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After a brief deluge of coverage, the conversation has gone silent in major corporate news networks. The mainstream media is not talking about it anymore. It's almost like they just wanted to do a "token" job, just to say "we covered it", and then get back to business-as-usual.

But the forest is STILL BURNING.

If it was an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to our lives a week ago. Guess what that means?

It's STILL an existential threat to our lives NOW.

Which means we need to stop whatever we're doing, and get up off the couch, and act.

This is a matter of survival.

The excuse given by the news-media for their shifting away from the story, is that Brazilian Hitler has agree to "send the army to stop the blazes." Apparently some European countries (France, Germany) threatened to nix a trade deal if he didn't do something.

But guess what - the army is not going to put OUT the fires - they're going to set MORE. Because that's what he wants to do. That is his intention, his goal, his vision, his DREAM.

He dreams of a giant cattle-ranch, from the Andes to the sea. He dreams of the complete extermination and/or assimilation of all indigenous peoples and cultures.

He promised on the campaign trail that he was going to erase the forest. He promised to commit genocide.

He PROMISED these things.

When a Hitler-type figure promises to commit an atrocity, we DON'T brush it off.

When a leader promises genocide, we MUST take him at his word.

This guy didn't change his mind. He didn't have a change of heart. He didn't abandon his dystopian dream, just because some Europeans wagged their fingers at him. Imagine if Hitler (the original one) said "OK, I changed my mind, I'm not gonna gas anymore people - in fact, I'm closing down the gas chambers! Yay!"

If he had said that, would you believe him?

No. You have to take these demons at their WORST word - the worst thing they've promised to do, you have to assume that that's what they're going to do.

We still have an emergency on our hands.

The Amazon is close to its tipping point. If the forest loses a certain amount of its mass and area, and it will enter a drying-out feedback loop. Because the forest creates its own rain, if there's less forest, there's less rain... which means less forest. This is a feedback loop, and feedback loops have tipping points - thresholds beyond which they spiral out of control, and cannot be reversed. If the Amazon reaches this tipping point, it will dry out and become a scrubby savanna.

Some scientists have estimated this at a loss of 25% mass, but nobody knows for sure. But it could be close. For all we know, we might have already passed it. Nobody really knows. But what we do know is that the more the forest burns, the closer it gets to the tipping point, wherever it might be.

And if we reach that tipping point, and lose the Amazon, that's it for humanity. We're GONE.

This is not a matter of losing a "nice, pretty forest" that's good for taking pictures, and superimposing inspirational quotes on those pictures, and hanging them on our wall, and "without the forest, we won't have any more pretty pictures."

That's NOT what this is about.

This is about LIFE and DEATH.

For you, for me, for EVERYONE.

If you're ready to drop all your extraneous endeavors, and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to save your life, then the Earth Party has you covered. We have a plan - a real, step-by-step, comprehensive plan to stop ecological destruction, stop the omnicide, and heal this planet. See our plan at

The page has 3 sections.

The first explains what's actually happening, and how to talk to people who deny it.

The second section explains how NOT to respond to the crisis (i.e. with technocracy).

And the third section explains what to actually do about it.

Our plan is comprehensive and workable. We can start today. Please have a look.

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