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Mandatory Vaccination is Rape, and Will Be Treated Accordingly. You've Been Warned.

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

If I shared this link in a conversation with you, consider it akin to a customary parley before a battle. I don't expect to dissuade you from your agenda. I know your mind is set. The purpose is not to change your mind; it's merely to satisfy my own conscience, so that I can say you were given "fair warning" before your justice comes knocking.

As a courtesy, I will indeed explain what's wrong with your agenda of forced needle-injections. I'm going to make sure you are fully aware of the evil of what you're asking for. You will understand it. You will understand all of it.

This is your "Cease and Desist" order before the lawsuit. This is the "disband your forces" order before the armies meet.

If you've clicked into this article, and have read --> these words <-- , then you can no longer feign ignorance. From here onward, you have no excuse.

And if you keep on your current path, you will deserve every whit and tittle of justice that rains down upon your head in the coming months.

At the heart of the "mandatory vaccination" debate is this question:

Do you think the human body is government property?

Do you think you own my body?

Do you think you have the right to *access the inside* of my body?

Do you think you have to right to *insert things* into my body, and use FORCE if I say no?

If you indeed believe those things, then you are on the path of darkness, and you are mentally, ideologically, and spiritually indistinguishable from a rapist.

If you believe *anyone* has the right to demand access to someone else's body - especially the inside of someone else's body - and to insert things into their body - and you believe in using coercion to obtain this access, and you support hurting people by depriving them of economic sustenance, basic rights, and liberty, in order to secure that access - then you are using coercive force to access the inside of someone else's body, and you are therefore in commission of rape.

I say NO.

And No means No.

My body is mine.

And you do NOT have my consent to enter it.

Back. Off.

I know of one excuse you're going to try to hide behind. You're going to say that as long as the police are not barging into my house, holding me down on the floor, and jamming a needle into my arm, then it's not "force." It doesn't count as "coercion."

Meanwhile, you want me to be:

-fired from my job

-barred from traveling

-denied UBI or other benefits

-barred from theaters, sports games, and grocery stores

-excluded from all participation in public life

...until I grant you access to insert things into my body. You want to hang fear and threats over my head, until my "no" becomes a "yes."

This is despite all of the "consent" training you received in college, from feminism, and gender studies courses, and "Yes Means Yes" campaigns.

Like all authoritarians, you suffer from selective amnesia. You'll remember a moral principle when it serves your agenda, and forget it the moment it doesn't.

I know how that works. I see right through you.

And since you've "forgotten" everything you learned about consent the moment the "authorities" ordered you to forget it, I'll refresh your memory now:

Coercion vitiates consent.

If you're using coercion to obtain my consent, then any "consent" you might "nominally' receive is ***invalid.***

Anyone who seeks to deprive people of their basic rights, liberty, or sustenance, in an effort to coerce them into giving their "consent" for bodily intrusion, is by definition violating their consent, because consent cannot be given under circumstances of coercion or deliberate duress.

Consent obtained through coercion (including threats of loss of income, loss of status, or any other penalty), IS NOT CONSENT.

That means that if you deprive me of a job, because I refuse to allow you access to the inside of my body, then you are committing rape.

If you deprive me of access to transportation and travel, and bar me from crossing borders, because I refuse to allow you this access, then you are committing rape.

If you withhold government funds, payments, UBI, or whatever else, because of my refusal to grant you access to my body, then you are committing rape.

If you seek to deprive me of access to any basic facet of social life, economic life, or liberty, as a result of my refusal to grant you access to my body, then you are committing rape.

And if you have no governmental power yourself, but still advocate for these actions to be taken, then you are advocating for rape.

And in addition to rape, you're also violating the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Codes, which explicitly forbid forced medical treatment, in the wake of World War 2, in response to The Nazis, who forcefully inserted objects into people's bodies in the name of "medicine."

And now, guess what? You want to do things that Nazi officers were hanged for doing.

Have you no shame?

No morality at all?

No sense of irony, at least?

After decades of "inclusiveness" and "tolerance" and #NeverAgain hashtags, you're jumping at the first opportunity to do it again.

I know none of this matters to you. You literally couldn't care less. That's not how authoritarians think. It's not about right or wrong. It's about following. As long as "The Experts" (TM) say to jump, the only question is how high. Logic, reason, ethics - none of it matters, when it comes up against the concrete wall of Authority. That's how you think. I know.

So like I said, this isn't about changing your mind. It's only about letting you know what's coming for you.

And here is exactly what's coming for you:

A rapist is a criminal. A violent criminal.

And the right to self-defense exists.

When you commit violence, you activate your victim's right to self-defense.

And when you do it on a mass-scale, to an entire population, you trigger the right to mass-self-defense.

A process which is also known as war.

I'm going to make this very clear to you: If you try to force yourself into my body, then you're asking for war.

I don't mean a "war of words." I don't mean a "flame-war" on social media. I'm talking about a real war - in real life - and all of the things that that entails.

If you declare war, then war is exactly what you'll get.

This is not a joke. Be very careful how you proceed.

I'm going to warn you one more time:

You may not have my veins or my nasal passages. You may not stick anything into me.

You may not restrict my freedom of movement. You may not "track and trace" me. You may not point temperature-guns at my head.

You may not dictate me to obstruct my airway with a dehumanizing and idiotic muzzle. You may not force me to wear a fluoride and PTFE-laden microplastic bacterial petri dish over my mouth.

And you definitely will not insert anything into my body. Not a needle, not a swab, nothing.

For that last one, notice how I didn't say "may not." I said WILL NOT. You're not going to do it. Your force will be met with force. And you will lose the fight.

And you're going to be sorry you started it.

To any government officials reading this:

Any officeholder who uses his or her vested powers to promote coerced intrusions into people's bodies is violating the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Principles against non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation.

All government officials who promote coerced bodily intrusions are enemies of their people, and occupy an active state of treason, and are therefore universally warranted for arrest - either by uniformed law enforcement, or by civilian citizenry if the former fail to do their duty - effective immediately - and for speedy and efficient war-time military-style prosecution for treason.

And any civilian who advocates for such abuses is an enemy combatant levying war against their fellow countrymen - with all of the legal and tactical consequences that that entails.

You have been warned.

This message stands, regardless of whether you're open-minded enough to have actually clicked the link to get here or not, and actually listened this far, or not.

If you violate my rights, you will be held accountable.

You've pushed humanity too far this time. You've woken a sleeping giant. And you're not going to get away with it.

Not this time.

Justice is coming.

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