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The Great Awakening - How It Might Happen

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

In 2020, the villain revealed himself to the world.

In 2020, we saw, with clear, 20/20 vision.

In 2021, we act on what we saw.

The Revelation... to the Revolution.

Timeline of 2021:

It has been said that people only change when they reach the precipice of destruction. The events of 2020 drove humanity to the edge, and in so doing, initiated a mass awakening.

People started questioning everything.

About the lockdowns, about the aggressive vaccine cult, about the masks, about the weird statements and behaviors of public figures, about the mayors and governors violating their own rules without any fear of the virus they told us was so scary, and the occult symbolism, and the impossibly accurate predictions in big-budget Hollywood films and policy papers from globalist bureaucracies and front-foundations in the years leading up to 2020.

Everyone started to question. And not just the usual open-minded, outside-the-box types, but the "normal" ones as well - the ones you'd last expect.

And as they questioned, they started seeing the Matrix.

And they researched topics they had never researched before. From sources they had arrogantly derided and dismissed without a fair hearing. From "conspiracy theorists."

They phoned up "Kooky Uncle Bob" out in the mountains, and let him talk, without interrupting him, for the first time in their entire relationship. And they learned things. And they started to see the picture, of how it all fits together. They connected the dots.

And they saw the hell that they had created. And their mechanism of creating it. And they started wanting out.

And they started introspecting a lot more. And meditating. And spending time in Nature, looking for integration and wisdom.

The Great Awakening was quiet, at first, because no one realized the others around them had awakened, and thought themselves to be "the only one," and were thus afraid to tell others about what they had realized about the world. And so they kept silent about it, fearing ostracism. They all kept wearing their masks. Figuratively and literally.

We all pretended not to have awakened, in order to avoid offending others who themselves had awakened and secretly feared the same ostracism - even though there was nothing to fear, because the very people from whom we feared ostracism for having awakened, had already experienced awakening themselves!

But in a fairly short time, we all started realizing that those around us were having the same questions we were having.

And that's when we linked our hands, and joined together.

And that's when things really started to change.

In concrete, verifiable, material ways.

Humanity collectively stood together and defied lockdowns. Openly, brazenly. In Trafalgar Square. In Times Square. On the Champs Elysees.

People took off their masks, and breathed free, their faces illuminating the plazas, with many people seeing a stranger's smile for the first time in more than a year.

They rejected the dark paradigm of division imposed on them. They refused to treat their fellows as aliens. The defied the orders to stay segregated.

They congregated.

Shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity, a united humanity. They embraced. They hugged.

And they wept, for the abuse they had just endured from their governments, and also inflicted upon their neighbors in their ignorance, and upon themselves in their misguided confusion about the nature of health and medicine.

The police could not arrest them all. There were too many.

And the police themselves, thick as they might have been, were starting to get the first inklings of awakening too, and were beginning to question the tyrants' motives as well.

And there was nothing the governments could do about it. There was no more compliance. And the spirit of freedom percolated into every area of life as well. People began en-masse to refuse to submit to all of the stupid and pointless rules that had been designed to humiliate them.

They started disregarding the "Park Closes At Dusk" signs, and there was singing and dancing and music under the stars, like there was of old, and the adventurous went on mystical vision quests through the woods in the moonlight.

Doggies became free to run on the beach without their humans getting accosted by Leash-Karens.

Cops stopped enforcing "drug" codes and the systematic harrassment of houseless people, and if they didn't stop, citizen protectors made sure they paid for their actions on the spot.

In companies, in workplaces, and in families, everyone

Began questioning.

Authoritarianism, in any form, was no longer in style.

And the powers-that-were were angry, and increasingly desperate to regain their grip on control. They tried everything they could think of. More "pandemic" propaganda. Scarier symptoms. Forced quarantines and forced injections. None of it worked.

They tried a computer virus that took down the financial system, throwing the world into a moneyless situation, but that was a dud too, and was corrected within days.

They tried a false flag to start a hot world war, but nobody was interested in fighting it. Because everyone knew who their enemies were. The culprit wasn't "people in other countries." It was their very own governments and elites. The folks on TV.

And the people finally turned their righteous anger upon their true oppressors, for the first time in centuries.

Crowds of torches and pitchforks formed around the media studios, the capitol buildings, and the corporate headquarters - especially those of Pharma. The criminals inside surrendered themselves, or were dragged out. And the tribunals began.

The International Plandemic and Pharmaceutical Genocide Tribunals

The Election Rigging Tribunals

The War on Visionary Flora Tribunals

The Animal Abuse Tribunals

And for those sturdy of heart, the International Elite Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, and Unspeakable Crimes Tribunals

* * *

At the Plandemic Tribunals, the truth came out about how health bureaucrats were paid off and corrupted. How scientists lied and fudged data. How mayors and governors and prime ministers violated their own constitutions by imposing dictatorial orders and totalitarian mandates on their populations without going through the normal constitutional channels.

How the PCR test is not fit to diagnose infectious disease, and they all knew it was unfit to do so, even as they pushed it on us.

How the numbers were manipulated.

And what the agenda was behind all of it, and why they did it. And the horrific type of world that they were trying to build for us.

The truth came out in torrents. It shocked the world.

And upon learning of how the elites orchestrated the plandemic, humanity woke up to the evils of the pharma paradigm in general. After watching the demons confess to their 2020 crimes, humanity realized that the pattern was far older, and they've really been doing the same shit to us for decades. Pharma's entire business model is built on making people sick on purpose, just to sell them the (fake) cures.

And the reverberations of this epiphany echoed throughout the entire institution of Pharma. It ruined that industry's reputation completely. Big Pharma became persona non grata on Planet Earth. Its key figures could no longer walk down the street without fear of reprisals. No one trusted it anymore, and the entire paradigm of allopathic medicalism collapsed.

With the removal of that false path, humanity began trusting in traditional forms of medicine again, and we began to heal, for the first time in centuries. With our physical healing came psychological and spiritual healing. And with that came Awakening. As our minds and souls shed their illusions and distortions, we woke up about everything.

The entire game changed. We were no longer a "species with amnesia." We were no longer as a civilization asleep at the wheel.

That was it. There was no going back.

Pharma has been one of the key lynchpins of the mind-control matrix. Its poisons have dumbed people down, enabling all the other countless abuses the elite are allowed to commit in our ignorance. Once Pharma fell, the poison stopped, and the spirit awakened. Once that happened, the elite had no chance. Their racket was finished, forever.

The Great Awakening.

* * *

And it reached all corners of the globe. Even in places we thought were hopelessly enslaved... like China. They found their freedom too.

The exposure of the plandemic hoax traced the whole world's attention back to China, and the CCP found itself in extremely hot water, to say the least. The world from thenceforth blamed them for the lockdowns. And the muzzle-wearing. And the fear. And the economic collapse. And the authoritarian abuse that we suffered for a year at the hands of our CCP-corrupted leaders.

And now, the Beijing dictatorship, which survived only because it was able to put on a pretty face to the world, and talk a big game about "cooperation," suddenly found cooperation to be in short supply. It faced opposition not only from pro-democracy dissidents within its borers, but now from a unified world front on the outside.

There was no war. The world did not invade China. However, the disgust that people around the world felt towards the CCP caused a cessation of business relationships. In short, the world stopped doing business with China overnight. Companies cancelled deals, cancelled imports and exports, and began pulling their factories out of China, and back to their own homelands.

This provided a great boon for the environment, as less transoceanic container shipping meant a lot less pollution. Economics started becoming local again, because people started needing to get things from closer to home. It kicked off a worldwide movement of re-localizing economics. From international to national. From national to provincial. Down to individual townships, villages, neighborhoods, and households. And this will have cascading effects of goodness and healing for society in so many ways.we'll be able to start building local permaculture economics,

And when the world stops doing business with China, and Chinese companies start feeling the financial pain. Their economy contracts. And that's very bad news for the CCP.

They were able to stay in power all these years, mainly because of China's economic upward-mobility. They were always able to point to the economy, and the rapid industrialization that they were achieving, and say, "Look, yes we may abuse our people, but we're also raising their standard of living. People are getting richer. Poverty is decreasing at lightning speed. There is ever more material prosperity." And that was always how the CCP managed to placate its people - even in the midst of all of its abuses. The people of China were willing to tolerate the abuse, as long as they were getting richer. That was the CCP's secret Ace card, to play over and over again.

But when the world stops doing business with them, they no longer have that card to play. The People no longer have any reason to be loyal to the CCP. Anger will explode in Beijing's direction.

Even when the average person gets mad, the CCP doesn't fear. But when business people start getting mad, that's dire straits for any regime or aristocracy, no matter what country it is. When the government loses the support of the commercial sector, it's over, and no amount of technological control mechanisms will save it. You can't piss everyone off.

Regimes always have a base of support. The CCP's is business. Without that, they have no foundation.

And when you combine the economic downturn with other strange factors, the picture is even bleaker for the government. How about the massive flooding of this past summer? The Three Gorges Dam came within an inch of collapsing and drowning 100 million people. How about the plague? Two of them, in one year! NOt just the 'ronies, but also the bubonic plague showed up, in a few isolated places. These are warnings, and the Chinese people understand this, even if westerners don't. It strikes a chord in the eastern psyche. These are all signs that the emperor has lost the Mandate of Heaven. This is a very important concept for China.

In Chinese mythology, the emperor has the right to rule because he's ruling in harmony with nature and accordance with natural laws. He serves his people. He understands that his civilization is a complex body, and his job is to guide it, benevolently, for the benefit of the entire society. But if he stops doing that, and becomes a tyrant who rules only for his own selfish gain, and abuses his people, and violates the laws of nature, then Heaven withdraws its mandate, and that emperor no onger has legitimacy.

And this is made known through signs, among which are floods, plagues, earthquakes, and famines. And in modern parlance, economic recessions. And that is when dynasties fall. China has been through about 9 or 10 different dynasties - more, if you count the smaller warring states. And every time they fall, it's for the same reason.

It's clear, in the Chinese psyche, that Emperor Xi has lost the Mandate of Heaven. And so the tinder is built up, and all it takes is a park. And that spark will be the withdrawal of international business form the Chinese economy, stemming from disgust at the CCP's plandemic hoax it perpetrated on the world for a year. That will set it off. And the emperor will fall off his throne and be dragged away. And China will have new leadership.

And if the Chinese business elite want to survive, they'll have to replace Xi with somebody who's not a psychopath. And the Chinese techno-dystopia will be dismantled. China will return to its roots as s civilization that lives in harmony with the dao. It may even play a role in teaching the rest of the world to do the same. It already stands as a leader in ecological sustainability (as it has for thousands of years). And once the help no longer comes with a poison pill of authoritarianism and techno-dystopia wrapped inside, it will be safe for the world to let the Chinese consciousness play a larger role in humanity's deliberations and future development.

* * *

2021 can be the opposite of 2020.

2020 was the darkness revealing itself.

And in 2021, it's time for the Light to illuminate it.

Dark to Light.

The Great Awakening

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