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If You Like Borders, You're a Chump

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

A chump is a person who buys the lies of others. Usually others who want to gain power (or hold on to it) by exploiting the chump's gullibility.

Nationalists selling you borders

And if you like borders - those imaginary lines that divide up the planet into arbitrary chunks that you're not supposed to cross without permission - then you're a chump. A useful idiot for the elites. A tool.

I know you think the elites are "against" borders. I know you think "open borders" is an elite thing. A plot. A scheme to destroy you and your country.

And that's exactly what the elites want you to think. Because they want borders.

Since time immemorial, the elites have ruled by division. Since there are so few elites, and so many non-elites, the latter can always overpower the former - IF we're united. That's the big caveat. We have to work together to assert our rights and secure our liberty. Without unity, we can't defeat them.

And they know that. They've always known that. And that's why they keep us divided, in dozens of ways.

By race - by pitting poor whites against poor people of color, to distract the former from the fact that they're poor.

By sex - by pitting men against women, via a superiority complex, and then, later on, pitting women against men, via magnifying grievances about their past treatment.

By sexual orientation - by training straight people to hate those who aren't, and then by exploiting the latter's grievance against the former, to keep the battle going.

By religion - by training everyone to have a never-ending divine dick-measuring contest.

And of course, by nation. There's no division quite as effective as carving up the planet into pieces, and training the people in each piece to be suspicious of those in all the other pieces. Really, it's genius.

They know that if we're fighting each other, we're not fighting them. They know that unity is our strength, and if we're not cooperating with each other, we're easy to keep subjugated.

And most people are falling for it. STILL.

You're afraid of a global government? Newsflash: You already have one. They already rule this planet, through the corporate-capitalist-industrial complex. It's already one hierarchy, one pyramid. Nations are just a smokescreen - the real power is corporations, which own almost every national government in existence. Nations are a distraction, to keep you looking away from the real power, and to keep you divided. They're using their age-old divide-and-conquer strategy, to prevent you - to prevent all of us - from rising up against them.

The term "global government" doesn't refer to the elites setting up a government - it refers to YOU setting one up to challenge the one THEY'VE ALREADY set up. That's why they want you afraid of the idea.

You've read Orwell? Great. You know about the Inversion Principle, where Freedom = Slavery, and Slavery = Freedom? Great.

So how about this little doozie: The elites have convinced you that the ability to travel where you want, when you want, without hassle, is "Tyranny."

And that being required to fill out lengthy paperwork, pay money, wait, and beg permission from a bureaucrat for the "privilege" of traveling, amounts to "Freedom."


How is anyone STILL buying into this nonsense?

All of the "reasons" to have borders are nonsense. All of them.

Whoever you're afraid of coming INTO your chunk, there's a similar type of bad person who will move OUT of your chunk, if allowed to. There's no net gain or loss of baddies in any chunk.

Afraid of more job competition?

Environmental damage?


Loss of community cohesion?

Loss of culture?

General chaos?

These are legitimate concerns, but they're misplaced. Borders are not the solution to these problems. They are the CAUSE.

Borders cause chaos. They do so by constricting the natural flow of energies around the planet. Just as your body would get sick if you erected barriers in your bloodstream, so does the planetary community when you restrict its functioning, with borders.

Whatever your concern is, whatever your objection, they've all been addressed. And debunked. All of them.

Have a look:

Borders are imaginary. They have all the reality of Zeus. And, like Zeus, their power comes only from people's belief in them. And, like Zeus, the moment people stop believing in them, they cease having any power whatsoever. Is that how "real" things work?

As real as borders

You can't build a house on sand, and expect it to last. And you can't build a civilization on lies, and expect it to remain stable. The moment we set up these imaginary lines, in arbitrary places, and started using violence to enforce these ridiculous fantasies on those who don't believe in them, we consigned ourselves to all the chaos we're now witnessing. Seriously, what did you expect?

And it's a matter of survival now, because borders are inhibiting our ability to work together, as a planet.

We have problems. Serious ones. They're planetary in scope. They threaten us with extinction - or, in the best case scenario, a collapse so severe it would end 99% of us, and send the remainder back to the Stone Age. These problems are existential. And they can't be solved by individual nations, acting in isolation. They just can't, and the more time that passes, the more obvious that's becoming, even to the densest nationalists.

Planetary problems require planetary solutions.

Borders are no longer just a nuisance. They're no longer merely an abuse of our basic rights to freedom of movement. They're no longer just a travesty, and a sign of our lingering barbarism and immaturity. They are literally a threat to our lives.

We must evolve. We must grow up. And we must do it soon.

It's time for a worldwide treaty to abolish borders.

It's certainly true that one nation can't go it alone. Unilateral abolition won't work, because it would indeed disadvantage - perhaps severely - whatever nation is brave enough to take that leap first. It's not fair. The nationalists are right about that much.

And that's why it has to be a collective move, across the entire planet at once, via treaty. This evolution has to be Planetary.

It's going to happen sooner or later. Our only choice is whether we want to be the ones to do it, and do it consciously - or continue to stumble forward unconsciously, and let the elites do it for us.

If we wake up from our elite-induced illusion of geographic isolation, and actualize our ability to mature as a species, and we do it in time, we might just have a chance of cleaning up the mess we've created in our long unconsciousness.

You're invited to explore more of the reasoning behind this proposal, at the Earth Party website:

And to see our plan for establishing a planetary governing system, visit:

Be open minded. Think outside the box. If you don't agree, fine - but at least hear the other side of the debate.

Thank you, in advance, for waking up.

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