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The Anatomy of the Covid "Fatality" Count

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Many people have accused me of claiming that it's a "fake virus." They believe I think the virus isn't "real."

That's not exactly what's going on.

It's not a fake virus. But it's being synergized with government policies, and psychology, to make it more deadly.

Viruses are real. There might be a new, nasty one from Wuhan.

But the *pandemic* is the part that's not real.

Real virus, fake pandemic.

The virus, by itself, is enough to cause some damage, but not nearly enough for the astronomical "fatality counts" that have been showing up on our TV's throughout this year. There are other factors involved, which are constituting the vast bulk of those numbers.

It's a little bit the virus, and a lot something else.

Several something elses.

Here is a graphic I designed to help you visualize it:

There are multiple factors going into the number. We'll start with the innermost layer, and work outwards.

Number 1: Normal Respiratory Disease.

Every year, respiratory illnesses exist. Some of them are caused by viruses.

But in normal years, the media doesn't bring cameras into respiratory wards. It doesn't film sickness. And it doesn't splash the footage all over every channel, all day long. It doesn't report the numbers with the frequency of a weather report.

When the media does this, it can create a perception in public collective consciousness that there's a whole lot more sickness going around, compared to "normal" times.

This tactic is called outlier hyperfocus. It involves picking a few statistical outliers (rare events), and then focusing all of the cameras on them, and thereby making it seem like what's happening to them is happening everywhere, to everyone. Let's recall some historical examples. Remember how they spent decades scaremongering us about "drugs"?All they had to do was find a few people who smoked weed, and also committed crimes...

...just a few people... and they could make weed-induced crime look like a pandemic. They would bring in the cameras and focus all their attention on a small number of people, make tear-jerker films about them, complete with sobbing family members and sad music... and these stories all over the airwaves, in documentaries and public service announcements and commercials. And the technique worked.  It manufactured consent for the "war on drugs" for 50 years. It also worked with the terrorism panic. All they had to find was one guy sneaking a bomb somewhere in his shoe, and one guy mailing anthrax letters, they can make it seem like there are terrorists lurking around every corner.

We've elaborated on this topic in "Covid: The 9/11 of Medical Fascism."

If they can do it with drugs and terrorism, what makes you think they can't do the same thing with a respiratory illness?

All they need to do is:

1. Find real respiratory patients in real hospital wards

2. Film them

3. Talk about it 24/7 on every TV...

And voila! They've created a perception that something isn't normal.

Number 2: Policy-Induced Immunosuppression

Nutrition, exercise, and mental state all affect your overall health.

Your overall health in turn, affects the strength of your immune system.

The strength of your immune system, in turn, affects the outcome of infectious diseases.

These three statements were never "controversial" before now. But this year, they've taken on a political charge, and you can now be accused of various forms of "denialism" and compared to climate-change deniers and Flat-Earthers, and labelled a "plague-rat" who "wants to kill the elderly" - just for making those three statements. Absurd, but that's our world right now.

And this sudden misunderstanding is preventing the average person from seeing how the virus-response policies of governments are exacerbating the disease.

What do all of the "lockdown" measures have in common?

They all suppress the immune system.

It's a long-established scientific fact that depression causes immunosuppression.

It's a long-established scientific fact that social isolation causes immunosuppression.

And the governments have mandated that the elderly - the people most at risk - be intentionally isolated. Nursing home residents are denied contact with their families, often by force. There are people living at home who have not left their homes since March.

No social contact. No activities. No sunlight.

Sunlight is essential for both mental health (which also plays an enormous role in overall health), and for the synthesis of Vitamin D - a key ingredient in the production of antibodies.

The governments are engineering a mass-immunosuppression.

Anxiety suppresses immunity too. Our fight-or-flight response evolved as a means to help us run away from predators.

And when you need to run fast, your body sends your blood to your extremities - your arms and legs - and away from your internal organs.

Being in a chronic state of anxiety means your organs are chronically starved of blood, and your overall health goes down - including your immune system health - leaving you more vulnerable to disease.

The state of intense, chronic anxiety peddled by the mass-media is eroding the immune-systems of the population, and this accounts for a portion of the increase in disease.

Masks do this too. They cause CO2 (your exhaust) to gather around your mouth, making you re-inhale it upon your next breath. They decrease your oxygen intake. It's fine for surgeons who wear them during surgery, but now people are wearing them all day, every day, in many cases because workplaces are forcing them to, on pain of losing employment.

Chronically decreasing oxygen intake affects every organ and system of the body. Including the immune system.

Furthermore, masks keep your viral load artificially high.

"Viral infections" are not just about catching a virus. They're also about how much of the virus you have. You can have a virus, but have a low viral load, and nothing will ever happen to you from it.

You have an exhaust-process for a reason. You expel things through your breath for a reason. Some of the exhaled material is toxins, and some of it is bacteria and virions - virus particles. You exhale them for a reason. They don't belong in your body, so your body has a natural mechanism to expel them. Your breath.

If you re-breathe them, you're keeping your viral load artificially inflated. This puts an added strain on your immune system. Not just from any particular virus, but from all viruses. And bacteria too.

You have an ecosystem of viruses in your body - 300 trillion of them from many different species at once. Keeping it in balance involves the ability to shed virions from your system, by exhaling them.

And if you can't do that, because there's a mask in the way, forcing you to re-inhale them, that puts added stress on your immune system.

And if you do that all day... every day... you're interrupting that cycle.

Chronic, long-term mask-wearing causes immunosuppression, along with social isolation, unemployment, economic collapse, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight, and every other aspect of the "virus response" that governments have imposed on us.

And this leads to a feedback loop, wherein the sickness and the government policies feed off of each other, and reinforce each other, in a vicious cycle, as illustrated in this graphic:

See how that works?

When you suppress the immune system - and do so an the scale of an entire population - you're obviously going to wind up with more sickness. The sickness is real, but the cause was government and its deliberate mass-immunosuppression.

Number 3: Psychological Conversion Disorder

Psychology plays an enormous role too.

Psychological conversion is the process by which the mind creates disease in the body. It's not "hallucination" or "hypochondria." The symptoms and the damage are real - but the mind is what's generating them.

The mass-media created a cult-like environment of constant fear and re-confirmation of sickness, leading to a mass-conversion disorder at a sociological scale. This may sound like fantasy, but it has happened many times before. The Havana Embassy mystery provides a compelling historical example.

The "Wuhan virus" is a nasty cold. It's nasty, but it's something that we've faced many times before.

Remember back in school, sometimes you would hear whispers about "something going around"? You'd hear people saying "so-and-so is absent", and a whole bunch of other kids were absent. And later on, if you're an adult, the same thing will happen at work, from time to time. A lot of people call in sick, all at once.

It's a "thing going around."

And you're not supposed to get into a panic about these things. We've had many times where this has happened before. Speaking strictly virologically - in terms of the raw virus - there is nothing to get more worried about than there would be in a normal year, for a fairly normal "thing going around."

The thing that makes it more dangerous than it should be is the panic that's woven around it in mass-consciousness. There is a downright mass-psychosis around this virus. And it's causing psychological conversion, which drastically increases the severity of symptoms.

Here's how it works, in a step-by-step process:

1. Once you think you have it, your anxiety goes up, because the TV told you to be anxious about it.

And what happens when you're nervous, physiologially?

2. It gets a little hard to breathe. Shortness of breath is a classic symptom of anxiety. This is not a controversial statement. Or at least it shouldn't be.

3. And aha! The talking heads on the flashing box tell you that one of the main "symptoms" is "not being able to breathe."

4. Then you think "Oh SH*T. Now I REALLY got it."

5. And then you have even more trouble breathing, because that anxiety makes it even more difficult to breathe.

6. And then when it's more difficult to breathe, you're more SCARED. Because you've been told that the difficulty breathing is FROM the virus.

This creates a self-reinforcing feedback loop - basically a panic attack.

But it's different from a "normal" panic attack because it's more *SUSTAINED.* This is because it forms around a kernel of a real physical thing - the cold virus - the "nasty bug going around." There is actually a physical thing that the panic attack is crystallizing around, so it has more *staying power* than a normal panic attack, which goes away after a few minutes. Because it's based around a sustained sensation with a non-mental, real physical source.

There is such a thing as getting sick, and if you get sick, there is a feeling of sickness, which persists in you until you're better. And the collective mental psychosis has been woven around that feeling, and it's going to be sustained for a few days (because that's how long colds last), and that's how long the feeling persists. And as long as the feeling is there, there's a "grain of sand" around which the "pearl" of the panic attack can sustain itself, and continue feeding upon itself and reinforcing itself.

And then there's yet ANOTHER factor that enters the feedback loop: hospital environments.

Hospitals are terrible environments. The energy in a hospital is the worst energy in the world. (Well... outside of a Jeffery Epstein basement). Hospitals are the second worst places in the world to exist in.

They magnify every possible bad energy. There's anxiety and fear and suffering just permeating the air in those places. And then that creates a second self-reinforcing feedback loop, because now, in addition to your own anxiety, and your own cold, and your own anxiety feeding off your cold and vice versa, and these two things feeding off each other... those two factors now have a THIRD factor to feed off of, which is the negative energy in the hospital.

And people have been brainwashed to go to a hospital whenever they feel a cold coming on, mainly because the media told them that cold symptoms mean "you're in deep, deep sh*t."

So now people are flooding into hospitals, not because they're sick, but because the media told them! If the hospitals are overcrowded, maybe it's because the media told everybody to go! It never would have happened if the media hadn't made a thing about it! It never would have happened!

It would have been a "thing going around" - a bug - a thing that makes a lot of people absent from school for a while. And it would have stayed at that. But the media drove everyone into the hospitals, and once you're in the hospital, your sickness feeds off the negative energy in the hospital.

This is how a little thing gets blown out of proportion. This is why more and more people are waking up to the fact that "modern medicine" is quackery, based on a deeply flawed paradigm of health, invented by the oil industry to sell petrochemical waste-products disguised as medicine.

Number 4: Ventilator Manslaughter

For decades, "doctors" have been one of the main causes of death in "developed" countries. Why should it be any different now all of a sudden?

The "intubation" process is so invasive, so gruesome, that it could easily kill a healthy person. Once people get sick, putting them on a ventilator all but assures their demise. The survival rate for a ventilator is lower than the survival rate for Sars-CoV-2. From an ICU nurse:

In case the picture didn't load, here are her words in text: "In the COVID ICU we use medications like vecuronium to completely paralyze your muscles so we can control every aspect of your breathing.  So now you are paralyzed but we don't want you paralyzed while alert and awake - that would be inhumane.  So we add at least 2 sedation medications.  One is usually propofol (the one linked to Michael Jackson's death) and the other is fentanyl (the one linked to so many opioid overdose deaths).  Of note, all these medications usually go on an IV, but not on your arm like they would do in the emergency room, nope, we put IV's right into your jugular.  But hey, all this sedation also lowers your blood pressure and you need an adequate pressure for blood to reach your vital organs, like your kidneys - you don't want kidney failure.  So now you are on another medication called levophed to keep your blood pressure up.  But being on all these medications while completely unable to move and with a tube down your throat... where do you get your nutrition from?  So we put another tube down into your stomach, we put another tube into your urethra to make sure you are urinating.  Meanwhile your muscles are wasting away (atrophy) from being paralyzed, you are at an insanely high risk of infection because of all these tube and IV's in places where they don't belong, your skin can break down due to prolonged contact pressure from being paralyzed, and you can develop heart rhythm irregularities as side effects of these medications, which now puts you at an increased risk of cardiac arrest and dying." Gruesome, see? It's a terrible thing to do to someone.  And if you're already in not so great shape, and you go on one of those things, the ventilator has a 90%+ killing-rate.  You don't need a virus to die on a ventilator.  It's enough to kill even a healthy person, let alone a person in not-great shape from having pre-existing conditions.  So here's the pipeline:

1. Get a nasty cold

2. Get a panic-sickness feedback loop

3. Go to the hospital, adding a third factor for the feedback loop

4. Go on a ventilator

5. The ventilator finishes you off.

See how that works?

Number 5: Nursing Home Crowding

In the USA, 5 state governors - Cuomo (NY), Newsom (CA), Murphy (NJ), Wolf (PA), and Whitmer (MI) ordered infected patients to be housed in nursing homes. People in these facilities tend to be frail, and they can have severe problems even from normal colds. That's why, even in normal years, nursing homes take a lot of precautions to prevent the spread of colds and the flu.

Not surprisingly, this move by the governors caused plague-like spread within these facilities, and these 5 states ended up providing the bulk of the U.S. fatality count - in large part from the nursing homes.

And it wasn't just a "recommendation" that the homes accept these infected patients. It was an order.

The homes didn't even have a choice!

And then those same governors had the gall to lecture other governors - those who didn't do that - on "proper pandemic response." Picture that: Five governors whose states had the worst outcome in the country, wagging their fingers at governors from states that barely saw any carnage at all.

Such are the times we're living in.

And it wasn't just the USA:

Number 6: Misattribution of "Cause" on Death Certificates

This factor accounts for probably the greatest portion of the "fatality counts."

In short, people are being listed as having died "from Covid", simply because Covid was "present" at the time of death, according to the "test."

But there are so many problems with this. And they're not hard to figure out, if you think about it for a few minutes.

First of all, what if a person dies from a completely unrelated cause? Like a motorcycle accident?

This actually happens. Anyone who dies with Covid in their system is classified as a Covid death.


Here's Dr. Birx admitting it:

Here's the director of the Illinois Health Department admitting it:

What madness is this? Have we ever counted virus fatalities this way, before this year? (No we haven't). How does this make any sense?

Here's a gallery of hundreds of people with personal stories of how their own loved ones had their deaths misattributed:

(Scroll through them using the arrows).

But that's not the only problem.

There are hundreds of different kinds of viruses in everyone's body, right now. You - yes, you - are carrying around trillions of viruses, of hundreds of different species.

If we counted every virus present at the time of death as the cause of that death, then every virus species would be blamed for every death that occurs, and there would be hundreds of pandemics every year (according to such a flawed an idiotic classification system).

Doing it this way makes absolutely no sense.

But that's not all.

The tests themselves are flawed. The rt-PCR test (the main test used for "diagnosing" Covid) was never meant to be a diagnostic tool. It was invented for purposes of gene-sequencing - not for patient diagnosis.

The inventor of the test himself, Kary Mullis, explicitly stated that, before he died (in 2019, right before the "plandemic" started... coincidence?)

He was a Nobel Laureate. He won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, specifically for inventing the PCR test.

Do you think he might have known what he was talking about?

Various people have explained how the PCR test is a flawed method for diagnosing Covid. You can listen to those talks, if you're a layperson, and get a pretty good idea of what's wrong with the method.

And if you're a scientist with a functional knowledge of the mechanics of virology and genetics, you can read this presentation by Michael McKernan, a world-renowned geneticist who worked on the Human Genome Project.

If you want to listen to him talk about it, you can listen here. (It's on Typepad because Youtube is now censoring this type of information. That's right - censoring scientists, while non-scientists like Bill Gates get worldwide air-time whenever they want it).

The tests are so bad, the president of Tanzania swabbed them on two types of fruit and a goat, and all three tested "positive."

Other issues:

Long-Term Damage,

Multi-Organ Damage

Brain Damage

What about the weird problems that some outlets have reported, like organ damage and brain damage?

Those are likely from the tests. The tests are dangerous in and of themselves.  They shove it al the way up your nose, to the doorway of your brain. Not just your blood vessels, but your blood-brain barrier.  They stick it right up there, onto your ****ing brain.

It is not a stretch to hypothesize that this could be causing problems - and that some of the problems we're already noticing could be because of it.

Maybe that's where "long covid" comes from.  Maybe that's where the circulatory damage comes from.  And the brain damage.  And the long-term organ damage.  Maybe that's why it causes "multi organ failure."  Maybe it's because they stuck a weird chemical biotech disgusting Frankenstein thing directly up onto your brain.

Maybe it's because they're tweaking people's brains.  Who the &%$# even knows?

It doesn't cause these problems in most people - but even if it only did with 0.01% of people who take it, that's still a lot of people. Enough for each local news outlet to find them and interview them.

If you think you have "covid", go to nature.  Spend all day in nature. Just meditate and breathe.  Focus on breath.  The healing power of the present moment.  Get into zen.  Whatever you want to call it.

Spend all day in the forest, just sitting by a stream or a lake.  Tune out modern civilization.  Don't listen to any TV.  No Youtube.  No "news."  Just sit in the forest until you feel better. And take lots of vitamins.  Take a lot of vitamin C, because it creates a condition in the blood where viruses have a difficult time surviving.  It makes the blood inhospitable to viruses.  If you get the concentration high enough.  Some doctors are recommending intravenous vitamin C, super high doses.  Not saying necessarily to do that, but take a lot of C, take it throughout the day.  And take D too, because it's winter, and there's not a lot of sunshine.  So take a lot of D.  Almost all the people who end up dying from this are vitamin D deficient.  There's science on this.  Practically all of the victims had D deficiency.

But of course, the words "vitamins" and "nutrition" have not emerged from the lips of any of the "authoritative health experts" at any time in 2020 (or perhaps ever). Isn't that odd?

It's almost like... they want you to get sick. Because they have something to gain from it.

Whatever you do, don't fall into the traps that they've laid for you. The traps are what make you sick.

And learn about what real health and medicine are.

Thanks for reading.

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