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Wearing a Mask is Selfish

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

As soon as I pull into the parking lot, my heart rate increases.

As I approach the building, I start to sweat.

As I enter, my muscles clench up, as I prepare to be attacked.

Every time I enter a building, I emotionally brace myself for verbal abuse.

As I walk through the isles, I can feel them staring at me. I can hear them whispering about me. The criticism. The ridicule. The anger.

I can feel their fingers pointing at me, without even looking at them.

As our paths cross, I can see the loathing in their eyes. I can feel their hatred burning into my skin like the light from a tanning-lamp turned up too high. I've never experienced this before. I never knew what it was like to be hated. Not like this.

As a member of a minority ethnic group, I've always been familiar with the idea of being on the receiving end of generalized prejudice. But this is different. This is up-close and personal. It's emotional. It's visceral.

Sometimes, they'll approach me. When they do, it all comes out. They scapegoat me for everything wrong around them. All of the abuses that their governments have imposed on them this year, they see me as the cause of it - and they unload their frustration onto me.

All for going shopping. All for daring to show my face in public.

Sometimes, they call security. Sometimes, they call the police. I've been forced out of stores and threatened with arrest.

I walk out of supermarkets feeling emotionally shaken, my hands trembling and my thoughts racing to psychologically integrate the public ostracism I just experienced.

So let me ask you:

If I were "selfish", why would I subject myself to this treatment, when there's such an easy way out?

If I were "selfish", wouldn't I be following the crowd, and doing what they want me to do?

Wouldn't that be so much less harrowing?

If my refusal to muzzle myself were simply out of "selfishness" and "only thinking about myself", how does that square with the fact that the emotional abuse I receive for not doing so is a hundred times more painful?

If it were just out of "laziness" and "not wanting to be bothered", then why would I opt instead to get thrown out of the store, and get in my car and drive to another one? Is that something a lazy person does?

Wouldn't a selfish and lazy person choose the path of least resistance? Instead of the path of most resistance?

Wouldn't it be easier to just wear the damn mask?

You know the answer, of course. It's because it has nothing to do with selfishness.

It's not that I'm "too selfish" to wear a mask.

It's that wearing a mask is the wrong thing to do.

Putting a warm moist microbial reservoir over your mouth, re-inhaling your own exhaust, is the wrong thing to do.

Such behavior can only come from a failure to understand how health works, and how the immune system works. If you think adding a semi-permanent synthetic organ to the human mouth, to smother it and catch air exhaled and re-breathe it in, is a positive thing, then your basic understanding of what constitutes health and sickness is faulty at the most fundamental level of awareness. Your paradigm is screwy.

I could start listing off all the science of what's wrong with this idea, if I wanted to, but it's deeper than that. It's deeper than the scientific method. You're not supposed to need the scientific method, for this. You're supposed to know it already, at a deeper level.

Forcing yourself to re-breathe your own exhaust is bad for you.

Doing so on a chronic basis, throughout daily activities, as a default condition, is bad for you and insane.

You're just supposed to know this.

You're just supposed to know that, with or without science.

Science is just one branch of epistemology. It's just one way to collect knowledge about the world. And there are others, like common sense and intuition.

Some things do fall into the science category - like "how far away is the Moon", and "which vitamins and minerals play which roles in the metabolic processes of antibody production."

Science is good for those questions.

But other things fall into the "you're just supposed to know it" category. Like, for instance, the fact that you're not supposed to be re-inhaling your own exhaust, and the fact that you're not supposed to collect bacteria and virions in a diaper directly over your air-hole.

That's the intuition category. You're just supposed to know.

Don't misunderstand me: There is plenty of science to prove why chronic universal muzzling is stupid, but the key thing here is the fact that you're not supposed to need the science in the first place. Science is the wrong epistemic strategy for this type of question.

Oh the science is there, if you want it. Lots of science.

But it shouldn't be necessary. This is a different category of knowledge.

You shouldn't need science to know that this is child abuse.

And this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

You're not supposed to need science to recognize this for what it is.

But that's not all! We're not done! Not even close to it.

Because you've got another problem, on top of that, which we haven't even addressed yet.

Let's say (for the sake of argument), that masks actually do "work", in the sense of slowing transmission. They don't - but let's just assume they do, for this discussion. I'll give you that free Bingo square, for now.

Even if you have science saying that masks slow transmission - even if your science is somehow "more valid" than the science saying masks are useless - even if you have that one assertion on your side and working for you, you still lack the other half of the equation:

You haven't shown that this transmission-reduction is *WORTH* the overall damage to public health you're causing as a direct result of the masking.

Masks harm. Is their harm eclipsed by their benefit?

Is the health-damage caused by chronic airway obstruction worth the health benefit from transmission reduction?

How do you know the positive effect of the latter is greater and more impactful than the negative effects from the former?

(Which is assuming of course that this reduction even exists in the first place...)

How do you know the benefit outweighs the damage?

Do you have any science on this question?

I'll save you the trouble of searching: You don't.

There is no science on this question. There hasn't even been investigation.

Make sure you understand what I'm actually asking, here. There has been scientific investigation into transmission reduction. But there has not been investigation into the weight of that reduction vis-a-vis the harm the masking causes to overall public health. That's what I'm asking.

And it has never been researched before, because this "treatment" has never been done before. The chronic universal muzzling of a population has never been tried before 2020, and hence, there is no science on its outcomes.

In the 1918 flu, some efforts were made to force masks on people, but compliance was low, and most importantly, no science was done to evaluate the results. Science itself was still in a stage of relative infancy, especially in the biological fields, and no scientific studies were even attempted to weigh the benefits of masking against the harms.

You have no science on this question. Because there is none. It has never been tested before. And that means that this whole thing is an experiment.

A mass-experiment, *without consent*.

A non-consensual medical experiment.

This puts the officials responsible in violation of the Nuremberg Principles and the Geneva Convention.

Do you care that your government is now violating those legal standards, and violating human rights on a universal scale?

Does it bother you that your government is committing crimes against humanity? Some of the same ones that the Nazis did?

If it doesn't, then maybe you're the selfish one.

And don't gaslight me with the "but there's no harm from masks."

Yes there is. Don't gaslight me.

Wearing masks is damaging to health. You know this.

You know it because you take it off every time you get home.

Why do you take it off?

You know the reason.

There is a reason why the human mouth (along with the mouth of all other species) doesn't have an airway obstruction built-in from birth.

There is a reason why we didn't wear masks for the past 200,000 years.

There is a reason why YOU didn't wear one, prior to this year.

And there's a reason why you take it off when you're not around people.

And the reason for all 4 is the same reason:

Mask-wearing is not cost-free. It has a cost. To health.

You know it. If you take the stupid thing off at ANY TIME of day or night, then you know that wearing it has a cost. Don't gaslight me.

And you're reminded of that cost, every single time you exhale, because that warm moist feeling around your lips is your own exhaust. You can literally feel it, with your own nerve-endings. You know it's there. Don't gaslight yourself and the rest of us by denying it.

People are denying this, when I talk to them on social media. They're denying the sensations that their very own skin nerves are bringing them, in real-time. This is self-gaslighting, and it's frightening.

This person is in complete denial of the experienced sensation that she's experiencing right as she's experiencing it. This is beyond gaslighting. It's a publicly engineered mass-schizoid disorder.

You have an exhaust-process for a reason. You expel things through your breath for a reason. Some of the exhaled material is toxins, and some of it is bacteria and virions - virus particles. You exhale them for a reason. They don't belong in your body, so your body has a natural mechanism to expel them. Your breath.

If you re-breathe them, you're keeping your viral load artificially inflated. This puts an added strain on your immune system. Not just from any particular virus, but from all viruses. And bacteria too.

You have an ecosystem of viruses in your body - 300 trillion of them from many different species at once. Keeping it in balance involves the ability to shed virions from your system, by exhaling them.

And if you can't do that, because there's a mask in the way, forcing you to re-inhale them, that puts added stress on your immune system.

And if you do that all day... every day...

You're interrupting that cycle.

And that is bad for you.


And this is what you've been forcing essential workers to do for 8 hours a day, for 9 months and counting. You're forcing grocery workers, bus drivers, and everyone else, to wear this thing all day. You get to wear it for 10 minutes, while you go shopping and then take it off, But you're forcing them to wear it all day. Have you thought about what that's like for them?

Have you thought about the long-term effects of decreased oxygen intake?

You accuse me of being selfish, but have you thought about the grocery workers and the Uber drivers whom you're forcing to wear face diapers for 6 or 8 or more hours a day? Are you thinking about them?

Are you thinking of the children who are now kept in bubbles, not allowed to explore the world, not allowed to play with other children, not allowed to hug, not allowed to touch anyone, not allowed to smile at anyone, because now you've got masks on all the faces? Have you thought about the harm you're causing to an entire generation of children who are now going to grow up without any practice in recognizing emotions through facial expressions? Do you have any idea what kind of toll this is going to take on our society in the long run? Do you have any idea what kind of trauma you're subjecting children to, on behalf of your germophobia?

Do you care what you're doing to society in general, by preventing everyone from seeing anyone's face?

Have you taken any time to think about the long-term affects of sowing all of this paranoia and distrust among the population?

Do you care about the mental health breakdowns and suicidal ideation you're causing?

Do you care about the people you're killing through isolation?

And all the collateral effects of lockdowns?

Do you care about the new wave of microplastics you're injecting into the biosphere?

And what about the chemicals in the mask fibers, which you're forcing everyone to breathe into their lungs?

\You have a duty to look into these things. You can't just brush them off. If you're causing them, then you're obligated to understand what it is you're causing.

If you're in favor of forcing people to do something unnatural, then you have a duty to understand the other column - the downsides - the harm that you're causing. If you think it has a benefit, then you also need to familiarize yourself with the ways in which it harms, so that you can compare the two, and really know whether it's worth it or not. And if you're not doing your research into this, then you're not doing your due diligence. And you're forcing your anti-scientific views on other people, and imposing this misinformed attitude on us, by force. That's not OK.

Using force to make people do things is almost never OK, and if you want to use it, then you better have a damn good reason. And you better have a lot of science supporting it.

And you have none. Because like I just said, this experiment has never been performed before, at this scale.

There is nothing even remotely approaching a "consensus" in the medical and scientific community about the positive indication of universal forced masking on an entire population for a long-term period of time. There is no consensus on this. And you would need a consensus, in order to even begin to argue for imposing these policies on people by force.

The burden of proof is not on me to prove that I shouldn't wear a face-diaper.

The burden of proof is squarely on you, because you're the one trying to make me change my behavior - and not only change it, but change it into something gruesomely unnatural - and not only that, but to force me to do it, with armed state-violence as backup.

When someone is trying to introduce a new, untested idea to radically reshape society (and the human body itself), the burden of proof is not on the people saying "Hey wait, lets think this through first."

The burden of proof is on the people who introduced that radical alteration. If you want to make a grotesque new adjustment to the human condition, to be in a muzzle all the time, with no facial communication, and breathing in your own exhaust all day long, then you have to prove why it's right.

I do not have to prove why it's wrong.

If you haven't proven your position, then you better back off, before you open a can of worms that you can't close.

Look, I know you think you're doing the "right thing."

When the "pandemic" was first announced, back in March, being cautious made sense. We didn't know what we were facing. For all we knew, it could have been a monster plague, cooked up in a Level 4 Bio-Lab, for the purpose of wiping out half of humanity.

So back then, it made sense to take every precaution conceivable - at least until we figured out just what we were dealing with.

Washing hands. Staying distant from each other. Staying home. Wearing gloves when out. Even wearing masks. It was reasonable, due to the sudden nature of what was happening, and how little we knew about it.

Back then.

But then something happened.

Something called observation. And data. And knowledge.

In the following weeks, we watched as governments committed statistical fraud to inflate the carnage numbers.

We watched as the corporate media engaged in unprecedented levels of journalistic malpractice to keep the fear-levels high.

We watched as mayors, governors, health agency chiefs, and leaders around the world arrogated emergency Emperor-Palpatine powers to themselves, and then proceeded to use their new dictatorial license to enact completely nonsensical policies that not even the most liberal interpretations could rationalize as responses to any "virus."

We saw them close hiking trails in remote areas. We saw them arrest lone surfers in the middle of the ocean. We saw them close gyms and athletic tracks, while leaving Wal-marts open.

We watched them take to their podiums, day after day, without mentioning the words "nutrition" or "vitamins" or "immune system" a single time.

We watched them threaten us for getting haircuts, both before and after getting haircuts of their own.

We saw them demand we wear masks while on camera, and then take off their masks as soon as they thought the cameras were off.

[ Woops! Looks like they censored this video. We can't have people spreading "harmful misinformation"... like... a literal video of Anthony Fauci removing his mask after the TV camera that's interviewing him finishes recording. That's harmful misinformation. ]

Anyway, here's one that's almost as good:

We saw the selfi-proclaimed "experts" invite mistresses over to their homes for sex, in the middle of lockdown, even as they screeched at us to "Stay Safe, Stay Home."

We saw them claim to be "positive" and "in quarantine", only to be spotted out jogging and getting into close-proximity altercations with passersby who questioned their contradictions.

We watched them claim hospitals were overflowing, even as citizen journalists filmed those very same hospitals, showing them as nearly empty.

We then watched Youtube censor and delete these videos, so that we can't even watch them or send them to anyone.

And then, to cap it all off, we saw them encourage massive, tightly packed protests in the street - and then join those protests - and then keep encouraging them even after they became violent riots - all while they were arresting small-business owners for daring to show up to work.

And then:

We saw the esteemed and venerated "scientific community" pen open letters stating that the BLM protests "don't transmit pathogens."

We saw them ruin their credibility right before our eyes. We watched their "pandemic" narrative collapse in real-time, faster than a skyscraper that hadn't been hit by an airplane.

It's now October. It's not March anymore.

We see what they did.

We know this isn't about "stopping a virus."

You've now had THREE QUARTERS OF A YEAR to do your research, to learn about this so-called "pandemic", to investigate the numbers behind it and the processes by which those numbers are calculated, to figure out the tricks that your government and mass-media are playing to convince you that you're in the midst of some monster plague.

You've had months and months of people like me trying to open your eyes about all of the methods of manipulation. You've had access to the internet the whole time - access to the sum total of all gathered human knowledge at your fingertips, with a query retrieval time of 0.02 seconds.

If you've chosen not to use any of that, and not to do any research this whole time, then that's YOUR fault for still believing in this "pandemic" madness, not mine. I've been trying to educate you all this time, and not only have you ignored and angrily dismissed me for trying, but you've refused to lift a finger to do any research of your own.

THAT reeks of laziness. And selfishness.

This is not about me "not caring about people who die." This is about you killing MORE PEOPLE through your insane response. Shutting everything down, beating people in the street for not muzzling themselves, and collapsing the economy on purpose.

How many people are you already killing, through economic collapse, solitary confinement, lack of sunlight, isolation, trauma, sudden induced unemployment, and suicide?

How many more will die when you rush out an injection with a 6-month development window?

Because that's the next phase of the plan. All of the things you're currently not allowed to do without a mask - sometime next year, you won't be allowed to do them without the needle. They're planning to require you to carry proof of injection, in order to go to work, ride the bus, cross borders, or go shopping, or participate in society in any manner. Maybe even to leave your house at all.

The masks are training for compliance to the more advanced stages of the agenda. If you comply with the mask rule, then you're emboldening the overseers to deploy the subsequent stages.

I refuse to wear it because I refuse to contribute to this emboldening.

They are looking for indications that the population is "ready and willing" to do whatever the overseers want us to do, without resistance.

And I refuse to send them that message. I instead choose to send a message of defiance. I refuse to comply, because I want them to see that they don't have as much power as they think. I refuse to comply, because I'm setting an example for other people to refuse, so that they can show their defiance as well.

And I do it, despite all of the stares, and the anger, and the hatred, and the muttered insults, and the limited shopping options, and the humiliation of having cops called on me, and the threats of "trespassing charges," and all the criticism I receive from friends, family, and everyone on social media.

I endure that, because I'm thinking of you. I know that you're more likely to be subjected to the forced-injections before I am. I work from home, on the computer. I'm not a grocery employee. I'm not a bus driver. I'm not a factory worker. I'm going to be able to refuse the injection, and the flesh-barcode, for a lot longer than most other people will. I'm thinking of those people. I'm thinking of those who will have to submit themselves to on-demand genetic-code editing by Bill Gates, in order to earn a living. I'm thinking of them.

I'm thinking of the children who are being forced to endure a cold, gray, lonely bubble-society where they can't see anyone's face, and can't play with other children.

Are you thinking of them?

No, you're not. Because you're selfish.

Have you thought about what will happen to the things you DO care about, when the government has seized absolute control of every aspect of human life, through quantum dot identification tattoos, elimination of cash, administrator privileges to edit the human genome en mass through gene-editing injections, and the legal pretext to invade anyone's home without a warrant and snatch you and bring you to an "isolation facility", completely outside the purview of the judicial system?

The whole reason we have a judicial system in the first place is so that the government CAN'T just snatch people. And you want to throw that 1000-year legal journey away just because you're scared of germs?

You're now shutting down free speech - the lifeblood of democracy - in the name of silencing dissent from your paranoid germaphobic narrative. How many people do you think will die if you kill democracy?

You've got no concern for ANY of this?

Just lockstep with whatever the TV and/or Fauci says?

You've got a lot of chutzpah calling ME the selfish one here.

If you're a mask-wearer (or worse, a mask enforcer, or worse yet, a mask snitch), then you're putting us all in danger of a hyper-fascist medical dictatorship. And you don't care.

You know it's true. We've been telling you about all this, for months. We've been explaining the process to you, citing our sources, and sharing links for you to go and learn about it on your own. It's not naivetë. You know what's going on.

But you just don't care.

You're cowards.

You shrink from confrontation. You don't want your peers to think you're "weird." You don't want to be seen as "that person", who goes against the grain. You don't want to endure criticism, or ostracism, or name-calling, or unwanted attention - so instead, you quietly obey the dictates, and call the rest of us names. Your "social standing" is more important to you than your freedom.

Or the freedom of your children.

Or even the existence of their children, since the goal of the 4th Industrial Revolution is to eliminate humanity and all biological life, and replace us all with a race of artificial intelligence.

Oh sure, you do care about what kind of world you're building for your children - but not if you'd get dirty looks for it. Not if you get unwanted attention for it.

You don't want to take proactive steps to defend your children's freedom - or even your own freedom.

All you want is to be able to stay in your consumeristic trance, and not be shaken. Peaceful slumber is more important than the fate of humanity.

Your attitude is "just let me be, let me do my thing in peace, and sit on my sofa, and watch my TV!"

You just want to not be bothered. While the most terrifying technocratic slave-system in history is rolled out right before your eyes, with your assent.

You don't care.

You are selfish.

And then, you have the gall to call ME selfish, for FIGHTING this gruesome agenda.

Well I'm letting you know, I'm not putting up with it anymore. I've had enough of the idiocy. I am not complying. I've had enough of the hate. I will not shrink from it. I will call you out on it.

I'm not wearing your face-diaper anymore.

You cannot make it illegal for me to show my face in public.

Look at yourselves. Look at how warped you've become. You think its a crime to show your face in public. The TV has warped your minds. Look at the shape you've twisted yourselves into.

Wake up. Come to your senses.

For the love of all that is good... WAKE UP!

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