The Power of Narrative


What unites people?

Armies?  Gold?  Flags?


There's nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.

Nothing can stop it.  No enemy can defeat it.

~Tyrion Lannister

Narrative is destiny.  The story we tell ourselves about our world determines what kind of world we build.  Whatever stories we place at the heart of our culture, they guide its direction and development. 


It works subconsciously, and there's little we can do to shape the world one way, if we're holding a narrative that goes the other way.

Every culture you see around you - whether ethnic, religious, national, material - acts the way it does because of its founding mythos:  its conception of "The World", and its way of interpreting its own place and role in that world.

And our culture - what most call "modern society" - has a faulty mythos.  We have an inaccurate concept of the world and our place in it.  And that's why we are facing so many problems.

And the lack of a unifying story is partly to blame for the seeming paralysis of political parties and movements that would seek to fix the world.  Many of us have ideas for solutions, but lack the larger context in which to place them.  By lacking a narrative for the times, we haven't been able to connect with the public - most of whom think in story, and require a narrative context for the solutions we try to present them with.

"So what is the Earth Party's narrative?"

All of the problems that humanity is facing right now...


...are all interconnected.


They're not isolated from each other.  They're all part of one bigger meta-problem.  They all stem form the same source.

All of the major problems in human society today, including the omnicide (the planetary ecological crisis, of which includes climate disruption) are outer manifestations of an inner condition.  Humanity has a psycho-spiritual sickness, which is showing up in the outer world as all this dysfunction, oppression, and ecological destruction.


To fix the outer, we must address the inner.

To solve problems,

understand how they started.

In this series, we will explore how the problem started, and thereby learn how to truly fix it.

Begin the Earth Party Narrative:

Chapter 1:  Those Who Remember

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