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The Earth Party

Master Plan for a Mature Civilization

Step 5:  Create a Sane Financial System

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Main outline:

The new economy will have a dual currency:  one physical, and one fiat.

One will be based on physical commodities (like gold and silver, which will be emptied from hoards in places like Fort Knox, and given back to their true owners, the People).  They can be based on whatever the People want to base them on.  The government will not interfere.  The People have the right to use whatever kind of currency they want to use.  Currency independence prevents tyranny, because it gives the People an alternative, just in case the fiat-printing central bank becomes corrupt.

(To learn more about why fiat banking can be dangerous, and why the current banking system is so corrupt, visit our page on Banks, Bankers, and the Financial System.)

And at the same time, fiat currency can get a lot of things done, very quickly.  The Planetary Protectorate will issue time-based fiat currency to finance the building of the New Civilization. It will augment (but not replace) traditional currency.


This currency will be based on time.  If you work, you get credit for the amount of time you worked.  If you work for 2 hours, you receive 2 hours of credit, which can then be traded as currency, just like money.  Dollars and cents?  Loonies and twonies?  Pounds and pence? 

Hours and minutes!

The Protectorate will publish a list of all of the tasks that need to be done, for its jurisdiction.  The Village Level of the Protectorate will publish a list of tasks for the Village, the Township Level will publish a list of tasks for the Township, and the City Level will do so for the City.  Simple.

It might be picking up litter.  It might be caring for the elderly or disabled.  It might be re-planting a forest.  It might be cleaning up pollution from a river.  It might be doing guard-duty in a forest to stop poachers.  It might be building a new workshop or sustainable housing community.  It might be re-fitting existing houses with rainwater collection systems.  It might be anything that serves the People, or other living beings, or the community of Life (the ecosystem).

Then, anyone can sign up to perform those tasks.  Whatever type of job you feel you're suited for, simply walk into the Protectorate office, and sign up.  When you've completed your task for the day, you'll be paid in Hours and Minutes for what you did.  (Some jobs that are more difficult and/or hazardous will of course receive extra pay). 

Then, you take those credits to the store.  Your favorite apple-pie might cost 15 minutes per slice.  A new computer might cost 12 hours and 30 minutes.  A new book might cost 1 hour.  Purchase, and enjoy!


Of course, it's entirely up to the store owner to decide whether he or she wants to accept the Protectorate's time-based fiat currency.  It's not compulsory.  It's not "legal tender", meaning no one is forced to accept it as payment if they don't want to.  The traditional, physical-commodity-based currency is essential, as it keeps the People immune from exorbitant government control.

Every jurisdiction may issue its own currency.  Every city, every town, every village, if the people want.  It can be grassroots, just like in the old days.  Lots of currencies, representing a wide range of commodities.  Whoever's notes you're willing to trust, you can accept.

It's a whole new economy, based on love.  The old currency was generated through acts of borrowing, making it a debt-based currency.  But the New currency is generated through acts of love and goodwill - the desire to do good for others - making it a credit-based currency. 

In the old system, when someone felt desire or lust - that "gotta have it" feeling - they went to a bank and indebted themselves to feed their lust, and that's how new currency was generated into circulation.  Currency was created through selfish impulses. 


But in the new system, when someone feels a desire to help and serve others, they go to their local Protectorate office, and sign up to work, doing what they love, helping others.  Currency is generated into circulation through altruistic impulses. 


With altruism being the basis of currency creation, we can say that this new currency animates a heart-centered economy.

This system will finance the building of the Sustainable Planetary Civilization.  It will allow us to heal our world, and make it a paradise, while simultaneously giving everyone who wants to work something to do to be useful and contribute.

There is so much work to do, and so many jobs to do it.  There is no reason why anyone who wants to participate shouldn't be able to.  Everyone who wants a job can have one.  

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