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Misidentifying "Whiteness" As the Problem

Here's an illustrative example of how the "Left" is correct about the existence of problems, while misidentifying their root causes and natures.

Have a look at this meme:

If you read this list, and actually think about what it means, you might notice that it *really is* describing something real. There really is a particular set of reality-interface patterns that involve people behaving in these ways, and they really are unhealthy, distorted, and destructive ways to think and operate.

(Well... with one or two exceptions: "Objectivity" is actually a good thing. And maybe "Individualism" as well, as long as it's balanced. So the theory being described is wrong on at least one count, possibly two. But it's right about the other 13 or 14 traits).

The big error, however, shows up in the mis-identification of the cause of the problem. They're saying it's a race. Or rather a skin-color (since there really is no such thing as a "white race" to begin with).

But it's not a race, or a skin color. It's nothing genetic at all. It's actually a civilizational paradigm, which we might call the technocratic paradigm.

The technocratic paradigm is the problem, which is causing those distorted reality-interfaces. It's a psychological programming that's the problem, regardless of the "races" of the people inducted into it.

The Left is correct that there's a cultural force that has conquered the world, and which violently oppresses people. That's true. It's called technocracy.

And yes, it is loosely connected to "white" people, in the sense that Europeans played a central role in spreading it around the globe, especially in the most recent few centuries.

But it didn't originate with Europeans. It didn't originate from any one particular "race" or ethnic group. Various groups have played outsize roles in spreading it, but none of them are the originators of it.

Instead of identifying Europeans as the cause, it's probably more accurate to say that Europeans were exploited for the purpose of spreading it.

And yes, the distorted thinking pattern is also "patriarchal" in the sense that it elevates the masculine virtue of the technical mind over the more feminine virtues of harmony and flow.

And and yes, it's connected to certain religions, as those were warped and twisted to fit the agenda.

And yes, it's connected to the United States of America, in the sense that the USA is the nation whose resources and manpower were most heavily exploited to advance the agenda.

So it is connected to these things. Lefties are correct in noticing this.

But they're making the mistake of not realizing that all of those groups are merely vehicles for the process - not the drivers of it. The culprit is not synonymous with white people, or with Judeo-Christianity, or with America. It merely exploited these groups.

The true culprit is technocracy.

The rulers of the Technocratic Empire have seeded this hyper-racialized interpretation (i.e. the idea that these are traits of a genetic race, rather than a cultural paradigm) into the minds of Lefties for two reasons:

1. It drives Lefties off course.  They recognize the dangers and destructiveness of the technocratic empire, and would present a threat to it, so their threat has to be addressed - and it's done by confusing them about the identity of the enemy: from "technocracy" to "white people."  And now, the Lefties are busy fighting white people, INSTEAD of fighting technocracy.

2. It also adds a new layer of mind control to Righties, who will now have an impetus to retrench themselves in their current technocratically-influenced thinking patterns - i.e. all those items in that list (except for "Objectivity", which, as noted above, is a positive quality).  It does so by teaching Righties to associate "skepticism of the thinking patterns of technocratic civilization" with "The Left."  And with a particularly destructive, and even racist, section of the Left, at that.

In associating the illiberal authoritarian neo-racist movements of the COINTELPRO'ed new fake "Left" with the very concept of "critiquing the thinking styles of technocratic society," it thereby reinforces conservatives' reluctance to ponder that critique.

So it's a double effect.

If you're a Rightie, you don't have control over whether the brainwashed neo-racist Antifa types stay brainwashed - but there is still something you can do.  You can bring your attention to the actual critique being offered.

Yes, they say it's "whiteness", but just remember that they're mistaken about that, and continue to ponder the bigger picture, the wider message.

They're wrong about the identity (it's not a race), but correct about the existence.

The technocratic empire is a real thing, and its mind control is also a real thing, and if you live in this society, you have some degree of mind control programming, and much of it is precisely the stuff on that list.

So start being aware of this.  If you start paying attention to the bigger picture and recognizing all this, the Lefties will feel "heard", like their message is getting across, and they'll become less desperate and crazy. Some of the steam will let out. And if you're a Left, and you still think "white skin" is the cause of all of these problems, then we suggest learning about technocracy: what it is, how it operates, and what its goals are. Technocracy is your real enemy.

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