking, "He's wrong. I would never support the extreme draconian measures he's talking about. If the government mandated these things, I would NOT go along with it. I know where to draw the line. He doesn't get me at all."

And while I can believe that you may really honestly THINK that about yourself, the rubber hits the road ONLY once the media starts pushing the idea in earnest. You can't really be certain, today, of what you'd do later, in 4 or 5 months, AFTER the big networks and newspapers and politicians and Anthony Faucis of the world have had a chance to **normalize** the idea. You can't know how you'd respond to "the banality of evil" until it actually BECOMES banal, and all the "authorities" you respect have already declared that it's OK, and necessary. You don't know if you'd be able to withstand that temptation until you're actually faced with it.

And we've already moved that bar, multiple times, haven't we?

They told you "2 weeks to slow the spread." And "15 days to flatten the curve." And today, we're approaching Day 300, heading deeper and deeper into martial law, controlled demolition of the economy, and total abolition of all personal freedoms and rights - with brazen official statements that this will keep going for YEARS.

2 weeks turned into years, without even the slightest public discussion or debate. George W. Bush took a year and half to coax us into invading Iraq. But this? This was overnight. Just woosh! Hey folks, listen up, the world is under medical martial law now. It's indefinite. It's the "New Normal." Get used to it.

And you notice nothing odd about that? Nothing strange? "Nothing to see here, folks?"

You've already moved your bar of credulousness at least once. You've already displayed your willingness to ignore common sense and logic, and forget the moral standards you believed in **mere months ago**, as soon as a respected authority figure gave you the trigger to forget them.

So having displayed this willingness at least once already, and appearing to lack awareness of the error, it is completely reasonable to expect you to make it again, if presented with the instruction to. And again. And again.

I fully expect you, with your current outlook, to comply and collaborate with absolutely anything the bureaucracy orders, without limit, no matter how abusive. As long as they roll it out gradually, accompanied by a sufficient amount of propaganda to rationalize it and entrain the attitudes behind it concomitantly with its phased introduction, you will go along with each step - one after the other after the other.

This is really frightening.

Can you wake up, before the subsequent stages lead you into doing things you truly regret?

* * *

And the subsequent stages have already been announced.

Airlines have already announced that passengers will need "health passes" in order to fly, and anyone who refuses a "test" will be barred from travel.

And it won't just be planes. It will be trains. And buses. Uber taxis already require it.

It's already the case for international borders. No one is allowed to travel between countries now, unless they submit to a forced medical examination.

Ticketmaster has announced the same, for its theaters. Theme parks, like Disney, have joined in. More and more establishments are demanding it.

Workplaces are already demanding it. People are already being fired for refusing it. People are being fired, and cut off from their source of economic sustenance - plunged into unemployment, poverty, and bankruptcy - for refusing to allow others intimate access to their bodies.

The right to earn a living, to participate in society, to show one's face in public, to travel freely - these are basic human rights. And they're being revoked, right in front of your eyes, and used as leverage to force people into non-consensual medical examinations. To objects being inserted INTO our bodies.

Entering your house for a Thanksgiving dinner is, of course, not my "right." It is indeed a privilege.

But it's not going to stop there, is it? No. That's not the plan. The plan is to expand it. The evidence is all around you. They've announced it, on TV, right to your face, again and again. Soon it won't just be private individuals exercising discretion over their own private homes, but public policies barring people like me from participation in public life.

That's why I'm writing you this message. Stop this, before you go too far. There's still time to turn back. One cancelled dinner is not enough to estrange me. Not even close!

I'm not even mad. I'm scared. For you. Because you're preparing to give your assent to things that are far worse than a dinner-slight. Things you'll truly regret. Things your soul might not recover from. Marks of shame you'd carry for the rest of your life.

Turn back before you do those things.

Because the "tests" are not the worst of it. Soon, it will be the INJECTION.

The tests are just the precursor, to get you accustomed to the concept of demanding access to the inside of other people's bodies as a condition of participation in society. Once you're cool with that concept, then they can start inserting OTHER things, besides nasal swabs.

If individual companies and workplaces are already requiring "tests" as conditions for employment, then you can rest assured that they will also require the injection, once that's available. A toxic, gene-editing concoction meant to turn you into a genetic chimera through messenger-RNA that "hacks the code of life", according to the CEO of Moderna.

And anyone who doesn't want it will be fired, and unable to find work. And there will be no other countries to escape to, because travel, also, has been shut down for those who refuse. Destitution awaits, as a coercion measure to force the injection of a putrid, satanic cocktail INTO our bodies.

This is a sacred boundary. And it's being crossed. No one has the right to insert anything into our bodies if we don't want them to. No one. Ever. This is not up for debate. No one has the right to penetrate anyone else's body without consent.

And consent cannot be given under coercion. If you coerce people into submitting to the bodily penetration, by dangling the prospect of social exclusion, unemployment, and economic destitution over them as a motivation to submit to it, then it is by definition non-consensual, and tantamount to rape.

This concept is confirmed in the Nuremberg Codes and the Geneva Convention, which both expressly forbid forced medical treatment, and even go so far as to specifically note that coercion through economic deprivation or loss of rights is tantamount to force.

This means that, as things stand right now, you are ready to commit - or at the very least, look away while OTHERS commit - one of the key items in the list of abuses that the Third Reich committed upon its subjects.

This is not an insult. Not an attack. Just a fact.

They did do it.

And you're being faced with the choice of doing it too.

And based on what you've already done, you're not inspiring much confidence that you'd choose correctly. I'm scared of what you might do. To me and to others.

How can you be doing this? How can you be going in this direction, and not realize what you're doing?