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Part 4:

They're Doing It On Purpose

Covid19 is a manufactured crisis.

The elemental components of the "mayhem" are as follows:

9 parts hoax, to 1 part engineered.

It is 90% hoax - manufactured through clever statistical tricks - (i.e. the same way tax codes can be manipulated by a clever CPA, the field of statistics - including epidemiological ones - can be manipulated by clever statisticians)...

(see Part 2 for a full explanation, if you haven't already)...

...and 10% real. But the real part is being deliberately induced, by government and media.

"Deliberately induced? Like, them making the public sick, on purpose? Attacking their own population? That's really out there. Even for conspiracy theories, that's way out there."

Nevertheless, it's the truth.

(And it wouldn't be the
first time...)

Everything they're doing is consistent with such a goal.

Especially lockdown.  Every aspect of lockdown suppresses the immune system.

Social isolation?  Suppresses the immune system.  Human beings are social creatures. Long-term loneliness causes illness - including immuno-suppression. 

Guys like Dr. Fauci know this.

Boredom and depression?  Suppresses the immune system.  Known for decades in psychiatry.

And guys like Fauci know it too.

Staying indoors all day?  Suppresses the immune system. We need sunlight for D vitamins, and D vitamins are essential to... drumroll please... the immune system.

And guys like Fauci know this.

As lockdown disrupts the economy, and supermarket shelves go empty, the
range of options for nutrition goes down, and nutrition is essential for the... immune system. 

And guys like Fauci know this.

Chronic anxiety?  Suppresses the immune system.  But that isn't stopping the media from spewing fear-porn all day long.  Every news channel, all the time.  As soon as you open up Youtube, you've an entire bar with only pandemic stories.  Even Google MAPS has an alert (that you can't X out of) directly under the map.

All day, nonstop fear.

And added on top of germ anxiety, we now have financial anxiety too!  (Because of the lockdown!)

All that anxiety suppresses the immune system.

And guys like Fauci know this.

Fauci and his medical fascist cabal know all of this.  Yet they're doing it anyway.

"Yea but... that's because the benefits of lockdown outweigh the drawbacks.  Sure, the lockdown is demolishing public health, and leaving us more vulnerable to infections... but it's also slowing the transmission of infections!  So it makes sense!  Or maybe it doesn't make sense.. but it's still not unreasonable, and our leaders/experts are just trying to do what they think is right!"

Let's play along. Let's say you're right.

Why, then, are they closing parks, and wilderness areas?  Why are they arresting
lone paddleboarders in the ocean?  People out in the middle of the nowhere?  What does that have to do with slowing germ transmission?

Nothing. They want us out of the parks and natural spaces because Nature is essential for health, and they want to suppress our immune systems.


And then we come to nutrition.  The big elephant in the room.

There is no "downside" to something like nutrition.  No downside to bringing nutritious food to poor people who can't afford it, or who live in inner city food deserts where it isn't even available.  If Fauci and the government really wanted to "fight a pandemic", they would immediately seek to bring as much nutrition to poor people as possible.


It would cost a fraction of what they're spending on ventilators, and if an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, have much better results.

But they won't do it.

They won't even speak about it.


Have you noticed that nutrition has not been mentioned by a single politician or TV pundit throughout this entire crisis?


Don't you find that a little... odd?


We need vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in order to build up antibodies.  We need fresh fruits and vegetables.


Blueberries, blackberries, broccoli, kale.  Mushrooms.  Bell peppers.  Leafy veggies.  Dark green veggies - not just that pale iceberg lettuce, which has almost no nutritional value.  REAL FOOD.


And right now, much of the population HAS NO ACCESS to these.  Many people live in food deserts.  (Not "desserts", like cake and pie - deserts, like the Sahara and the Mojave).  Millions of people live in inner-city neighborhoods where there are no proper grocery stores, and the only place to buy food is at the liquor store.  All they have access to is bread, pasta, candy, and canned soup.


There is no fresh produce within walking distance.  They can't afford fresh produce in the first place - and even if they could afford it, it doesn't even exist in their neighborhoods.  To find any, they'd have to travel to other neighborhoods - which requires public transit, which packs people together in small spaces, and costs more money, which many don't have.

They'll talk about how people of color are suffering disproportionately from the "virus", but they conveniently forget to mention that it's because they suffer disproportionately from malnutrition.  Their immune systems are compromised from it.


With all the billions (and now TRILLIONS) of dollars the government is spending on this pandemic, you'd think getting blueberries to poor people would be somewhere on the list of priorities.  But for some reason, it isn't.  It's not even mentioned.


With all these scary calls for "the military" to get involved, and all the tanks and humvees now seen moving around the country in preparation for who-knows-what, you'd think one of their jobs would be to load up those tanks with fruits and vegetables to drop off in poor neighborhoods, to nurture people's immune systems.  But nope.  Not doing that.  Not even TALKING about it.


Isn't that weird?


It's not like it would cost too much.  We're going to spend billions on ventilators and masks.  We're passing trillion-dollar bailouts for banks and giveaways to billionaires.


If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then whatever protection we'd get from spending $16 billion on treatment after people get sick, we could achieve the same result with only $1 billion on preventing them from getting sick in the first place (e.g. by getting proper nutrition to them).


But no one's talking about it.  It has never been mentioned by any member of Congress, or any governor.  Not by CNN, nor NBC, nor ABC, nor CBS, nor the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any major network or newspaper.  If it has, it must have been on Page 27, buried between the Sports section and Celebrity Gossip section.


Can anyone explain this?


In fact, not only are they not talking about this, but they're prohibiting you from talking about it!  If you share advice like this on social media, some users might even "report" you, for spreading "non-official information."  That's right!  Pointing out the connection between nutrition (and overall health) and immune function is not welcome in the increasingly fascistic environment our so-called "leaders" are constructing around this situation.


But shouldn't they WANT people to be healthy?  Don't they WANT everyone's immune system functioning at top capacity?


Apparently they do not.


Really weird, right?


It's almost as if this whole situation... isn't really about the virus.


It might be about something else.


It almost looks as if... our rulers... might not actually care about our "safety" at all, and this whole thing might not really be about "protecting" us.


They don't care about our lives or health at any other time - so why now?


8,000 people die every day - EVERY DAY - from another virus, called "hunger", even though there's a readily available vaccine for it, called "food", which is incredibly cheap - and yet they're not bringing food to hungry people.


50,000 Americans die every year from the inability to afford medical care.

At any given time, over 100,000 Americans are sleeping on the street, just a few calories away from freezing to death.


It's perfectly fine (to our rulers) if we die from starvation, malnutrition, homelessness, or lack of (normal) medical care.  They don't care if thousands of people die from easily treatable illnesses, that they simply were too poor to buy treatment for.  Nor if we die from depression or suicide from being unable to pay bills.  They don't care.


Cardiovascular disease kills 650,000 Americans every year, yet it's impossible to watch television without seeing multiple commercials for meat and dairy.


Cancer kills 600,000 Americans per year, yet nobody on CNN is complaining about the aspartame, formaldehyde, or any of the THOUSANDS of weird lab chemicals in our industrialized "food" system.


They don't care.  They've never cared.  And they certainly don't care NOW.  This is not about keeping us "healthy and safe."  It is not about that.  There is something else going on here.

The media itself is sickening the population by collective immune-suppression through non-stop anxiety-porn.

There is an enormous psychological component to disease. All disease.

Contagious diseases are no exception.


If you get an infection, your outcome depends on your immune system, and your immune system depends largely on your mind and mental state.


It's 2020, and everyone but the most hopeless technocrats knows this by now.  If you don't know this yet, then sorry, but there's no helping you.


The mind and body are not separate.  The fact that the English language has two words for the two things makes it seem like they're separate, but they're not.  They're really part of one unit called the mind-body.


When the Mind-Body is in balance, and its energies are flowing normally, the immune system is able to fight off disease. 


Everyone is always carrying around viruses in their body at all times. We all have cold viruses and flu viruses in us all the time.  But they don't make us sick unless we allow them to multiply to the point where they start interfering with our functions.

Here's a doctor explaining this:


And the thing that keeps them in check is the immune system. 

When you  have a healthy immune system, it's able to keep the numbers of coronaviruses in your body (because, remember, everybody always has small numbers of coronaviruses in their bodies) down to a small quantity where they're unable to sicken you. 


If the immune system is compromised, then the viruses that are already in us start multiplying.


And the immune system becomes compromised whenever the Mind-Body is out of balance.


And what is one of the main things that throws the mind-body out of balance?  Fear.


Fear and deep anxiety.  It's Kryptonite to the Mind-Body and the immune system.

Here's how it works, in a nutshell:

1.  When you're afraid, your fight-or-flight response takes over.

2.  Stress hormones start circulating.

3.  Stress hormones interfere with immune function.

4.  Blood is diverted from organs to the arms and legs (to give you more strength to run from the saber-tooth-tiger).

5.  Organs, lacking blood flow, cannot function optimally.

6.  Cells have less blood for regeneration.

7.  If you're sick, you stay sick or get sicker.

8.  If you aren't sick, you're more vulnerable to getting sick.


If you're suffering from intense anxiety all day long, if you're glued in front of a television that's pumping you up with extra strength industrial fear-porn, then your immune system is going to become compromised.


What the corporate media is doing right now?

Suppressing the entire population's immune systems.


MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post... They are engaged in a massive collective immuno-suppression of the entire population.

Furthermore, another thing intense anxiety does is interfere with breathing.  And what is the main way that the current contagion (whatever it is) is killing people?


By preventing breathing.

WOW.  Let that sink in.


The media is pumping the population full of the very emotion that both suppresses the immune system AND causes breathing problems, in the midst of an alleged viral pandemic that kills people precisely by preventing them from breathing?


That seems a little strange, doesn't it?

It's not strange.  It's complicity.

They're not mentioning meditation and breathwork.


Our society, by and large, does not know how to meditate.  Most people are walking around completely unaware of the energies within their own bodies.


Our bodies are not only the physical ones we can see and touch.  We also have energy bodies, overlapping with our physical ones.  And most - perhaps all - diseases originate from disruptions of the energy body.  They show up there first, and then manifest into the physical one.


Meditation reestablishes awareness of our energy bodies.  With this awareness, we can unblock blockages, and make ourselves whole again, spiritually and psychologically.  This is essential for the treatment of any disease - not just the one supposedly going around now.


Furthermore, meditation also involves awareness of the breath.  Most of us are chest-breathers, with no idea how to breathe from our bellies - the natural way.  And what's the main way in which the current pathogen causes death?  By interrupting breathing.


If there was ever a time to make sure the population understands pranayama, it's now.


If the presidents and the governors and the doctors and the WHO and the CDC and all of these experts want to help people, they should get on TV and teach meditation and pranayama.  They could have 30-60 minute sessions, on the major networks, dedicated to guided pranayama meditations and yoga.  The benefits of this would cascade beyond simply preparing people for potential breathing problems as a result of COVID.  It would improve our health in myriad ways, including our psychological health, and our society would be transformed for the better, for the long term.


Of course, they're not doing this.  Not AT ALL.


Instead, they're running 24-hour FEAR PORN about the virus that's "coming to get you."  They're deliberately stoking the maximum fear and anxiety in the population - even though they know, full well, that anxiety is an immuno-suppressant mental state.  Intense anxiety compromises immune systems.  And it also prevents proper breathing.


The biggest danger from the current pathogen is breathing problems, yet the corporate news, instead of helping peope breathe, is sabotaging their ability to breathe.


Weird, huh?It's almost like they... might... might actually... WANT this thing to cause as much suffering as possible.


But why?

How does this all tie together?

How's this for a theory:


The media is creating a vicious cycle - a feedback loop - between anxiety and the severity of symptoms of whatever virus the person might have (whether it's a novel coronavirus or just the flu or a cold).


More anxiety leads to more severe symptoms.


More severe symptoms lead to more hospitalizations and deaths.


More hospitalizations and deaths lead to MORE ANXIETY.


Which leads to more severe symptoms.


Which causes more anxiety.


Causing more severity.


And more anxiety.


See how the feedback loop works?


Could it be possible that the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 are two different things?


Perhaps the novel coronavirus is a real virus - but COVID-19 is NOT a virus.  

In any given year, there are always novel coronaviruses.  They constitute one of the largest viral families, and they are always mutating and coming out in new forms.  This is NORMAL.

But it's not every year that the media decides to create a whirlwind of mass-panic.

Novel coronaviruses are real things.  Real viruses.

COVID-19 is not. 


Yes, we said it.  COVID-19 is not a virus.  It's a media-induced *psychological syndrome* which *synergizes" with the novel coronavirus (or any cold/flu virus) to exacerbate the severity of symptoms, artificially turning normal cases into life-threatening ones.



So no, they're not doing lockdowns because the benefits "outweigh" the enormous costs.  Nope, not because the slowing of germ-transmission is so important it "justifies" the mass-demolition of public health and mass-suppression of the population's immune systems.  They're doing lockdowns because the immuno-suppression is the point. It's not a glitch - it's the feature of the program.

They want a pandemic.

How to manufacture a pandemic:

1. Identify a normal new virus with new name to sound scary
Don't tell them there are always novel coronaviruses.

2. Pick the gloomiest forecast model, and exclusively cite it, and no others.

3. Only make few tests at first, and roll them out slowly, to engineer a gradual increase in "confirmed cases", to create the impression of a "spreading" virus.

4. Restrict tests to only those who get sick, to suppress the denominator in the fatality-rate calculations, and skew it more towards those who have a greater chance of dying, so that you can have a higher "fatality rate" statistic.

5. Test anyone who dies of any cause, and if they have it in their system, list it as their "cause of death", even if they died of something completely unrelated.  Force hospitals to do this.

6. Film respiratory wards with intubations, and put the footage up on every news channel, all day long, to scare the shit out of everyone.  If your country doesn't have any overcrowded hospitals, use footage from
another country, and fake it as your own country.

7. Splash all over the news all day
8. Sensationalize with emotion
9. Algorithm for anyone affected, even though you never did that with any other disease.
10. Continue to cherrypick models, for max fear
11. Outlaw healthy activities, to suppress immune systems
12. Make people deeply anxious about their bills on top of their health
13. Keep them out of the sunshine
14. Prevent them from gardening
15. Use 5G

At this point, synergy. Critical fear mass for mass psychosis of conversion disorder. Adding to the mysteriousness, which multiplies the scariness. 


J.  The "Lockdown", with its economic ripple effect of destruction, is on track to kill far more people than "the virus.", yet they're still doing it anyway.


The sensationalistic corporate media has been presenting us with a false dichotomy.  They're saying it's a simple choice between "lockdown and save people", VS. "open up and kill people."


But the part they're leaving out is this:  Lockdown will ALSO kill people.


The easily-brainwashed are acting like lockdown carries no risk, only benefit - and the safer we want to be, the harder we should lock everyone down.  This is insanity.


Lockdowns are collapsing the economy, and when economies collapse, people die.  They starve, they freeze, they become isolated and lonely, and they commit suicide from destitution.


We're already seeing bare shelves in supermarkets.  What happens if food starts running out?  When people start rioting for meals?  Hint:  the riots have ALREADY begun.


Don't you think that's a little... "unsafe"?  


Some people might say "You just care about business!  And money!  You're putting money over people's lives!"  And again, this is emotion talking.  See Point #1.


If we use logic, we can see that lockdowns will cause suffering and death too.  MORE than the virus itself.  What's the point in taking measures to fight the virus, if those measures end up killing more people than the virus would have?  Or worse:  collapsing society itself?


Hmmm... right?


Many people, especially the elderly, are now living in what amounts to solitary confinement.  There's a reason many countries have banned "solitary" even for prison inmates:  It's a form of torture.  If we're subjecting our elders to this, in the name of "protecting" them, and they start withering away because of it, how does this help at all?


Social connections are part of mental health, emotional health, and are essential to the immune system!  The immune system breaks down when people are lonely and depressed.  This is scientific fact.


And in our emotionally driven haste, we have enacted measures that will break down people's immune systems... in order to protect them from... a virus.  


Are you starting to see the paramount importance of logic here?

We need to scrap this "lockdown" thing.  Immediately.

The Earth Party

calls on ALL governments,



and lift the restrictions,


Containment failed.  It didn't work.  Perhaps there was a brief window of time, in the very beginning, when it was still possible.  The extreme lockdown measures performed by the Chinese government were perhaps reasonable and justified, because there was a chance at complete eradication.  But it's not possible anymore.  It is not possible to contain and eradicate this virus.  It's not possible, folks.


It's not about "failing to take it seriously enough",  or failing to "prioritize" it, or "not caring about the people who will suffer and die."  That's emotion talking.  Refer to Point #1 (Base Responses on Logic) at the very top of this page.


Logically, containment/eradication is no longer an option.  And therefore the measures designed to do so are no longer an appropriate strategy.

If there really is a "novel coronavirus" going around, and it really is causing the sickness the media is claiming it's causing, then we should proceed with a strategy of herd immunity.


Here's how it works:


-Vulnerable people (the elderly and those already in poor health) will continue to SELF-QUARANTINE in their homes.


-Governments will immediately create programs to deliver food, medicine, and other basic supplies to them, on their doorsteps, in sterilized packaging.


-They can continue to sit there and wait this out, for as long as they choose to, and their needs will be taken care of, and they won't have to worry.


-Meanwhile, the rest of us will go out, mingle, re-connect with the microbial world like normal, catch whatever we're going to catch, and then become immune.


-With so much immunity, there will be no more (or very few) vectors to carry the virus, and it will become safe for the vulnerable populations to emerge.


-In the case of households with mixed types (i.e. at least one member of a vulnerable group, plus at least one member of the healthy population), there are two options:  Either the non-vulnerable person can temporarily move out (with a stipend from the government to rent an apartment), or the vulnerable member can move out (with the same stipend).  Either way, one of them will "move out" for a while, to keep them away from each other, so that the vulnerable person won't be exposed to the non-vulnerable one.


This plan requires some government spending, but very little.  Nothing at all compared to the massive trillion-dollar bailouts, lost businesses, and economic chaos going on as a result of our current "shut down the entire world and lock everybody down regardless of how vulnerable they are" strategy.


The Netherlands has settled on this strategy, and more countries will end up seeing the sense in it - the only question is how long it will take them to see it.


The Netherlands is not some anti-scientific hillbilly hell.  It's one of the most science-oriented countries on Earth.  It's a responsible country.  It's one of the leaders of the Green Revolution, and the efforts to slow down climate change.  Do you think a country like that would be opting for herd immunity if it wasn't an intelligent strategy?

This just in:  Sweden is also beginning to adopt this strategy.


If you're thinking "WTF, we're just supposed to get infected ON PURPOSE?", then you're again responding with emotion.


We've just explained, in the points above, why herd immunity is the only viable strategy.

* * *

None of this should be construed to mean that any ONE of these factors is SOLELY responsible for the outbreak of chaos going on right now.  But when you add them all together... It should be obvious that there are so many holes in this plot - far too many for us to blindly accept whatever narrative the oligarch-owned media is throwing at us.




If you find flaws in our reasoning - or any reliable facts to refute anything we've said here - then we WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  Please send an email to , correcting whatever mistake you feel we've made, either in facts or in reasoning.  If we're wrong, WE WANT TO KNOW.


In such a case, we will apologize and send out a correction in the next email.

If you're one of the psychopaths running the show, here's your plan:

1.  Tell everyone there's a new virus going around.  Call it a "novel coronavirus."

2.  Conceal the fact that there are always novel coronaviruses coming out, all the time, in every year.  Rarely (or never) mention the fact that colds and flus are also coronaviruses.


3.  Find people in hospitals with the flu. 

4A.  Test them with a test that detects all members of the coronavirus family (including colds and flus), but don't tell the public that your test is picking up all of those.  Attribute it all to the "novel virus."

4B.  Once a specific test comes out, restrict the testing to only those people who display symptoms (excluding the asymptomatic), and concentrate the testing especially on those who are displaying severe symptoms - thereby skewing the "fatality rate" and making it seem much, much deadlier than it actually is.

5.  Give it a scary new name that's never been seen before, like "COVID-19", so that it plunges people into truly "uncharted" territory, taking advantage of humans' natural fear of the unfamiliar. 

6.  Send camera crews into the hospitals to film people who are sick - regardless of what they have - even if they have the flu - and use outlier hyperfocus to create an emotional, tear-jerking narrative to scare the shit out of everyone.

7.  Create panic via the TV, making everyone with the slightest cold/flu symptoms go straight to the hospital, so that doctors are overwhelmed and can't treat all of these people. 

8.  Send the cameras back in again, to film the overflowing crowd of patients, and film the people sitting in the hallways because there aren't enough beds, and then use that to scare the shit out of everyone EVEN MORE.

9.  Make sure you film the coffins, even though you've never done that with any other disease, ever, and even though the total death toll hasn't even eclipsed the normal yearly death toll from the flu yet at the time of your filming, and there are literally more flu coffins than "novel coronavirus" coffins at the time of your filming.

10. Turn the anxiety up to astronomical levels, to suppress the population's immune systems and give them purely psychosomatic breathing problems, which will synergize with any virus they might pick up - whether it's a cold, a flu, or any novel variation.

11.  Create a vicious feedback loop between psychological anxiety and severity of viral infections (whatever virus they might be from), so that the two factors feed off of each other, further inflaming the panic.

12.  Use all of this fear to manufacture consent from the population to implement new totalitarian control measures over society, cancel all protests and uprisings, and cover up the ongoing implosion of capitalism from the weight of its own contradictions by blaming the upcoming economic collapse, which was already coming anyway without a virus, on a virus.   

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