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It's Time to Liberate America

It's time to liberate America. COVID19 is a psychological operation. A psyop. Lockdown is more dangerous than the coronavirus. The lockdown, if it continues, will cause orders of magnitude more death and devastation than every virus in the world combined.

The governors are putting everyone at risk, with their idiotic lockdowns. They are playing around with our lives.

They have overstepped their authority and violated the Bill of Rights, egregiously, and introduced a new level of totalitarianism, and they're not doing it because of a virus. It is not about a virus.

Lockdown is not about a virus. Lockdown is a power grab, and the virus is merely the pretext for it. We have proof.

Proof that it's not about a virus.

Here's the proof:

Ready for it?



Here we go...




They're locking things down that have nothing to do with slowing transmission of any pathogen.

Why is this hiking trail "closed"?

It specifically singles out hiking as a prohibited activity - along with kayaking, mountain biking, and boating.

What does going for a walk in the wilderness have to do with spreading viruses? What does going kayaking have to do with spreading viruses? There's literally only room for one person in a fucking kayak!!!

The wilderness is, by definition, the place with the fewest people. If you want to get away from people, the wilderness is the place to do that. What could possibly be more social-distancey than going to the place where there are literally no people around?

If you want to get away from a virus, you get away from people. Right? Yet, strangely, that's not being allowed in some places.

As Mr. Spock would say: "That is not logical, captain."

Hiking is about the healthiest thing you can do. Getting fresh air, being in nature, being around trees - it's all essential. Especially now, when health is so important. Tons of scientific studies confirm this.



As if we needed science to confirm it.

So why are parks closed? Why is the high-school running track near my house closed? Why is the gate locked? Why can no one go and run on a track?

NOTICE: At this time we recommend that you do not use this facility due to the outbreak of the COVID19 virus.

Notice how it says "recommend"... while there's a literal iron fucking lock on the gate.

Now... What does track and field exercise have to do with spreading viruses?

Nothing, of course.

Actually, that's not quite true... it does have something to do with spreading viruses.

It increases the spreading.

Not the exercise - the prohibition of the exercise. That spreads viruses.

The prohibition spreads viruses.

Because, you see, immunity is dependent on overall health. The healthier you are overall, the better all of your systems work - including your immune system.

And out of aaaaaaaaaaaall the times when having a healthy immune system was important... what time would it be more important than during a fucking pandemic?

Right now, our "leaders" ought to be encouraging us to exercise, to get outside, to get healthy, to strengthen our immune systems.

But they're not.


That is really, really weird.

It's almost like they want us to get sick, and they're engineering this whole thing to demolish public health in as many ways as possible, to leave us more vulnerable to whatever might be out there.

Don't believe that?

Everything about this lockdown - everything - suppresses the immune system. Social isolation has long been known to ruin human health. We are social creatures. We need each other. Solitary confinement is a form of torture for this reason. If we don't socialize, our bodies react in all sorts of negative ways - including the faltering of the immune system.

Are you going to tell me Dr. Fauci doesn't know about this? Please. Open your eyes. Our so-called "authorities" know about all of this. The Dr. Faucis and the Dr. Birxes and the CDCs and the Tedroses and the WHOs - they all know this. Let's keep going down the list. What else suppresses the immune system? Depression does.

This is not new knowledge. This has been known scientifically for decades, and intuitively for thousands of years: When people are gloomy and depressed, the immune system becomes more vulnerable.

And that's exactly what lockdowns are doing.

And they know it. And they're deliberately keeping it going. In some places, you're not even allowed to buy home improvement supplies. You could have something to do, to pass your time - something constructive, something engaging, something good for your mental health, to be involved in some kind of hands-on project. You could repaint your house, repair your roof, fix your car, or plant a garden. Plant a garden! Yes, you could be getting your hands in the soil, reconnecting with Nature, getting sunshine, and growing your own food - your own food! Complete with all the vitamins and nutrients and phytonutrients, straight from the Earth - the healthiest stuff you could possibly eat!

All sorts of scientific studies confirm this. People close to nature, with hands in the dirt for a little time each day, are much healthier, mentally and physically.

But in some places, you're not allowed to do that now.

Why? Why are these garden seeds illegal to sell?

What could this possibly have to do with a virus? Here's what: Prohibiting gardening, right at the start of springtime, fucks around with people's mental health, and thus, their physical health, and thus, their immune systems, and thus, makes them more vulnerable. MORE. So does prohibiting sunlight.

Why are people being told not to go outside? Or not to go outside "except for essential business, like buying groceries"? Why are some states telling people not to exercise?

"If you leave your house for a non-essential activity, you can go to jail for a year." What in the actual fuck?

Don't go outside, or we'll arrest you?

Sunlight is essential to the immune system. In addition to the obvious psychological aspects, sunlight is literally required for the production of certain vitamins (e.g. the D vitamins), which are essential for...

...drumroll please... the immune system! Staying housebound suppresses the immune system. And they know this. And they're ORDERING you to stay housebound. What is going on here? Why are they governors doing this to us, in the middle of a so-called pandemic? Maybe it really isn't about a virus, after all. Still not convinced? Well, here's the smoking gun: Nutrition. Have you noticed that nobody has mentioned nutrition at all during this entire ciris? Nobody on television, at least. Isn't that super weird? We know that nutrition is the foundation of health. Especially for the immune system. And we also know that a large portion of the population has no access to good nutrtion. They're either too poor and can't afford it, or they live in a literal food desert where nutrition doesn't even exist in the first place.

They buy their groceries at the gas station, or the liquor store, because there are no supermarkets.

And their options basically amount to white bread, pasta, canned food, and candy.

Even if they had a little money to spare, they would have to travel to an entirely different neighborhood, in order to even find foods like broccoli, blueberries, blackberries, kale, carrots, celery... And lacking these real foods is suppressing their immune system. When you don't get proper nutrition, and your diet is crappy, and you're eating cheese and bread and refined sugar and all the preservatives and chemical garbage that's in this stuff... your immune system is weak, and you're vulnerable. Notice how the news will tell you things like: "African Americans are hit worse by the virus..." Of course they are, you dummies - they're poor as fuck and live in food deserts without access to proper nutrition, and their immune systems are suppressed!

What if I told you that there wasn't ONE mention of "nutrition" in this whole article?

That article contains ZERO mentions of nutrition. Don't believe it? Read it yourself. If you - yes, YOU - were directing a national pandemic response, wouldn't your first action be to set up a program to begin immediately delivering proper nutrition to food deserts, and to poor people, to make sure that their immune systems can actually function? Wouldn't that be among your very first acts? The states have called up the National Guard. Guard units could distribute healthy food to poor neighborhoods. It would be very easy to do, and very cheap. This is not high technology we're talking about. This is fruits and veggies.

Come on people. This isn't exactly an Apollo Mission.

How much would it cost to deliver fruits and veggies to all the poor people? A billion dollars? 2 billion? 5 billion at the most? Zero billion, because the National Guard is already fucking activated, and could do it as a part of their actual job? As far as actually buying the food - how much would it cost to purchase 50 million florets of broccoli per week? How much is a floret of broccoli? A dollar? Two dollars? So that's 100 million dollars a week. For the whole country. Million, not billion. Repeat with carrots, celery, bell peppers, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, apples, bananas, oranges... you get the point. Suppose we did twenty types - 10 veggies and 10 fruits - to every American who can't afford them - that's 2 billion dollars a week. For 2 billion dollars a week - maybe 3 billion if you throw in gasoline for the Guard vehicles delivering it all - we could fix America's nutrition problem and set up the primary foundation of all defense against viruses. 3 billion a week is too much? No. The price is not the reason they aren't doing it. They're spending so much money on ventilating machines, and masks and gloves and hazmat suits. How much economic destruction are they causing by shutting everything down? How much will it costs when the economy collapses? What is it now - 25 million jobless claims in one month? Sacks of helicopter money, thrown over Wall Street. Gigantic bailouts for multiple industries... The Fed is lending a trillion a day... Yet we can't spare 3 fucking billion dollars a week to get nutrition to poor people, to make sure they have the literal foundations of an immune system? Something's wrong here. The problem is definitely not the price tag. The price tag is not why they aren't doing it. And it's not because they don't know how important nutrition is. They know. They know nutrition is the foundation of health. And if they don't, then they definitely should not be directing a national pandemic response. If they don't think nutrition has any relation to health and the immune system, they shouldn't even fucking be doctors, let alone be directing a national pandemic response. They need to go back to school, and get off of television, immediately.

Two very shady and dangerous people

But they know. They know nutrition is important. It's not a lack of knowledge. And its' not the price tag. So what IS it? Is there any downside? Is it gonna spread the virus if the National Guard delivers food from farms to poor neighborhoods? No, that's not it either. Nutrition doesn't require any additional social mixing. It doesn't create any new opportunities for viral transmission. They could get this one right, without any sacrifices in terms of contact and transmission. But they're still not doing fuck-all about it.

There is only one explanation left: They don't want us to be healthy. They actually want a pandemic. They actually want our immune systems to be compromised and suppressed, so that more will get sick and die. They must actually WANT that. They're trying to engineer a public health crisis. ON PURPOSE. That's why the media is pumping everyone up with fear and anxiety. That's another thing that makes a full frontal assault on the immune system: Chronic anxiety. This isn't woo woo. This is science. Anxiety sends blood to the extremities - the arms, legs, hands, and feet. That's because, in our evolutionary past, anxiety usually meant there was something to run from. A lion, tiger, a pack of wolves, and so on. So blood goes to the extremities so that you can use them to run really fast, and climb stuff to get out of the way.

So when you're chronically anxious, all that blood is going to your extremities, instead of from your internal organs. Thus, they can't function optimally, and thus, health decreases, and with it, your immune system. And yet, what is the media doing all day long, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Pumping everyone with industrial strength FEAR.


It's non-stop Panic Porn. It's got people on the edges of their seats, shivering, teeth chattering, shaking top to bottom with nervousness. Waiting for the count for the day. How many cases?!?!? How many died?!?!?

Terrified to get up off the couch. Terrified to go outside. Actually DOING stuff? Out of the question.

They just sit... on their couch... and FEAR. All. Day. And the programmers are making it as ubiquitous as possible. Even if you don't wanna watch the panic porn, it still shows up at the top of your Youtube feed. An entire bar dedicated to just MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. with all the panic porn, and you've gotta scroll through that to get to the video you wanna watch.

Even apps that are unrelated, like Google Maps has a bar for COVID NEWS right under the map. You can't X out of it. Can't minimize it. Who wants to look at scary virus shit when they're trying to use a map? What does that have to do with getting you to your destination in one piece? Wouldn't distractions make you more likely to have an accident? Why the fuck is that shit on the map screen?

They want to make sure everyone, all the time, everywhere, is ALWAYS thinking about this. And that is chronic anxiety. That sends blood to the extremities, and starves the internal organs, and suppresses the immune system.

In case you were wondering... Yes... Dr. Fauci knows this

If it gets intense enough, it might even create a feedback loop. The fear suppresses the immune system, leading to sickness, which adds to the media's ammunition to scare people with - which, in turn, makes people more anxious - which, in turn, makes them more sick - which, in turn, increases the media's ammo... which leads to sickness... which leads to more fear... and more sickness... and more fear... The anxiety adds to the sickness and the sickness adds to the anxiety, and so on. The two things could synergize with each other. And they know this!!! They're doing it on purpose. They want to manufacture a giant public health crisis. That's the only explanation we have left.

Everything they're doing fits perfectly with such a desire. If such a desire exists, then everything they're doing is 100% consistent with it. Keep people out of the sun. Keep them eating crappy food. Prevent exercise. Socially isolate them. Depress them. Scare the shit out of them, all day fucking long. This is a perfect formula for creating a public health crisis. This is a perfect formula for demolishing the immune systems of your population. It's too perfect to be an accident. A public health crisis is their goal. And their two main avenues for achieving it are the media and the lockdowns. Lockdown is not safer. Lockdown is not safe at all. Lockdown is dangerous, and it's creating a public health crisis right before our eyes. Lockdown is far more dangerous than all the viruses out there, combined. The true pandemic here is fascism. Authoritarianism. Totalitarianism. It's public officials overstepping their authority, violating the Bill of Rights, trampling human rights - and it's a servile population submitting without questioning them. That's the pandemic. COVID19 is not a virus - it's a mass psychosis. There might really be a "novel coronavirus." But the thing is, there are novel coronaviruses every year. That's why colds keep coming back. That's why the flu keeps coming back, year after year. Because viruses mutate - and there are new strains every year. This one - the one the TV's are screeching about - is about as dangerous as the flu, and maybe less so. If you don't believe that, then please take a look at this expose: Cooking the COVID Numbers The media and the governments are cooking the numbers to make this virus seem much scarier than it really is. They are using media tricks and statistical accounting tricks. You know how a clever tax accountant can find a lower total for someone's taxes? Well it's the same with statistics. A clever statistician can manipulate data to create a public perception in line with an agenda. And that's exactly what they're doing. And before you dismiss this, please at least view the presentation. If you don't agree, if you see flaws in the logic, then fine - don't believe it. But you have a responsibility, as a citizen - not only of your country, but of your planet - to research what's going on, and to not automatically submit to whatever a government tells you to do. You have a duty to inform yourself, to know whether the draconian efforts you have whimsically acceded to are actually warranted, actually scientific, and actually logical. So please, read this. Cooking the COVID Numbers So it's time to Liberate America. And if you're not in America, it's time to liberate your country, whichever one it is. It's time for all of humanity to unite to liberate this planet. Come out of your houses. Talk to your neighbors. Organize. Get into the streets. Go to your county seat. Go to your statehouse. Go to your national capital, your national assembly building. Go there and demand the end of lockdowns. And demand for whoever ordered those lockdowns to resign. They need to step down. They took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and they flagrantly violated it, and they did it to make us sicker - not healthier, and they knew what they were doing. There is a deeper agenda going on here that they're not being forthright with us about. They're concealing their true agenda, and we do not have to consent to such madness. They need to resign. Don't be scared of germs. It's not ABOUT the germs. Our leaders KNOW it's not about the germs, and their actions PROVE that they know it's not about the germs, even while they're lying to our faces that it is. Get in the street, and demand that these fascists resign. The governors are doing something unlawful. The law states that the Right to Assemble shall not be infringed. That's in the Bill of Rights. And if any law contradicts the Bill of Rights, that so-called "law" is null and void. That's how the law works, in the United States, and really, everywhere, since human rights are universal and do not depend on what part of the planet you're on. This was even confirmed in a Supreme Court case: Marbury vs. Madison. "Any law which is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void."

Whatever laws, statutes, codes, orders, decrees, declarations, fatwas, fiats, whatever you wanna call it that the governors are doing, if it contradicts the Bill of Rights, then it's null and void. Get in the streets. Don't fear the cops. Talk to the cops. Educate them. Invite them to join you. Invite them into the Great Awakening.

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