The Party You've Been Waiting For

So! I hear you're finished with politics-as-usual. Done with the two-party duopoly. Done with the arbitrary "Left-Right" labels. I hear you're ready to bern the Democratic Party (or its equivalent in your country) to the ground.

But you don't wanna vote for the Republicans (or right-wing parties) either. Because... I mean, like... come on.

You don't wanna vote Libertarian, because they deny the existence of ecology.

The logical choice would seem be to join your progressive "Lefty" party (like the Greens, socialists, etc.)... But you're not quite satisfied with them either. You have some... "issues" with their "issues."

Like maybe you:

-Are tired of identity politics

-Don't want to categorize people by race, and don't want laws to treat anyone differently because of it, and don't think it's very woke to build an identity upon one's skin-color, and find that modern Social Vengeance Warriors remind you of traditional rabid racists far more than modern conservatives do

-Have issues with third-wave feminism

-Recognize the evil of capitalism and want to abolish it, but envision its replacement more as a neo-traditional paradigm of self-sufficient local village economies, rather than a giant, unaccountable, all-powerful, re-distributive State


-Believe children in the womb might be people - or at least something close to it - certainly more than rocks

-Have no problem with universal medical care, and do believe in the spirit of it, but don't believe that chemotherapy, most pharmaceuticals, and genital amputations are really medicine, and have qualms about healthcare covering them, and about the likelihood of such a massive program getting hijacked to grotesquely increase the profits and power of the medical industrial complex, and the domination of the technocratic medical paradigm over public consciousness in the field of medicine (and maybe all of society, as medical fascism takes shape during the C19 mass-hysteria)

-Recognize that the rule saying that All Corporations Are Greedy And Have No Problem Telling Any Amount of Lies To Sell Their Products does not exempt vaccine manufacturers

-Have some reservations about marinating the entire world in microwaves

-Don't want to merge with A.I., don't want to build a Singularity, and suspect that Big Tech might be even more dangerous than Big Oil

-Know that the term "conspiracy theory" was deliberately invented and propagated by the CIA for the express purpose of arming the population with a dialectic "shutdown phrase", to avoid exposure to learning about the activities of the CIA

-Have tried at some point to hash these things out with the Greens (or your country's corresponding Left-wing party), but, to your shock, found them to be a bunch of censorious little tyrants who block you, ban you, call you names, and then shut down the conversation the moment you voice a single one of these concerns. Based on the despotic way they govern their own spaces, you don't want to imagine how they would govern a country, and don't want to give them one iota more power than they already have.

You might remember when the Left wasn't like this.


Perhaps you're coming from the Right. You're a conservative. But... at the same time, you also think that maybe:

-Trees are important

-Water is Life

-The burning of fossil fuels IS a non-consensual geoengineering experiment

-Imperialism and settler-colonialism are bad

-Billionaires do not work a billion times harder than you, and obscene wealth is not always positively correlated with societal contribution, and is in fact usually inversely correlated with it; and that money is power - and allowing so much power to be consolidated into so few hands poses an inherent threat to any society's freedom

-Borders/visas are by definition an infringement on Liberty; and being restricted from traveling without begging bureaucrats for permission is not a characteristic of a mature civilization that's truly free

Perhaps all of this resonates with you.

But where do you go? What political party acknowledges this wisdom in its platform?

Are you tired of needing to sacrifice half of your principles in order to enact the other half?

If so, then the Earth Party is for you!

We are not only liberated from the stagnant and entirely arbitrary Left/Right issues dichotomy, but we also have a comprehensive vision of the future that covers all aspects of fixing the mess this planet is in.

It's called the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization. It's a step-by-step plan for building a free, compassionate, and sustainable society, from the ground up, even from within the context of the current crumbling one.

No other party offers what we offer! And if they do, please tell us about them! (Hint: You can save yourself the trouble... we checked already! There aren't any!)

And just in case you were wondering... No, this is not "too idealistic".

And if you're feeling like there's no point in bothering, because the planetary situation is already "hopeless"... then we've got some hope for you!

To see where we stand on the issue you care about, use the menu at the top or bottom of the page.

Thank you for visiting, and never give up the quest for a beautiful, sane world!

The Earth Party

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