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The following is mainstream history. It's not conspiracy stuff. The the stuff that you might consider conspiracy will be will start about halfway down the page. So if you really hate conspiracies and alternative histories and all of that then then at least read the first half of the page because this half is just mainstream science and mainstream archaeology.

The site of Gobekli Tepe was discovered in 1990. For and completely turned the established chronology of human civilization on its head. It dates from 10,000. It dates from

10000 BC

That's 12,000 years ago. In comparison Stonehenge is 2500 BC. The first pharaoh was 3100 BC.

The first writing Sumerian cuneiform cuneiforms dates from about 3500 BC at the most

The first cities

Of Sumer dates to about 4,500 for Uruk and about 5400 for eridu the first cities the first irrigation canals date to about 6500 At a site called choga Mami.

Large scale Animal domesticate large-scale agriculture only dates to around that time period metal metal only dates to about 5,000 or 6,000 years old BC large-scale agriculture the type necessary to feed. Large populate the the type necessary to produce Surplus doesn't show up until about six or seven thousand BC.

Let alone

The technology to lift 10 the technology to Quarry transport at cut and lift 10-ton megalithic stones and yet Gobekli Tepe dates to 10,000 BC.

How did they feed all those workers?

Who planned it?

With no writing who planned out all of these activities the quarrying the transporting The Cutting The lifting how to feed all the workers how to motivate the man who arranged it all.

This was not supposed to have existed back then civilization as we classically Define. It didn't begin until about 3 to 4 thousand BC.

Clearly there's a chapter missing in the history of the near East. But it's not just the near East.

On the island of yonaguni in the Pacific Ocean There's a Temple structure there there. There is a gigantic structure 300 feet below two to 300 feet below sea the sea level and it has right angles right angles steps.

The seed is not create right angles and it does not create this type of structure. It's clearly man-made yet the last time this area of the ocean yet. The last time that land was above sea level and they could construct something was about

Nine or ten thousand BC

In Peru

There are all kinds of megalithic structures.


And we see and the they're layered with the Inca stuff on top and very crude. And as you go backwards in time, it gets more sophisticated. It gets more sophisticated the further back you go in time and we don't even know who lived there before the Incas that could have built that we don't even know how far back it goes because you can't date stone throughout the island of Malta and throughout the

Simple henges Of megalithic stone that people back then were not supposed to have any idea how to Quarry transport and lift.

The Amazon is filled with with the remains of cities that are being rediscovered as the forest burns down.

There were massive population centers in the Amazon and they were able to turn the soil into a kind of super soil that could grow amazing amounts of food on a really tiny plot of land because the soil was like super soil. So the the Tara creator

And the forest had all the all the different types of trees the ice cream being and all that and and they basically the Amazon was a was a garden and they didn't leave behind any plastic.

All around the world of than going on Padang all around the world. In the sunken city off Kumari. Kandam of Gujarat all around the world. There are structures that should not exist according to the mainstream chronology of human civilization. They can only exist if If there was a missing chapter.

A civilization that we forgotten about from long before this one.

Oh, and of course the Great Pyramid. Built in 2500 where they had barely discovered bronze in Egypt. They somehow managed to build a structure which And then list all the things about it that are unexplainable like the circumference and the height and all that.

And how it appears to be a machine of some sort.

And the Sphinx the weathering on the Sphinx.

And how they said that it couldn't be from that time because nothing else existed that time. Well, we discovered Gobekli Tepe and we discovered all these other things.

So there was a missing chapter. Furthermore. Plato said Atlantis sank in 9600 BC and that's exactly When we know that the comet hit and raised sea levels.

So Plato identified The correct time when the sea levels Rose Nine thousand years before his own time.

How is he able to do that he didn't have ice core drilling. He didn't have any way to know any of this unless it was passed down. From people who were around back then when written records supposedly didn't exist.

If he was right about that could have also been right about the fact that there was an advanced civilization back then that we know that this Advanced civilization.

I was at least mostly. Harmonious with nature We don't find toxic waste radioactive waste we don't find plastic. They definitely didn't. Really in ecosystems like we did because

The hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of species that we've driven to Extinction obviously weren't driven to extinction by then the 10,000 years that separates our civilization from theirs is not enough time for a whole new set of species to evolve so all so it's not like they made made a mass extinction because if they had we still wouldn't have recovered from it by now because it takes to that longer than 10,000 years for new species to evolve out of the

Ones that remain so they obviously didn't cause a mass extinction.

Unless you count the woolly mammoths, but that's that's and the megafauna, but that can be explained by the meteor and it and at least it didn't happen until the very end of that Civilization. Like it happened around 10,000 BC and that was basically the end of that Civilization.

So even if it did somehow caused the megafauna extinction it didn't do so until it's very last year's.

Right about the time when it itself collapsed. So throughout most of its history. We can tell that it was an ecologically harmonious civilization. So we human beings are capable of living in an ecologically harmonious way because we've done it before

And we did it without any of the industrial technology that were using today. None of the fossil fuels and the computers and the metal and and all of that stuff and the cars and the engines and all of that stuff. They did it without all of that stuff.

They Were Somehow able to live harmoniously with nature and create amazing Testaments

In stone to their abilities

They Were Somehow able to accomplish that

Without industrial technology, you might say well, what's the big deal about some Stones? Well, who cares about that? Well because it obviously wasn't the only thing that they accomplished there's there's obviously many other things but those things would have Faded Away by now, you know, even if they had writing on paper, what's the longest a piece of paper can last?

A few hundred years

Out what's the longest a painting can last a few thousand?

Anything that they would have made out of any organic material.

Would have been recycled into the ecosystem by now. The only thing that would last would be something megalithic. That's the only thing we find from them now because that's the only thing that would have lasted but there was obviously other things they probably had wonders of Art and music and creativity.

And their society would have been a Marvel to behold not because they built any giant phalluses jutting up a half a mile into the sky out of steel and glass but marvelous by their ability to live. In a happy way without destroying nature without causing a mass extinction. We know they were happy because we know that you need cooperation to make wonders like that to me to have an artistic Society with the spare time to construct a highly accurate astronomically precise calendar out of megalithic stones. This is not something you would do for military advantage or to get back at your neighbor. This is something you do.

Cooperate out of love Future Generations. It's not built by slaves slaves. Don't make that kind of precision.

Imagine they did this without Industry may be without writing may be without money. They simply cooperated on a work of love together. Imagine. What kind of society that is how beautiful it must have been. And it was accomplished without what we today consider advanced technology without industry without computers.

Without plastic

Without nuclear technology without Radioactive

Without fossil fuels no because the fossil fuels were still in the ground when we got here.

So it's possible it is possible to live a completely green harmonious sustainable life happily without technology without what we consider without this direction without technocracy.

And then from there we can go into how it went. How the mind control took place starting with the new Trauma from the comet and then into Sumerian stuff and just go chronologically how the mind control was established was done and then that leads into Jia crasy because we explain that that the the way to to to transcend your the your mind control programming is through meditation.

In connection with the natural world or Geo enosis

And and then and then we have a monotheistic person saying hey, wait a minute that disagrees with my thingy and then we and then that goes to the next page which is JIA cracy from a monotheistic perspective.

Geognosis from a monotheistic perspective.

Leads into geocracy because that's the best way to govern ourselves, because that's the wisdom we get in nature.  And the best governing system is based on an electoral process that elevates the wisdom

Protectorate is social manifestation of the self preserving intelligence of the planet
Earth party is an arm of the planetary protectorate
mayb ethe story of how it was discovered
the paradigm shift
why it's possible, ok you agree with everyting we said about technocracy, but ya just don't know if it's possible, dunno if humanity can wake up, wheres the hope, you need some hope
why it's really possible, explaing great paradigm shift.
evidence that we actually are waking up right now.


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