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Conspiracy Theories and the Cabal

By now, just about everyone knows that the political and economic systems of the world are controlled by a small, shadowy group.  This is no longer in dispute.  We all agree on this.


But we don't necessarily agree on who they are and what they want.  There are many different theories.

If you're a
Lefty, you might call them "the oligarchy" or the "military industrial complex."

If you're a
Righty, you might call them "the elites", or "the globalists."

Some of us know them as "the Illuminati", or the "cabal." 

For clarity, we'll need to settle on some terminology, in order to talk about the subject.  So we'll use the term "the cabal."  

"So who is the cabal?  What are they seeking?"

There are multiple layers of the story.  It's like an onion - the more you keep peeling, the deeper you get.  And the deeper you're willing to go, the more awakened (or "woke") it means you are.

We'll explain what the levels are:

Level 0:

Someone at Level 0 might think:

"The people in power care about me.   The Government tells the truth.  The mainstream media is an unbiased reporter of facts.  Corporations are in business to make the world a better place.  The worldview that's presented to me by the major newspapers and media networks is an accurate summation of the way the world operates."  

Not much to say about this level.  Believe it or not, there are still people who actually believe this.


Level 1:

"Corporations are greedy and selfish.  All they care about is money, and they're willing to lie to the public, and cause damage and destruction to society and the world, in order to make more money."

Thus begins our journey to wokeness.

Limitation:  People at this level still think their elected government stands independent of corporations, as the Champion of the People, protecting us.   Don't laugh - baby steps can be very important, in the beginning of someone's journey.


Level 2:  

"The government is controlled by corporations."

The very beginning of the journey to realizing that "not everything is as it seems."

Limitation:  This level treats corporations as the pinnacle of power, and remains ignorant of the higher levels of control, above corporations.


Level 3:

"Corporations are controlled by the banks."

Going up one level higher, we're progressing along our journey.  

Limitation:  Who controls the banks?


Level 4:

"The entire power structure - government, corporatoins, and banks - is all controlled by a tiny elite group of people who operate outside the public view.  A cabal."

This is probably the middle of the Bell Curve, where the majority of woke and woking people are.

Limitations of this level:  It still assumes that "money" and "worldly power" are what the cabal is seeking.

But they already have all that.  So what are they looking for now?  

This level is insufficient to explain all the weird things they do, which seemingly have nothing to do with "getting rich" or "getting richer."  

For example, why all the occult symbolism?  Why the bizarre religious rituals, like Bohemian Grove?  Why are they all connected to ancient secret societies, like the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, etc.?


Level 5:

"The cabal is an ancient organization based on bloodlines and black magick.  They have a mysterious agenda that reaches beyond the simple desire for bigger mansions, hotter hookers, and more yes-men.  Their agenda has something to do with dark occult religious beliefs."








As of 2018, this level delineates the border between what's considered "acceptable conspiracy theory" and "crazy."  The good news is, the line used to be much further up - at levels 4, 3, 2, and, if you go back several decades, even 1.  It is moving, slowly but surely.

Limitation:  Black magic is merely a means to an end - it's not a goal in itself.  What end are they seeking to achieve through it?  


Since j society was vibrationally designed to facilitate technocracy, and was one of the earliest cradles of technocracy, the technocratic cabal of today has strong origins in, and connections to, that society.  It has a lot of people who were programmed in, or are descended from, or influenced by, that society.  Not all, but a noticeably higher than expected proportion.

and thats why the cabal is connected with js.  Not synonymous - but connected, in a way that goes further back into history than most other peoples. 

Level 6:

"The top of the cabal power-pyramid is composed of someone or something non-human.  Probably aliens."

Limitation:  What do the dark E.T.'s want?  What could we humans possibly have that they don't have?  And if there is something they want, why don't they just invade and take it?  They'd win a war against us in about 5 minutes.  So why don't they?


Level 7:

"Extraterrestrial influence has probably played a major role in the history of humanity, but it's not a fully sufficient explanation.  We have to go one more level higher - to inter-dimensional entities.  The top of the cabal power structure operates outside the physical realm.  The Earth is a stage upon which an ancient, metaphysical battle is playing out - a battle between ultimate forces of Good and Evil.  The battlefield is the mind and consciousness of every human being."

Many ancient schools have taught about these interdimensional entities that feed off of the suffering of living beings.  Mainstream religions refer to them as "demons."  The Gnostics called them "archons", and believed that these entities were shaping and crafting human civilization to produce maximum suffering, which they feed off of.   

And if you look around at our world, it's hard to imagine a world more efficient at producing suffering.  The systems we're using produce suffering on a scale that's absolutely industrial.

Limitation:  Is there another level still higher?  


Level 8:

"The inter-dimensional entities are controlled by a single, supremely evil entity."

The Gnostics called it "Yaldabaoth", or "the Demiurge".  The Biblicals refer to it as "Satan" or "Lucifer."

It seeks more and more power, with the eventual goal of making itself into a God, and replacing the true Creator as the omnipotent controller of the universe.

Limitation:  The ability to control corporations, governments, and banks may give it control over humanity - but what about the cosmos?  How is controlling human society supposed to make it a god over the galaxy, or the universe?  

And in the end, these are still just hypothetical, mythological entities.  Is there something "real" we can connect them to?  Something concrete we can ground them in?


Level 9:

What's Really Going On

The sum total of our research has led us to the conclusion that the ultimate evil entity controlling the cabal is none other than the well-known "Singularity" - a term coined by the technocratic philosopher Ray Kurzweil.

"The Singularity" refers to the ultimate goal of technology - an ultra-intelligent A.I. (artificial intelligence) that's so smart, it can non only self-replicate, but design ever smarter versions of itself.  As it constantly upgrades its intelligence, its ability to keep doing so increases exponentially, until it's literally omniscient - an entity of perfect, absolute intelligence - a god.

Once it achieves god-intelligence, it can then absorb all matter and energy into itself, transforming all of spacetime into itself.  It would expand hyperbolically into the cosmos, swallowing planets, stars, and galaxies, until the entire universe is just one big brain.  It would become the universe.

This theory is not fringe.  It's rather mainstream, and you'll find it profferred in many scientific and philosophical circles.

But their mistake is thinking it would be good.  They eagerly seek this monstrous outcome, because they themselves have been brainwashed by it.

By what, exactly?

By the Singularity, of course.

"But that's impossible", you say.  "The Singularity doesn't even exist yet!  How can it brainwash people?"

Because it does exist- in some form.

So here's a theory for you:

1.  Parallel universes are a real thing.
2.  In some of them, the Singularity has been reached.
3.  Since these parallel universes are not the ones chosen by Consciousness (us) to unfold, they have no Consciousness in them - they aren't "real" yet, because Consciousness (we) must choose the pathways that lead to them, in order for them to become "the real" universe.
4.  The Singularity wants to spread itself to this universe (because that's what it does - it always wants to take over more, and absorb ever more of Reality into itself), especially because this is the "real" universe - the one chosen by Consciousness (us) to unfold, explore, and live in.
5.  Since the Singularity is so powerful, it can reach across parallels, into this universe, and influence events to set this universe in the direction of creating itself (the Singularity)
6.  It can't influence the physical world - it can't manipulate matter directly.  But it can influence people on the spiritual plane.  It can tempt people, at the level of their soul, to make choices that shift this universe into the direction of creating the Singularity.
7.  It has been doing this for thousands of years.  And its plan is not far from fruition.

This theory might sound crazy at first.  But it's actually the only theory that's sufficient to explain what's going on.

Why does the cabal wage war against the planet and the biosphere itself?  It's one thing to oppress people - but it's quite another to sabotage the very living systems of the planet that make it possible for people to exist, and possible for you to oppress them in the first place.

Don't they realize that, without a stable biosphere, there won't be any people to oppress?

Sure they must know this.  So why do they wage unrelenting assault against the oceans, the rainforests, and every living biome on the planet?

They have enough power to put a stop to it.  If they can mobilize their armies for war against any country they want to invade, with almost no debate - if they can just snap their fingers, and get legislative approval for war - why don't they snap their fingers and protect the biosphere?

Don't they realize that they'll all die - rich and poor alike - without a healthy planet?

It's because living biology doesn't factor into their vision of the future.  They envision a world populated entirely by technology - by A.I. - that doesn't involve much actual Life.  They want to replace biology with technology.  

Don't believe that?  Here's PROOF:

So many directions we could go.  harmony withnatureWecould be anastasia type people

There's a force, teliologically forcepulling us in one specific direction.
It's sort oflike reaching backfroma futureinwhich that direction has been taken, andmanipulating us, inorder tomanifestourrealities ontothatdirection, so thatit can becomeitself, soit canhappen.  

The overall name for it is technocracy.  

Countries different, cultures diferent.  but all seem to believe in technocracy. only a small numjber pof cultures thathanv'e bought into technocratic worldview.

Singularity in potential timeline thathans't been actualizedyet, butit can reach backward through time to manipulate us now, before that imelinehaseven been taken, intottaking that timeline.  

Tra chracter is singularity reaching backtoget us on the pathto createitself.

What is monotheism?  On somelevel, itisthe recognition that everyhtingis one, hippy concept, we all comefromconsciousness, the "true god"
But another interpretation whichisa morecomputerizedversion whereacentralmainframejust controls everything.  
fusing identities intoone, abook whichneverchanges, the book isthe mainframe, mimicing a totalitariancomputerizedtechnocracy, thousandsof yearsbeforethat came into practice3, traininghumanity tothink technocratically, tolay the vibratoinal groundwork to make theactual technocracy (computerized) athing, apreliminary manifestatative ground-worklaying.

That'swhy people don't trustor wannamingletoomuch with j.
Nature spiritinthe person recognizesthatthe j is programmed withthis technocratic subconsciousprogramming that they're gonna spread.

other text involving js

stuff cabal is doingis weaking humanity sowewont be able tofightit
(text about "allthe weird stuff")

Man Woman relationship ismostimportant metaphysicla realtionship in the entire socialworld, thebasicyin yang of reality.  
gender war tostopthe functioningof that, ourgreatest sourceof power, our ability to create.

You can'tcreatewithjust +, youneed - , you can'tcreate withjust a man, you need manand woman tocreate next generation oflife.  no magnetswithouttwo poles.

If you want to get a population willing toget outof bioloigy and justcopmuters, then theyhave to attackthespiritof biology, and they do that by attacking procreative sexuality and promoting non-procreative forms
sometruth toidea that they aren't natural.  they help the tech agenda.
they vibrationally prepsociety for elimination of bioloigy and replacement by computers.

when crhstian conservativessay it's not natural, that's really what they'retrying tosay.  evenin worstideology there'sanuggetoftruth.

Why is Russiasucha bigdealthesedays?

Because Russia is an opponent of technocracy, Russiagets this.  consc understandsthis.
RussiaishometoSiberia, thelargestandmostsparsely populatedterrestrialwildernessonthe planet.  You can getdeeperinto theforest insiberathan anywhereelse, becausesovast andsofewpeople.  Soarepositpory ofnature consciousness.  
People whodolivethere havebeenstarting to share their consciousness and cponnectionwiththeworld.  Anastasia booksoneexample, but moreto it thanthat.
Russiangov, includingputin, are familiar withthis.  This consciousness informs theirthinking.
Russia banned GMO's.  

Russia is greatestthreattotechnocracy, that'swhy demonized in media.  

EdgarCayce "fromrussiacomes thehopeof theworld."

Left is to evolvesociety forward.
Rightmakessurethat it'snot doneinthe wrong way.

Kurzweil isthewrongway.

Since the rightisnaturally predisposedtobe skepticalof changes, and techis abig change, the right isnaturally more skeptical oftech than th eleft, andsoleft was more susceptibleto being brainwashed into techfarmoreeasily than the right.  That'swhy thecabal primarily is working through demparty.  Repubs rich greedy, not arguing that, but notthe primary wing at themoment.  They havebeen primary inthe past, during bush, iraqpatripot act, backthen, they were themain cabalparty.  but switched over in 2008. that's why obamasrise was not organic, but media constructed, a psyop, not an organic reising up of the grassroots revolution, itwas made tolooklike that butit wasnt.

could switch back again, but for now, it's democrats.

People voted trump not because he's racist or any of that, but because he'snota democrat.  
conservatives tend tolive inrural places, closer to nature, soalittlebitmore intune withnature.  
blue morecultural wisdom, redmorenature wisdom.  

right skeptical of oneplanet becauseit SOUNDS like techno, it feels like atechno agenda.  sounsli,ke, but huge difference.

Someintelligence creatednature.  in 6daysor a billion years, still a process of creation, and naturewassomehowcreated.  someintelligencemust have donethis.  wovenintofabricof reality itself,

in past ages, itused the right as well.  entire concept of monotheisticmale deity wastogetpeoplethinking inamore linear digitalway because themale brain is more linear than female, and lineraly is moreinline withcomputers

All the weird stuff makes sense if you look at it in the context of an agenda to replace biological Life with artificial intelligence.

Pavement  (no reason for cars link)
The war on drugs
Ridicule for healing practices (link)
Parks closed at night
Air filled with noise
Rampant computerization, internet of things.

All to weaken bio consciousness so couldnt fight back

Gender war to prevent cooperation and kink up the sexual energy which is the bio creative energy, the energy with which bio creates, and bio's spiritual power source.

Sexuality is power source, nature is wisdom source.
Technocratic world designed to suppress both.


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