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This Election is a Televised Mass-Sacrifice Ritual

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

In the Judeo-Christian "scriptures", there's a character named "Abraham." He's a very important character. The patriarch of the entire Hebrew people. The first one. The "First Jew", in most rabbinical traditions.

And he earned that honor by passing some tests - culminating with one in which he's ordered by the "God" character to murder his own son.

To the astonishment of any decent person, he complies, and sets out on a long journey, with his son, to a faraway spot to perform the dark ritual.

He has many days to think it over. To reconsider. Yet, in the end, he actually decides to go through with it.

He finds the spot, sets up the altar, ties the poor kid down, draws out his knife, raises it over his head...

Totally healthy father-son relationship right here

...imagine the terror of the poor kid...

...imagine the trauma he would face, from that moment onward, if somehow he survived...

...imagine how YOU would feel, if YOUR dad did that to YOU...

But voila! An angel stops him at the very last moment. The kid lives. Yay!

"Hold it right there buddy! You passed the test!"

Traumatized... intentionally. But alive.

Because you see, the kid was economically valuable. He was Abe's only heir. The "God" character needed him. To continue the line. To multiply, and seed the new nation.

So it wasn't really about *killing* the kid.

It was about making sure Abe was *OK with killing* the kid.

To make sure Abe was the *type of person* who was willing to do that. The type willing to kill his own kid, on command. The type whose deference to "authority" is so complete, and so uncritical, that it overrides even what's arguably the most human and most basic of all interpersonal emotions: parental love for offspring. Someone so ready and eager to obey the authoritarian impulse, that he's willing to commit the absolute most unnatural of all acts possible for a human being to commit.

That's the trait that was being "tested" for.

By testing Abraham's willingness to commit this act (not to mention Isaac's willingness to submit to it), the "God" character was making sure that the father-son duo, and more importantly their descendants, would be the type of people willing to sacrifice their own children, in the name of their "god."

The type who are willing to place their religion above their own children's very lives.

And it looks like he succeeded at that, because our civilization - Western Civilization, or "The West", which is founded upon Judeo-Christian religion - has adhered faithfully to that dark objective.

The first civilization to make water undrinkable. Air unbreathable. Stars invisible. Silence impossible. The first to create a Mass Extinction of geologic scale, all by itself.

Every stream it poisons is a mass-child sacrifice. Every ancient tree it cuts down, every acre of forest leveled, is a mass bloodletting of the younger generations. Every corporate boardroom decision to destroy more of the planet for profits is a reenactment of Abraham raising that knife.

The same activity takes place on both.

Every election we've ever had continued this tradition of mass-child-sacrifice. Generations voting to toss more trees into the wood-chipper of their children's future.

What makes this event - this election - unique, however, is the openness with which they're doing it.

You see, in times past, there was one thing the "average person" (read: our parents) could hide behind. One excuse they always had: The fact that, up until now, it was always the party bosses choosing the candidates in the Primaries. The average person could only watch, helplessly, as the elites selected one candidate from each duopoly party, nearly identical in their apathy towards this planet's future.

Party bosses always made sure you had no choices

In the past, our parents would always tell us that they "support us", and believe in fighting alongside us... But "unfortunately", they claimed, they "had no power to do anything" about it.

"I don't got no power to fix none o' this."

"I would if I could, but I'm just little ol' me!"

"The politicians in power, they're the ones who can fix it. But they won't."

"Nothin' I can do about it."

"That's politics for ya!"

We've all heard this rigamarole ten thousand times.

And perhaps to some extent they were right.

But this time around, it's different. This time, we *have* progressive candidates posing credible challenges to corporatist incumbents. For the first time, there's actually a way to vote against the establishment.

And they're not taking it.

They're choosing to reject the one presidential candidate in modern history who has both the will to change the system, and a big enough grassroots movement to get it done, AND is within reach of gaining the nomination from one of the two duopoly parties. This has never happened before. No progressive candidate has ever gotten as close as Bernie.

And it's not just him. There are progressives down-ballot as well. Running for senate, house, governor, state delegate, county council, and every type of office out there.

And they're mostly getting defeated.

Even if you don't like Bernie, why did THIS progressive candidate lose her Primary to a corporate hack?

And they're losing - Bernie and the rest of them - because older generations are voting for their opponents. We, the young, who will have to deal with the true consequences of these elections - are voting for the progressive candidates who want us to survive - and our parents are voting for the dinosaurs.

For the first time, our parents have a chance to vote for change. And they're rejecting that chance.

For the first time, they have the option to stop building our sacrificial altars. But they won't. They won't stop.

So it WASN'T about them "couldn't-ing".

It was always about them "wouldn't-ing."

It was ALWAYS about that. They were just pretending to want to help. The "powerlessness" was just a disguise. An excuse. A ruse, to throw us off their scent.

Even if they had HAD power, all those years ago, they STILL wouldn't have used it to change anything. How do we know that? Because they finally HAVE power NOW, and they're not using it to change anything - and, instead, they're using it to sabotage OUR attempts at change - that very same change they swore they "believed in" for all those years.

So, not only are we coming to the realization that the ropes are tied tight and secure, and we're not wiggling out...

...but we're also finding out, simultaneously, that this was their plan all along - that our own parents cared about us only in the way that a farmer cares about his cattle.

For our utility.

They raised us to be soldiers in their empire, cogs in the machines they've been brainwashed into worshiping. They only cared about us as vessels. Vehicles, to carry on the agenda of whatever so-called "god" they believe in, whether it's Judeo-Christianity, or America, or nationalism, or capitalism, or technocracy, (or all of them, since they're all related).

And if that "god" of theirs were to become fundamentally incompatible with the stability and integrity of the biosphere, and thus mutually exclusive to their children's survival - our survival - they're well trained, by centuries of indoctrination, in how to handle that dilemma:

All along, they were willing to lead us to slaughter, the moment our existence clashed with their deity's agenda.

Heads up, fellow millennials: This is who our parents are. This is who they've always been.

And there's a grim satisfaction in finally knowing that. Even as the planet burns, and the biosphere collapses, and our own parents are piously and obediently ripping the foundations of existence out from under us, we can still take comfort in the fact that the masks are off, and for once, at long last, we're no longer living a lie. No longer are we under the delusion of who they pretended to be. No longer is that veil over our eyes. We can see them now.

The only question left to ask is whether their malice towards us comes from a place of conscious, deliberate evil - or plain old stupidity.

Hopefully it's the latter. The latter, at least, can be fixed.

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