Trump Is Antifa

First of all, we're told that Antifa is not a group, but rather just a term for anyone who opposes fascism.

OK. Well, in that case, Donald Trump is Antifa. Why? Because he's fighting against fascism.

If Trump is fighting fascists, then he is, by definition, anti-fascist.

The only question is... Is he fighting fascists?

Is he fighting fascism?

Well, he's fighting censorship, and censorship is fascism. The tech giants are censoring discussions, and therefore, they're fascists.

Trump is fighting the tech giants, and therefore, he is fighting fascists.

That makes him anti-fascist.

The Democratic Party rigged two primary elections in a row, both in 2016 and 2020. and robbed their own voters of democracy, in broad daylight, twice in a row. They quite literally changed vote tallies to "defeat" Bernie Sanders. And they do it in all of their major contests. They even admit to it.

Stealing elections is fascist. The Democratic Party is therefore a fascist party, and Trump is therefore an anti-fascist for fighting them.

The technocratic world leaders, like Justin Trudeau (Canada), Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand), and Dan Andrews (Australia), are currently building concentration camps under the guise of the "War on Germs."

New Zealand has already started forced quarantines also known as extrajudicial arrest and imprisonment.

They're currently using hotels while the camps are being built, and have already displayed that they're willing to lock people inside and hunt them down if they escape.

"Escape" means it's forced, guys. They're imprisoning people.

Completely outside of the judicial system.

That's extrajudicial imprisonment. A hallmark of fascist regimes, including the most notorious of all: the Nazis.

They have abolished the right to privacy, and police are now allowed to enter homes without warrants, force contraptions up people's noses at gunpoint, with no option to refuse, and arrest people based on the results of PCR tests that are not designed to diagnose infections. They have announced a "New Normal" in which they can drag you out of your home and imprison you, and keep you imprisoned until the fake tests say "negative."

Is this new power being deliberately weaponized to imprison political dissidents? No one knows, because the internet is now censored, and discussions of this topic are not allowed on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. Google no longer shows search results that aren't aligned with the "approved" narrative.

More countries, like England, Spain, and Germany are not far behind, with their leaders announcing similar practices around the corner. They haven't started doing it yet, as far as we can tell - but they've announced it. They've said, "We are going to do this."

And if we know anything about Nazis (i.e. people who believe extrajudicial imprisonment is acceptable), it's that when they tell you they're going to do something, you have to take them at their word. You don't F around.

And the same system stands ready in the USA, which has hundreds of FEMA camps already set up around the country, simply awaiting an order to fill them. And every prominent member of the Democratic Party has committed to implementing the full palette of biotech dystopian procedures if they win power.

Trump is fighting against this. He is fighting the Democrats, and he's fighting the technocrats and their puppet leaders. He is fighting them, and therefore he is fighting the people who are laying plans to put people in concentration camps.

People who run concentration camps are Nazis. This is part of the definition.

By fighting them, Trump is fighting Nazis.

And these Nazis are far more dangerous than the ones from the 1930's, because they have a lot more tech.

They're setting up a global biotech dictatorship right before our very eyes, in which, they openly state, the government will be injecting people with needles, with no right to refuse. They are openly promising to redefine the human body as state property, and perform experimental medical treatments by force. We've written extensively about this in our previous post, "The Nazis Are Here; Will You Collaborate?"

Non-consensual medical experimentation was a hallmark of the Nazi regime. It is something Nazis do. People who support nonconsensual mass-medical experimentation are equivalent to Nazis, and by resisting this gruesome agenda, Trump is fighting Nazis.

Nazis also like to force people to wear things, particularly symbols of dehumanization.

Trump is resisting calls, from Democrats, to force people to wear dehumanizing symbols. Trump's opponent has called for nationwide mandate, and Democrats are already doing it at the state level in the states they control, and trying to make Trump do it as well, and Trump is refusing, and resisting it. Trump is refusing to collaborate with Nazis, while Democrats are the Nazis he's refusing to collaborate with.

Trump is the resistance.

The Democrats are dividing people by race, seeking to make racial consciousness the central focus of every interpersonal interaction and racial identity the first thing anyone nptices about anyone else, the lens through which all human social interaction is seen. They are bringing back racial discrimination and even racial segregation.

They are sending mobs through the streets to smash, burn, beat, and intimidate anyone who isn't falling in line with their political movement. They are displaying open racial hatred, including racist epithets, racial power symbols, and even a symbolic hand gesture.

They're surrounding people and forcing them to make the hand gesture.

What does that remind you of?

They're forcing people to kneel before them.

What does that remind you of?

They're knocking people's teeth out just for believing in freedom of speech.

What does that remind you of?

They call their political opponents "maggots", and say they want them expunged from society.

What does that remind you of?

It's quite obvious that the Democrats are Nazis.

Trump is fighting them.

That makes him anti-Nazi, and anti-fascist.

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