Wow! Did You See Greta? Righteous Anger Is Powerful!

The big "climate strike" was this week, and it included lots of high-profile meetings and events. At one of those, Greta Thunberg gave a speech, and it was stirring. She got visibly angry, as she scolded the world's so-called "leaders" for not giving a sh*t about future generations, and saddling their own children with a toxic mess of a collapsing biosphere.

Anger is what we need. This isn't about our lifestyles - this is about our lives. Those who uphold the malignant economic system are robbing us of our future. They're putting our whole generation on the sacrificial altar, in the temple of their capitalist religion.

But we have to be careful.

Greta is a hero, and an inspiration for all of us. But one thing that's still noticeably absent from her speeches, is any kind of specific plan on what to actually DO about this crisis.

What we do is very much still "up in the air" at this point. Humanity has not decided on a pathway forward. Heck, even the environmental movement hasn't coalesced around any concrete plan of action. The "Green New Deal" is not a policy proposal yet - it's more of a generalized aspiration. Even detailed plans, like those of Bernie Sanders, aren't fully comprehensive yet. They certainly represent a good start, but the most they will do is slow down the crisis - not reverse it. They don't go deep enough.

So our path forward is not settled yet, and there are multiple directions we could go in. And we have to make sure we choose the correct path. It won't do us any good to embrace false solutions, will it? False solutions could be even worse than no solutions at all!

And all potential directions can be boiled down to two, representing two opposing schools of thought. We could go the wholistic route, and seek to heal our planet - or we could go the technocratic route, and seek to patch up the disease with clever tech inventions, without really addressing its underlying causes.

Our planet is under assault from 1000 different directions, and CO2 emissions are just one of those. The biggest threat, in reality, is habitat loss - the fact that our civilization is quite simply erasing Nature, one hectare at a time. The body of the living organism known as "The Earth" is being attacked on every conceivable front.

Some people, however, are only thinking about carbon dioxide.

And some of these people propose "solutions" that are truly horrific. In one "solution", we're supposed to launch millions of tons of chemicals - like sulfur dioxide, and heavy metal compounds with aluminum, barium, and strontium - into the atmosphere, to form a new atmospheric layer that will encircle the planet and reflect sunlight back out into space. In this plan, the color of the sky will turn from blue to a kind of silvery sheen. They're literally thinking about changing the color of the sky, to cool the planet down.

Suffice it to say, this plan is psychotic, and anyone who gives it any serious consideration should be put in a straitjacket.

And that's not the only technocratic false-solution being peddled out there. There are several. We've compiled a tentative list of them here. (Skip to Section 2).

On the other hand, if we want to be smart, we can reduce our consumption, re-order our social systems around the values of cooperation and sharing, so that we can give land back to Nature, re-wild our landscapes, and heal the Earth.

That would be the smart thing to do.

The Earth Party has a plan for this. You can see it here. (Skip to Section 3).

The point is, now that the ecological crisis is finally starting to get the attention it deserves, and a major leap in planetary consciousness is starting to take place, we have to make sure that sinister (or just plain stupid) forces don't hijack all of this energy. We must take care to ensure that it goes in a healthy direction.

Because the forces of imperial capitalism will try to commandeer this energy, and steer it in a direction that they can profit from. That's what they ALWAYS do. They will try to exploit this movement, this passion, for their own ulterior motives, which will undoubtedly involve false, technocratic "solutions" to the crisis, which will not solve it (but will certainly make a lot of capitalists a lot richer, and provide a lot of technocrats with a lot of shiny new toys, possibly while destroying even what's left of the planet).

So get angry. Stand up and tell the truth - 100% of it. Glow with righteous rage - like Greta.

But make sure you stay grounded in an organic, whole-systems healing approach to this crisis. Don't let the technocrats steer this ship. They've already been steering it for the past several centuries - and look where they've led us. To the brink of ruin. We have to take the keys away from them. They don't get to play with our fates anymore.

Greta herself is probably smart enough not to fall into the technocratic trap. But that doesn't mean the energy she awakens can't be hijacked by selfish and ruthless forces more shrewd than she, to whom nothing is sacred.

So stay vigilant. Familiarize yourself with a real plan to really heal this planet.

For more information:

The Earth Party's Climate and Ecology page:

The Blueprint for a Benign Civilization, our master plan to evolve human society:

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