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The Revolution Failed Because

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The revolution didn't fail because we didn't work hard enough.

It didn't fail because Bernie was too old, or too gruff, or his positions were too far left.

It didn't fail because of "Berniebros."

The corporate media collusion wasn't enough to defeat it.

The debate rigging wasn't enough to defeat it.

It didn't fail because of anything they told you.

Why did it fail?

It failed because of fluoride in the water.

It failed because of aspartame in beverages.

It failed because of preservatives and artificial colorings and anti-caking agents.

It failed because of high fructose corn syrup and short-chain carbohydrates.

It failed because of microwave ovens.

It failed because of WiFi radiation and cell-phone radiation.

It failed because of glyphosate.

It failed because our wheat isn't wheat anymore, and our corn isn't corn anymore.

It failed because of dairy. It failed because of meat gluttony.

It failed because the population goes months without their hands in living soil.

It failed because our landscape is filled with awful sounds that break concentration.

It failed because silence is impossible.

It failed because the stars are invisible.

It failed because people don't meditate, and don't quiet their minds.

It failed because people don't go hiking, and don't hear the messages of Nature.

People's minds weren't clear because the air isn't clear.

People voted for poison because poison is in everything they consume.

It failed because the population could not think clearly.

Why do you think they've been putting all that crap in our food and water all this time? Why do you think Donald Rumsfeld lobbied so hard to keep aspartame legal when it was banned in the European Union? Why do they insist on using glyphosate when we know it's killing the bees? Why do you think they've been pouring sodium fluoride, a neurotoxin, in our drinking water, from the moment it was first pioneered at Auschwitz?

They do it for a reason. And we know the reason. And it's time to give credit where credit is due:

It worked.

The subjects they rule are completely unable to think for themselves. They've been trained to resist, violently if necessary, any attempt to induce or invite them to think for themselves. They become offended at the very idea of questioning any belief they hold, no matter how peripheral or trivial. If we press them to question, they shut down the conversation, block us, ban us, or throw us out of their houses.

We have a lot of work to do, folks. We thought we could have a revolution just by electing people to office. We didn't think about what kind of consciousness would have to go into the election in order to make that happen. We somehow didn't realize we would need an awakened populace in order to produce a woke election result.

There is so much work to do, if we want to save this planet. We need to teach them why capitalism is incompatible with Life on Earth, and teach them what a regenerative economy is. We have to teach them ecological conciousness - to recognize the Earth as a living organism, upon which every part affects every other part - and show them why the planetary crisis is a hundred times more dire than even the NON-FOX news networks are admitting to them.

We have to convince them to stop watching the corporate "news" networks.

We have to introduce them to - and get them actually watching - independent journalism, so that they have some understanding of wtf is going on in this world.

We have to teach them history - the real history of this world - from OUTSIDE the Empire's bubble - so they understand HOW we even got to the position we're in.

But before we teach them any of this, there's YET ANOTHER step we have to take:

We have to get their minds into a condition where they're even capable of understanding it.

We can't even BEGIN a political education until we first have a clear, functioning mind to work with.

We need to get them off of the brain-poisons that are clouding their judgment. We have to get them onto organic, non-GMO food, non-fluoridated water, and plants. We have to get them into Nature, so they can think about the world's situation, without the machinations of technocracy interfering with their concentration. We have to teach them meditation and mindfulness.

We have to teach them permaculture. We have to get them gardening. We have to get their hands in the soil.

And then we have to teach them the principles of logic, so that they can actually discuss topics in a rational way. We have to educate them about logical fallacies, chains of reasoning, arguments and supporting arguments, and how to have the humility to recognize when their reasoning has been refuted.

And then - only then - after we've taught them ALL of this...

...can we introduce them to any revolutionary political candidate.

Otherwise, it's pointless.

We have SO much work to do.

Most of us don't even know how to BEGIN doing any of this.

And if we fail, we die. Young.

Our parents are willingly murdering us on the altar of their gods, capitalism and statism - and in order to convince them to stop, we must become masters of multiple fields of self-discipline and communication.

And we need to do it all within the next couple of years.

Welcome to being a millennial. The generation that supposedly has it easy.

But we're not as far behind as it might seem.

Because a lot of the work has already been done. If you don't know how to teach people ecological consciousness, the Earth Party has already put together a course. You can find it here:

It's very straightforward, and very simple. It starts from A, and goes all the way to Z, and it assumes that the person it's talking to is starting from ZERO knowledge.

We also have another page on Capitalism. It's a one-stop-shop for explaining what's wrong with capitalism, and why it's not a healthy or sustainable economic system. You can find that here:

And if you're struggling to come up with a comprehensive vision of the future that accounts for all interlocking pieces of society, despair not! We've got that too! It's called the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization:

The material is laid out, if you can just get the person to listen.

If you can get them to sit down... and have a conversation... then the process of educating them is fairly straightforward, if you use those links.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we'll be exploring strategies for communicating with people - for initiating conversations with audiences that are less than eager to converse. Any revolutionary must have these tools in their toolbox. And now, since the nature and magnitude of the work we need to do is clear, we'll be steering quite a lot of focus into this topic.

Stay tuned. Be strong, and be brave.

UPDATE: Click here for a continuation of this topic!

Note: Artwork by Kuaru Akishiki

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