Racism is a divider.

Its purpose is to pit people against one another, so they'll be eaiser to rule.Racism benefits the rich.

The poor have the numbers to overthrow the system that keeps them poor.  If we're really being ruled by the 1%, then what means there are 99 of us for every 1 of them!  So why arne't we overhtrowing them?

Because the poor are busy fighting amonst themselves.

White/western cultures are the most advanced in technology, but the rest of humanity tends to have most of the spiritual wisdom necessary for using that technology in the correct way.

The races need to work together to heal this planet.  We need everybody.



"What about equity in employment?  And equity in elected representation?"


We understand the appeal of racial and gender diversity in public offices.  It's our preference too.  We would rather see a representative body whose outward appearance resembles the outward appearance of the people it represents.

But when it comes to the topic of hiring someone for a job - any job, from president to sales clerk and everything in between - the correct thing to do is to hire the person who is the best person for the job - whatever their race or sex is.  Demographic characteristics, such as skin color, should not be factors in hiring people.

Remember congruence?  Do you want a world in which hiring decisions are based on race?  No?  You want to evolve?  Then be the change you wish to see. 

A sane, happy, enlightened world is one in which a person's skin color does not determine their prospects for employment or success.  If you want to live in that world, then be that world.

"What about actual racism?  That stuff still exists.  White supremacy has been on the rise recently.  Ever since Donald Trump came out spewing racism in 2015, white supremacists have become emboldened, and they're gaining numbers and power.  Does the Earth Party have a plan to do anything about this?"

First, let us reiterate that we're completely against all racism, and white supremacy (or any type of racial supremacy) has no place in the world we're building.  It's 100% wrong.


But there's something else going on here.  We're going to make the case to you that this "recent rise in bigotry" is actually just an American media bogeyman - the latest in the long sequence of bogeymen the corporate-media-industrial-complex has utilized to strike fear into the masses, to get what they want.

The news media usually tries to make you afraid.  But we have some news that can help you relax.  White supremacy is NOT on the rise - it just seems that way because of corporate propaganda.  You can actually relax.

We know this can be an emotional issue for some people, but we implore you to read with an open mind, and hear us out.

First, what is a bogeyman? 

The American business-industrial corporate-media-government complex has a long history of crafting bogeymen to scare the population into supporting fascist, authoritarian policies and wars.  This is not the first - it's the latest in a long list of them.

A bogeyman is part of the formula of "Problem-Reaction-Solution."  This is a technique whereby a government (or corporate establishment) causes a problem (or makes it seem like there's a problem), so that the population will have a reaction, and demand a solution.  And the establishment offers us one - the same one they were planning all along, for which they created the problem (or perceived problem) in the first place.

Let's examine a few historical examples to see this in action:

1.  The Red Scare

A long time ago, they created the "Red Scare", in which they convinced the masses that "communists" (the bogeyman) were coming to get us, and the only way to protect ourselves was to perpetrate a witch-hunt in which general adversaries of the ruling establishment were disenfranchised and blacklisted, even though they weren't actually communists. 

2.  Reefer Madness

The media of the early 20th century convinced the masses that "marijuana" was causing teenagers to become violent, murderous maniacs (the bogeyman), and the only way to protect ourselves was to ban the plant and initiate a "war on drugs."  This got them what they wanted:  a ban on hemp (enabling a monopoly for paper companies and oil companies, who no longer had to worry about competition from hemp-based paper and fuels), and it also enabled the creation of a massive, highly profitable policing industry and prison-industrial complex.  It also convinced the masses to surrender our rights to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizure, the first right on a long list of rights they ultimately desire to abolish.  Not only that, but it also helped them obtain our consent to send the American military into other countries and occupy foreign lands in the name of "drug interdiction."  It also gave them a pretext to infiltrate and sabotage anti-war groups and other activist movements.

3.  Terrorism

This was the biggest one yet.  It was used during the fascist Bush-Cheney administration. 

The corporate government had two goals: 
1.  Gain consent for the elimination of privacy rights and establishment of an all-pervasive mass-surveillance apparatus
2.  Gain consent to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and lay the groundwork for a middle-eastern petro-military empire

To do this, it needed our consent.  But who would ever consent to such a thing?  Who would voluntarily surrender their rights and common sense?

Only people who are scared.  So they needed to scare us.  And they crafted the "terrorist" bogeyman for this purpose - to scare us into surrendering our rights. 

In that climate, the fear of terrorists was utilized to pass legislation like the Patriot Act and the war authorizations, and it was also used for silencing dissent.  Any time a person said something critical of the Bush administration or any of its fascist policies, they were labeled as "unpatriotic" or "un-American", or worse things, like "terrorist sympathizer", or "soft on terrorism."  Once such a label was applied to someone, all conversation ceased.  The person was unable to explain any further thoughts, nor even defend themselves from the unfounded accusation, because they were already put into that bad-guy category, and bad-guys don't deserve to be listened to - not even to dispute their bad-guy status.

And the corporate government got away with the most significant thrashing of civil rights in modern history, and the rights it took we still don't have back.  We still haven't gotten them back.

The Patriot Act is still in effect.
The spooks are still reading all our emails. 
The wars are still raging, 16 years on.  More wars are being started each year on the same 2002 resolution.  The spy agencies are expanding their intrusiveness.  Still.  That's how useful the bogeyman was and is.

And it was never what they said it was.  Notice that all the reports stopped after bush left office.  The bogeyman started fading away?  Did they all just suddenly stop?  Or were they never real in the first place?

Was the bogeyman never real?

He was crafted to fit the narrative.  "Give us your right to privacy."  And when Bush left office, it was no longer useful, and the retired it and started a new narrative, requiring a new bogeyman:

4.  Rapists and rape culture.

Minor bogeyman bc obama years used for a respite (gotta let ppl recharge)
Targeted toward just a select subsection
What right they wanted to take?
Due process.
Kangaroo courts, instant expulsion, no trial, no due process, no rights.  Getting ppl used to the idea. 


For over 500 years, western jurisprudence has revolved around maximizing the rights of the accused, to prevent wrongful convictions. History shows us what happens when it's too easy for the state to convict and jail someone.  Freedom and human rights require a robust set of obstacles to judicial conviction, and the justice system needs to be tilted in favor of the accused party.  The motto, for hundreds of years, has been "innocent until proven guilty."


But the recent bogeymen has successfully convinced a lot of people to abandon hundreds of years worth of judicial checks and balances, and switch to "guilty until proven innocent."  We're now being taught to elevate an accuser above the accused, and tilt the judicial process in favor of accusers and against the accused.  Many prominent, public feminists freely admit that that's the system they want. 

The Obama years were also used for planting the seeds for the next bogeyman:  bigotry.

This new narrative was put into service to coincide with the Trump presidency.

And now they have a new bogeyman: 


5.  White supremacists

The goals this time:
1.  Gain our consent to censor the internet
2.  Gain our consent for a massive arms buildup (against Russia, the alleged "farm" of the white supremacists) and expansion of NATO imperial military occupation throughout Asia

Just like fascist Bush and Cheney told us that the only way to protect us from terrorists was to take away our right to privacy, the corporate media conglomerates are now telling us that the only way to protect us from white supremacists is to take away our right to freedom of speech. 

And millions of so-called "liberals" are going right along with it.

The same people who swore that the Bush regime was plotting to shred up the Bill of Rights are now pleading with tech companies to shred up the Bill of Rights. 

The same people who got shut down and shut out by opponents by getting labelled "unpatriotic" and "un-American" and "terrorist sympathizer" are now shutting down and shutting out others by labeling them "racist" and "white supremacist" and "Nazi." 

The same people who protested against the Iraq war and Afghan war are now calling for war with Syria, and - it beggars belief - with Russia, a nuclear power. 

Saddam Hussein has been replaced with Trump.

Osama bin Laden, the "clever foreign mastermind" has been replaced with Putin. 

Radical clerics have been replaced with "Russian trolls."

Radical mosques and madrassas have been replaced with "Russian troll farms."

"They hate us for our freedom" has been replaced by "hate speech."

Anti-war marches have been replaced by conservative rallies, and the aggressive police have been replaced by Antifa. 

"Weapons of mass destruction" has been replaced with "Russian collusion." 

Hans Blix (the chief inspector of Saddam's weapons sites) has been replaced by Robert Mueller. 

"9/11" was replaced with "the theft of our election."

"Our country was attacked" has been replaced with "Our democracy was attacked." 

The constant barrage of headlines about terrorist attacks, terrorist plots, and terrorist arrests has been replaced by a constant barrage of headlines about white supremacist attacks, white supremacist plots, and white supremacist arrests. 


Pic of cheney saying terrorists are coming to get you!  We'll can protect you if you surrender your right to privacy!  Wars and patriot act

Pic of cnn nbc nyt etc saying same

Fearmongering is as old as the media.  Why does anyone still buy it?

It's the same mythology recycled with new names.  It's a story as old as the American media.  It's the same thing, over, and over, and over again.  Why does anybody still buy it?

And have you noticed that the solution always involves you giving up more of your rights?

Democrats, Liberals, Lefties, take heed:  You're becoming the new Republicans!

"But white supremacists are holding rallies!  They're organizing!  I see it on TV!"


White people are holding rallies, but most of them are not "supremacists."


"Then what the heck are they rallying about?"

1.  Tell b ppl to pers w ppl.  Examples
2.  W ppl get nervous and form groups for safety in numbers, just like all humans do
3.  Point finger at rallies and scream bogeyman
4.  B ppl more scared, cycle, racewr
5.  Use it all to scare into consenting to censorship

Rallying not for supremacy, for self preservation.  Forming orgs bc solidarity brings resilience.
Acting rationally.

But theyre in power!

But for how long?  Lines converging - when will they cross?  Point of seeking equality is to stop once youve reached it.  How know?  What criteria?  Whos on the lookout for it?

If display desire for vengeance, why let have that power?  Goes against goal of racial harmony.  Slows it down.
Brings us back to original:  If want it, be it. 

Equal treatment, same rules, all races.
Pride for one, pride for other

Most importsntly evolve identity beyond race entirely, to planetary. One people, many colors, one planet.

That's as far from racist as its possible to get.

If u like, donate.

What you think of as white supremacy is actually just white people demanding to not get oppressed in reverse.  They're not saying they're superior - they're saying they don't want to be treated as inferior.  They're watching racism against themselves become more and more common and socially acceptable, and naturally they don't want that to continue, so they're standing up and saying "stop the racism against us."  There's nothing unreasonable, or bigoted, about not wanting to BE targeted BY bigotry.

"Amtiwhite racism doesnt exist!"

Anti-white racism exists, and when you deny it, all you're doing is convincing white people that you don't care what happens to them, and proving to them that they need to take care of themselves, by forming groups to promote solidarity amongst themselves.  You then call these "hate groups." They have nothing to do with hate - they're about wanting to not BE hated, or failing that, at least have the means to protect themselves FROM hate, which you're displaying towards them with an ever-increasing degree of brazenness. 

"Not as much tho"

"But racism is prejudice plus power, and white ppl have more power than black ppl."

Thats true, for now but if current trends continue, they wont be. 
Racism against black ppl
The amount of power that black ppl have is steadily increasing.  Pace may be slow, but its moving in that direction.
Meanwhile the amount of power that white ppl have is decreasing.  Again, maybe slow, but moving.
If one keeps decreasing while the other keeps increasing, they will eventually cross over each other.  Thats mathematical truth.  We might not know how soon, but we know they will.

How will you know when they have?  What will it look like?  Do you have a set of criteria to look out for to know when they've done so?  You do WANT to know, right?  You don't want white people to face oppression, do you?  You don't want ANYONE to face oppression, black or white or any color... right?

So have you put ANY thought into forming a way to become aware of when the power balance has arrived, so that we don't overshoot and go out of balance in the other direction?

The whole point of seeking equality is to make it equal - not to swap the roles.  Not to make the victims into new oppressors.

That means that you cultivate empowerment of the oppressed group UNTIL equality has been reached, and then you STOP.  And in order to know WHEN to stop, you need to have a way of knowing WHEN the power balance has been reached. 

Are you on the lookout?  Do you know what it'll look like?  Have you ever heard it talked about by anyone in your circles? 

Considering that it's never talked about, it sure seems like no one's on the lookout for it.  So can you blame white people for being on the lookout for it?  Since no one else is?

It doesn't make them racist.

Racism is thinking one race is superior to another, coupled with a belief in an entitlement to treat others with less dignity due to said superiority.  Racism is about hurting others - not about not wanting to BE hurt BY others.

The vast majority of the people in the Alt Right, the marchers and such, are only seeking a guarantee that they won't be oppressed after the equality point has been reached - that the power transfer will cease once both sides have an equal amount of it. 

Whenever you deny that antiwhite racism exists, you're telegraphing that you're not on the lookout.  And since you're not, they have to be.

Being on the lookout for future oppression by people who openly admit that they don't care if one gets oppressed does not make one racist. 

"But its not oppression, they just think it is cuz they used to havin power and when its equal it feels like less.  White fragility"

That phenomenon is definitelt real and accounts for SOME of their alarm, but not all.  Look at these pictures:
Is it "fragility" to be alarmed by this?

If bp marches ok, so are wp
If wp marches not ok, neither are bp

Equal treatment, equal rules, for all races.

If n-word ok for one, then other

Equal treatment, equal rules, for all races

Service at restaurants

Telling ppl to go to the back

What structures?

Here are some examples:

1.  In the USA, when a new oil pipeline is proposed, it's typical for majority-white municipalities to object to having it traverse their land, due to the risk of leakage and groundwater poisoning.  The companies hear white people's complaints, and then re-rout the pipelines through Indian reservations.  This has happened many times.  The only conceivable reason is that, structurally, our society does not value Indian lives as much as it values European-American lives.

2.  Pig farms produce unbelievable amounts of waste - and by waste, we mean poop.  The average concentrated feeding operation produces as much waste as a small city - and there is no treatment plant to process it.  To disperse the waste, the company will spray it into the air.  That's right - an entire city's worth of excrement gets disposed of by spraying it into the wind.  And guess where most of these operations are located?  In majority black counties.  This would NEVER be allowed if white people were the primary victims of it.  But it's considered an acceptable thing to do to black people.

(We think it's not an acceptable thing to do to anyone).  

If we want to live in a such a world, we have to exemplify the values of that world.  So we invite you to envision the world after racism.

What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  How do people behave in it?

Our World Beyond Racism

1.  Appreciation, but not Identity

When humanity has matured, a person might appreciate their race and its uniqueness - but it's just one among many personal characteristics, and not the central definition of identity.

2. Pride, but not Superiority

A person can take pride in their culture and heritage, and their ancestors' achievements, without misinterpreting this as a reason to feel superior to others - because, after all, those others have things to be proud of as well.

3.  Diversity of Characteristics, Equality of Worth.

Equality relates to a person's overall worth, not specific characteristics or abilities.

We can acknowledge differences in traits between races, and this is not racism.

But we must also recognize that no characteristic makes any race superior or inferior to any other.  Each has strengths and weaknesses, and we compliment one another.

Varied in Characteristics,
Equal in Worth.

If this resonates with you,

then please get involved!

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