Michael Trumpberg Proves the Toxicity of Television

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Michael Bloomberg is the penultimate manifestation of TDS (Trump-Derangement Syndrome).  A toxic, misogynist, racist oligarch - just like Trump. The Democrats are gearing up to nominate Trump, to defeat Trump.

They hate Trump so much, and they wanna get him out so bad, they're willing to do anything - anything - to accomplish it - up to and including nominating a Trump of their own! Which begs the question, why do they even hate Trump so much in the first place? They don't hate him for being a racist, because Bloomberg is a racist too - an open and brazen one at that - and they don't hate him. Same thing with misogyny.  64 sexual harassment cases against him.  More than Trump. Same thing with general entitled billionaire assholery.  They don't hate Trump for these things, because Bloomberg is these things, and they're fine with him.  So why do they hate Trump? Because the TV told them to.  That's it. And now the same TV is telling them to like Bloomberg. And they like him. And it's that simple. This is what 50 years of fluoride in the water can do.  You think this media system isn't a literal mass-mind control brainwashing matrix?  You're seeing proof of it right now.

What do we do with these people? They're holding our whole planet hostage, because a little flashing talking box is telling them to.

And they won't stop watching the box.

And they won't let go of power.

And we're watching them rip our future out from under us. They expect us to stand by and watch as they burn our world to the ground. When we protest, they call us spoiled and entitled, and tell us to "get jobs."

And when we want to talk about any of this - just talk about it - they refuse. Or they talk, but interrupt and talk over us 10 seconds in. Or they listen, but refuse to use logic, or refuse to answer any questions in good faith, and display no sign that they received or processed the things we actually said to them. If we press them to adhere to the protocols of rational discourse, they go straight into evasive maneuvers, personal attacks, shouting, and general verbal abuse of any kind they can find that will knock us off our footing and make us lose our train of thought, until we give up in exasperation.

We beg for our lives, and they turn up the volume to drown us out.

What do we do?

Our lives are what's at stake. What do we do?

At what point does it become Reasonable, and within our rights, to forcefully interrupt the flashing talking boxes?

At what point does smashing their TV's fall under self-defense?

Has it perhaps already?

President Kennedy said that "those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

We have tried every peaceful method we could think of. We've been polite, patient, understanding, gradual, and respectful of their boundaries. We have tried to bring them to the table, to listen to Reason, and talk about these things calmly and logically. And they refuse it all, categorically. They have shown themselves to be completely dismissive of rational discourse, and impervious to even the most fundamental of human instincts: the parental love of offspring. So attached are they to the politico-religious matrix the TV has woven for them, that they're willing to choose it over their offspring. So enthralled are they by the television, that even the cries and pleas of their own children, begging for their lives, cannot dislodge them from their trance.

If this were a movie, this would be the point where the hero picks up the TV and throws it against the floor, smashing it to bits.

Well, good news: We don't need to *smash* them - at least not yet. There's another option in between. There is a middle ground. We can non-violently disrupt.

It's called #TVStrikeForClimate.

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