The Nazis Are Here. Will You Collaborate?

Growing up in the modern world, we all heard about the Nazis, and their story of coming to power.

We all wondered - and still do - how the German people could have fallen for it.

"How did they not see what was happening?", we ask.

The credulity of the Germans in the face of such obvious despotism still does not cease to amaze us.

Entire fields of study have been devoted to analyzing the mass-psychology of the pre-Nazi population in Germany, to figure out how they became Nazis.

And some of us ask an even edgier questions. About the psychology of their victims: "How could the target populations (like the Jews) not see it coming?" "How did they manage to brush it off?"

"What stories did they tell themselves, to stay assured the Nazis "didn't really mean" what they were saying?"

How could people listen to the newspapers and politicians saying things like "Germany must rid itself of the Jews", and not suspect that violence was near?

With the Nazis' intentions declared so openly and explicitly, for all to see, how could anyone doubt their agenda?

How could they, after being forced to wear a humiliating piece of apparel on their bodies whenever appearing in public, not suspect that the mandatory apparel was only the beginning of a long and dark series of abuses to come?

When the soldiers came to the house and said "come with us", did it dawn on them what was happening? Or did they trust the S.S. officers when they said, "Don't worry, it's for your safety"?

When they were forced to get their arms tattooed for identification, did they realize, at that point, that "safety" wasn't the goal?

Did the forced, permanent desecration of their bodies, by the government, not "tip them off" that the government had bad intentions?

When they were told that the gas chambers were just "showers", how many believed it?

At what point did the majority realize they had been tricked?

According to scholars of the Holocaust, many people's faith in their government's positive intentions persisted very far along the course.

For some, it lasted right up until the very end.

We all believe we would have been different, though. We wouldn't have fallen for it. Even if we were white Germans.

Especially if we were white Germans.

"I wouldn't have fallen for the trick!" "I would have seen right through it!"

"I would have denounced it - and fought it!"

Haven't we all fantasized, at least once or twice, about our own behavior had we lived in such a time? Haven't we all pictured ourselves standing up to the Nazis, and fighting them? Refusing to go along with Hitler's program?

Haven't you pictured yourself doing that?

Haven't you spent at least a few daydreams wishing you'd been alive then, so you could prove yourself?

Prove your free-thinking abilities?

Your independent-mindedness?

Your bravery?

Well guess what. You've got your chance now.

Because the Nazis are upon us.

They've forced us to wear degrading apparel, on pain of arrest and punishment.

They've announced plans to perform medical experiments on us.

With our consent, or without it.

They mean it.

They really mean it.

They really, really mean it.

And they've announced plans to enforce it with certificates. They want to make you carry papers in order to leave the house.

They've announced plans to tattoo us for identification.


For identification.

With our consent, or without it.

They have claimed a right to access-on-demand to the insides of our nasal passages, and our veins.

In their view, our bodies belong to them.

And if you "test positive" in their forced test, they'll send you to one of the quarantration camps.

By force.

They'll hunt you down if you manage to escape:

They're already begun the process of abolishing the judicial system.

Here's what we've got so far: -Medical police can enter your home, at will, without a warrant -Once inside, they can force you to submit to a test.  You body is theirs. -The PCR tests can be manipulated to produce a positive result, whenever the testers want

-If they decide that you're positive, they can physically remove you from your home, and bring you to a "facility." 

-Once at the facility, they can keep you imprisoned for as long as they want (because you'll need a "negative" result in order to leave, and the PCR tests can be manipulated to never show negative. Is the picture starting to come together yet?

And since no Nazi regime would be complete without mass murder, they're planning to depopulate humanity with a gene-editing injection under the guise of a "vaccine."

They're forming new parallel police forces - Medical Police - to carry out all of these orders.

They don't have any "formal authority." At the moment.

Baby steps are, of course, necessary. But the longer we comply, the more steps they will take.

Why do you think the mainstream media is suddenly latching onto the radical idea of abolishing police?

The Medical Police are designed to usurp and replace the regular police, and become the main enforcement agents of the Global Biosecurity State, reporting directly to the mad scientist overlords sitting atop the pyramid.

And then there's the censorship.

They don't want you talking about any of this.

They don't want you hearing about it.

Even if you want to discuss these matters, they are taking away your ability to do so.

Censorship is the hallmark of all totalitarian regimes, and they are openly announcing their plans to construct a comprehensive censorship-matrix to stop the exchange of all information that challenges their narrative.

It's here.

The Nazi regime of your lifetime has presented itself to you, and awaits your response.

Will you collaborate with it?

Will you help it along?

Will you ignore it?

Will you keep your head down, and pray that someone else defeats it so you don't have to?

Will you silently hope that it doesn't come for you, while it comes for everyone else?

Or will you fight?

This is the real test. It's so easy to look back on scary historical despotic regimes and think "I would have dissented."

But most Germans did not dissent.

Most target populations (Jews, Roma, LGBTQ folk, etc.) did not fight back. Most didn't even question the Nazis' intentions - not until it was already too late.

If most people back then did not fight, then what makes you think you would have been among the small minority who did?

The only true litmus test that measures how you would have acted then, is how you're acting now.

Are you fighting?

Do you plan to?

If not now... when?