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"Why Don't You Want the Vaccine?"

"Hey, anti-vaxxer nutjob: Why don't you want to take the vaccine?"

The Burden of Proof

First of all, the premise of the question is a little off-balance. It's not my job to explain why I *don't* want ingest something into my body. Especially not an industrial product from a factory.

Consuming an industrial product is not the de-facto condition of humanity, from which all else is a deviation. It's quite the opposite. The baseline condition of a human being is to live naturally, as one is. Consumption of industrial products is the deviation.

You can argue that this particular product is good and people should take it; but it's wrong to begin from the premise that it's WE who have to explain ourselves. We don't. You do. If you want me to ingest an industrial product, then the onus is on YOU to explain why.

And when we get into the subject of potential *dangers* of said product, again the burden of proof is NOT on me to prove that it's dangerous. The burden of proof is on *you* to prove that it's safe.

"But it's safe! The SCIENTISTS tested it, and concluded that it was SAFE, and the GOVERNMENT approved it. What are you complaining about?"

Experimental Needles

The problem is, *Reality* does not come from the proclamations of governments, or universities, or any group of people. Reality is what Reality is. A government can't make the Sun rise in the west, or gravity fall upwards, just by proclaiming it. And they can't make a medical *experiment* become "not an experiment anymore" just by proclaiming that it's no longer experimental. These needles are EXPERIMENTS, and no jumble of words and papers and approval-stamps from any scientist, university, or government agency can change that.

Here ye, Hear ye!

Not until the *conditions*, by which experiments become no-longer-experiments, have been fulfilled.

"What are those conditions?"

Well, it's pretty simple. There's just one condition: *Knowledge.*

When we KNOW what these needles do - when we know EVERYTHING that they do - *THEN* they are no longer experiments.

Not when some scientist says "it's fine!"

Not when some government agency says, "Approved!"

When we KNOW what they do. That's when. And ONLY then.

"But we do know! We had trials! Lots and lots of volunteers! More volunteers than any other vaccine trial in history!"

Quantity vs. Time

A large *quantity* of volunteers CANNOT substitute for a long length of *TIME*. Only *time* can do that.

Don't use your emotions for this. Use your LOGIC.

We cannot test the effects of the needles over TIME, unless we actually USE TIME.

We cannot test the effects over 1 year, unless we observe for 1 year.

We cannot test the effects over 3 years, unless we observe for 3 years.

Same for 5 years. And 8 years.

The average length of time it takes to test a new vaccine, before it's available to the general public, is 10 years. There is a REASON for that. They don't spend that much time just for fun.

And that's *after* development. The average length of development is around 10 years. From start to finish, the whole process of bringing a vaccine from concept to market is 20 YEARS.

No quantity of volunteers can change that. It doesn't matter if you have a trillion volunteers. It cannot substitute for *longitudinal* (long time) observation.

Reports of Injury

And we really should have waited, because reports are coming in, and they're not pretty. Blood clots, myocarditis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Bell's Palsy, tinnitus, paralysis, menstrual chaos, and miscarriages, are just SOME of the problems. Many people have died from it.

You can shut your eyes and cup your hands over your ears and scream about how much you hate "anti-vaxxers", but it won't change the fact that this is happening, and the (free) internet is awash with reports from around the world. People are having tremors, seizures, and convulsions, right there on the floors of vaccination centers, in front of everyone. It's captured on cell-phone cameras.

You can't dispute video. Or can you?

Fanatically religious people can indeed disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes, when it contravenes their religion, and this vaccine push has all the hallmarks of a new cult religion, with the syringe as the sacrament, so I dunno, maybe you can.

"But... but... the SCIENTISTS! They support it! Who are YOU to argue with an EXPERT, you little uneducated PEASANT!"

Which Scientists?

Even if you want to fall back on "the scientists" as your final card, I still have to ask, "which ones?" There are plenty of scientists who don't agree with the ones you're listening to. They're ringing the alarm bells.

Some have been warning since the very beginning, because they understood the dynamics of the substance, and weren't under the spell of fear, panic, herd-mentality, and political correctness that their peers were. Others started out believing in the needles, but then changed when they witnessed the horrifying results.

You want to hear some of them? Some scientists?

"I'm a busy person. I don't have time to listen to a bunch of anti-scientific nonsense from Bob on Facebook."

I'm not taking about Bob on Facebook. I'm talking about scientists.

Actual experts. The ones I keep hearing that I'm supposed to "follow" and "trust." Those guys. The ones in white lab coats, who work with this stuff as their profession. Many of whom work for prestigious universities, like Yale, Stanford, and Oxford. Doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, geneticists. Lots of them.

Since you're a busy person, here's just ONE of them: Byram Bridle, a professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph in Canada:

Here are some others:

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - the most cited microbiologist in Germany

Dr. David Martin - national intelligence analyst, founder of IQ100 Index and developer of Linguistic Genomics

Dr. Peter McCullough - Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas as well as a Senior Professor of Internal Medicine at the Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Beda M. Stadler - former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern, a biologist and professor emeritus

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg - former chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee

Dr. Michael Yeadon - former executive at Pfizer, Inc.

There is also the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement signed by thousands of scientists from around the world, opposing the W.H.O. and its unscientific, authoritarian "guidelines."

You've got a lot to choose from.

"I don't care. MY scientists say it's good to get vaccinated, and the vaccines are safe and effective. And because of that, I'm going to FORCE you to take it. You don't want it? Fine - but don't expect to participate in society ever again! You can just sit in your house, and do nothing, and rot, and starve. Take the vaccine... or else!"

Bodily Sovereignty

Do you really want the government and/or pharmaceutical industry (really one entity at this point) to OWN your body, in the sense of having access-on-demand, to the inside of you, your veins, to pump whatever substances into you they want to pump, and to modify and edit you however they see fit, with no ability on your part to say "No"?

You want them to have that kind of power over you?

That whole idea is a sick, twisted abomination. You're asking for a hell-world.

Do not attempt to force medical interventions on other people. Don't do it. Don't support it. Don't. You have no idea what Pandora's Box you're trying to open.

The Meaning of Health

Health is not something you obtain by controlling other people. It's something you cultivate, in yourself, by taking care of yourself. Eat well, sleep well, exercise, meditate, and spend time in nature. Make your immune system as strong and healthy as it can be.

Do that, and you should have nothing to worry about from a "virus" that's so weak that it fails to produce ANY sickness in the majority of people who catch it.


And if you're still afraid of it anyway, you have a cornucopia of treatments available. High-dose Vitamin C and D3, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc+azithromycin - even dandelions neutralize spike-proteins by occupying the ACE-2 receptor. The cures are all around you, plentiful and cheap. There is no need to be in a panic about this, and no reason or justification for you to use COERCION to make OTHER PEOPLE submit to a medical intervention. In fact, it's a war crime, established in 1946 in the Nuremberg Code.

Forced Medical Experimentation is a War Crime

Nazi doctors were prosecuted, and jailed, and some were even HANGED, by the Allies, for doing what you say you want modern doctors to do, today. Think about that. Is that really the type of company you want to keep? Is that really the side of History you want to be on?

If you want the needle, that's your business. And if you want to sing its praises, and evangelize it to other people, it's your right to speak your mind and do so.

But the moment you try to FORCE it on people who don't want it, that's when we have a problem.

Make sense?

Thanks for understanding.

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