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The 9/11 of Medical Fascism




COVID-19 is a psyop.  It's the latest in a long, long tradition of using psychological warfare to manufacture consent for expanding the power of governments and corporate elites.

Just as the "War on Drugs" was utilized to justify the construction of a massive prison-industrial complex, and the abolition of the basic human right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, turning our homes and our bodies into government property -

And just as the "War on Terror" manufactured public consent for passage of the Patriot Act (for unlimited mass-surveillance) and a new wave of imperial murder and military occupation across the Middle East -

So, too, is the "War on Germs" designed to engineer our acquiescence for a new wave of totalitarian power expansion, to levels previously inconceivable, up to and including the governmental appropriation of the human body itself.

And just like the powers they gained from the wars on Drugs and Terror, the powers from this new War on Germs are intended to be permanent.  They have no intention of giving any of it up.


Sure, they've *promised* that it's strictly on an "emergency" basis, and only meant to last until such-and-such ("flattening the curve" or "finding effective treatments" or "creating a vaccine."


But the thing is... they always promise the same thing - that the new powers will be "temporary," and will only last "until the threat has been dealt with."

How did that "temporary" thing work out last time?

We still have the Patriot Act - the most intrusive mass-surveillance system in world history.  19 years on.  That thing is old enough to buy cigarettes.



The U.S. Army is still in Afghanistan.  Still in Iraq.  They built massive military bases in those countries immediately upon conquering - proving that they knew from the very start that these would be long-term, permanent military occupations - even as they were simultaneously telling us, it was "just in and out."

They were lying through their teeth.

rumsfeld iraq quotes.jpg

And they're still using it.  They're occupying more countries every year, including ones in Africa, which the news barely even reports on.  All in the name of "fighting terror."


19 years later.

Because none of it is ever meant to be temporary.  The threat cannot be "dealt with."  You can't eradicate "terrorism."  You can't make the world "drug-free."

Drugs are so small, and concealable, yet the government appointed itself the task of controlling and policing the contents of every pouch, pocket, drawer, dresser, cabinet, jar, bottle, box, sub-floorboard cranny, and out-of-the-way nook in the country.  The whole idea is ludicrous.

And if they couldn't eradicate "drugs", they definitely can't eradicate a thing a trillion times smaller and utterly invisible.

Believing that the answer is to control every little space at all times is not only monstrous, but completely ineffectual, and illustrates the intrinsic inadequacy of the technocratic paradigm.

You can't eradicate an invisible enemy.

And the rulers know this.  They know it's impossible to "win."  And that's the whole point.


These wars aren't meant to be won.  Just continued.  They're usefulness is not in their concluding, but in their endless prosecution, because that's what allows the powerful to grab more power - which is their whole reason for declaring the wars in the first place.


Just like drugs and terrorism, Covid-19 is intended as a one-size-fits-all pretext for the next wave of "adjustments" that they mean to make to human society - and even the human body itself - so that we'll keep rationalizing all of the power-grabs they can come up with, for as long as they can keep coming up with them.

And if Covid-19 were a hoax, it would fit the pattern.  A hoax would be entirely consistent with History.


The pretexts were fake, every time.

"Drug-induced murderous mania" was never real.

mj mur.jpg

"The terrorist threat" was never real.  There were never terrorists lurking around every corner, under our beds, waiting to get us.

The news showed us program after program with scary music and scary silhouettes of scary guys in scary turbans - but it was all a trick. 

terrorist silhouette 2.jpg

We weren't about to get anthraxed or VX-gassed or dirty-bombed.

duct tape wtf.jpg

Saddam wasn't building nukes.

wmd iraq newspaper.jpg

​None of it was real.

And neither is COVID-19.

There might really be a new virus.  In fact, there probably is.

But there are always new viruses.  Every year, there are hundreds of new ones.  That's why the flu keeps coming back every year., and why the common cold keeps coming back, again and again.

The "Wuhan market novel coronavirus" might be a real virus.

But it's not the same thing as Covid-19.  They're two different things.

Covid-19 is not a virus at all.  It's a mass-psychosis.  It's the latest iteration of the Problem-Reaction-Solution model of social manipulation.


Authoritarian rulers have been using this tactic for centuries.  It's called Problem-Reaction-Solution, and it follows this simple formula:


1.  Those in power attack their own people, causing death and destruction

2.  But they blame it on someone (or something) else

3.  The population becomes afraid, and begs the government to protect them

4.  The government steps in with the "solution" - the very same one they had planned all along.


Here are a few famous examples:

1.  The U.S. government blows up its own ship - the U.S.S. Maine - blames it on Spain, and whips the country into a war that conveniently results in the expansion of the American Empire to include Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

USS Maine.jpg


2.  Chancellor Hitler sets fire to the Reichstag (German parliament building), blames it on "communists", and then offers the "solution": Emergency Dictator powers, for him to legislate by decree, and arrest all political opponents.

reichstag fire.jpg

3.  Chancellor Palpatine creates an armed "separatist movement", to attack the Republic and start a civil war, and scare the population - then offers the "solution":  Emergency Dictator powers, to rule by decree, raise the army that would become the Storm Troopers, and arrest his political opponents.

jar jar and palpatine senate powers

4.  The U.S. government fabricates an attack on its ships in the Gulf of Tonkin, blames the attack on Vietnam, and whips the country into an all-out war of genocide, in which not even the jungles survived.

5.  The media scares everyone about "marijuana", a highly dangerous, lethal drug that turns its users into murderous maniacs who run down the street stabbing people.  With a scared population, the USA (and other countries) expand and militarize their police forces, and declare their "right" to bust down your door, invade your home at will, kidnap you, and throw you in a cage to rot for decades.

nixon drugs ehrlichman quote

6.  Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and a junta of neo-con think-tank consultants enlist the aid of the Saudi royal family and its Wahhabi extremist cult to orchestrate an attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and blame "Osama Bin-Laden."  With the mass-hysteria that followed, they rationalized the abolition of privacy, and a new wave of imperialism.


​And now the crown-jewel of bogeymen and false-flags.


7.  The medical industrial complex and the corporate media team up to create a fake "pandemic", in order to:

-Instantaneously terminate all of the massive protest movements of 2019 (e.g. Greta Thunberg, Climate Strikes, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, and especially the more genuinely threatening ones, like the Yellow Vests, and the unrest in Chile, Hong Kong, and many other places).

-Grant Emergency Dictator powers to presidents, prime-ministers, and governors, to rule by decree

-Up the game on internet censorship, with enthusiastic public consent, to silence the field of natural medicine, and get us accustomed to a new level of information control


​-Assert the right to access-on-demand to the inside of our veins, effectively declaring the human body to be property of the government

-Develop an excuse to arrest anyone, at any time, for any reason, without charges, under the auspices of "quarantining" them

-Require "Immunity Passports" - certifications that you've been vaccinated - in order to leave your house, go to work, travel, cross borders, or re-enter society in any way

-Transition said certifications from paper to microchips, implanted under the skin, eventually requiring all persons to be chipped

-Eliminate cash (because cash carries viruses), as well as credit/debit cards (they carry viruses too), and make all transactions contactless, through RFID readers that scan the microchips in our hands

-Monitor every transaction, that anyone makes, in any store, everywhere, at all times, so that the rulers know exactly what you're buying, and where and when you're buying it 

-Require the microchips to board planes, trains, buses, or any form of public transport.  Once the idiotic "driverless cars" come out, the chip will be required to activate your car, too

-Introduce a CCP-style "Social Credit Score", tied to your microchip ID

-If you get too rowdy... if you rock the boat... if you're an activist and the government doesn't like your activism... if you're a dissident... if you're a threat to the power structure...

...then they'll just turn off your chip.  And you'll be stuck in your house, with no way to travel, and no way to buy food.

-If you're really a threat, they'll simply approach you, demand a "COVID test", and then arrest you (sorry - "quarantine" you) when the test says "positive."


COVID-19 is meant to serve as the trigger for the creation of a totalitarian medical fascist dictatorship.

The people who are out protesting are not upset about the lack of gyms, movies, and haircuts - they're upset about this.



Learn from the past.


Many people noticed how similar the atmosphere in March/April of 2020 was to the days immediately after 9/11.


Fear filled the air.  A collective chill ran through society.


People glued themselves to the TV, paralyzed with fear.

And worst of all, discussion was impossible.  The population was in total lockstep.  Any attempt to dispute President Bush, or his response to the attack, or oppose any of his policies, was interpreted as an attack on America itself.

with us or with the terrorists.jpg

Anyone who dissented was censored.  Those who tried to warn their fellow citizens were ignored and intimidated.


If YOU were one of those who were skeptical, then YOU remember.

You remember trying to break through the emotion, and engage people in logic - and you remember them blocking you out.

If you were in the USA, then you remember being called "un-American" and "unpatriotic", merely for questioning Bush and the wars.

If you tried to get others to see the nonsense in the looming wars, you remember being accused of:


"siding with the terrorists"

and "helping Bin Laden",

and being "a Saddam-lover."


And the ultimate buzzword - the one that could always be counted on to terminate any conversation, as a last resort - was "safety".  

"We have to keep people safe!!!"

That one word - safety - could always be pulled out as the final trump-card to any conversation that was steering too closely toward logic.  

"We have to stay safe!"

"People are gonna die if we don't play it safe!"

"We can worry about the wars and Patriot Act later!!!!!!

First we have to get SAFE!!!!!"


"We have to defeat the terrorists first, and THEN, once we're SAFE, we can clean up those other problems!!!."

liberty or death patriot act.jpg

But there was no such thing as "defeating the terrorists", because, as we know now, the entire framing was bullshit from the start.  You can't "defeat terrorism."  The very idea sounds quaint and silly now.


Ask yourself:  Do you see the parallels between then and now?

be afraid of everything.jpg

By now, everyone knows that the post-9/11 panic was deliberate.  It wasn't just an unfortunate side-effect.  It was an engineered phenomenon.  It wasn't a bug or a glitch - it was the feature. 

And it's easy to look back, TODAY, with 20/20 hindsight, and see that.  It's easy to say "the media terrified us on purpose, in order to justify the Patriot Act and the oil wars."

But it wasn't so easy back then.  It's never easy to see through the panic-porn when you're right in the middle of it.


That's why so many people who see through it now, nevertheless bought it hook, line, and sinker then.

So, apply this principle to today.


Today, in the midst of the coronavirus hysteria, it might be hard to see how you're being lied to and manipulated by your government and your corporate-media.


10 years from now, you'll accept it as self-evident... just like with 9/11.  But right now, it may be difficult to see it.

The best method is to know the game.


Hypnosis doesn't work if the subject knows how it works.

The following is an instruction manual for any social controller who wants to engineer a mass-panic.  

How to Engineer

a 9/11-Style



If you were an evil mastermind, and you wanted to engineer a mass-hysteria on purpose, how would you do it?


Here's how:

Step 1:  Choose a Threat.


This is the big, scary thing that you're going to make everyone afraid of.


It doesn't have to be real.  Or it can be real, but small and insignificant (and you'll be exaggerating its dangers).


It must be something intangible, conceptual, or invisible - something that can never be fully defeated or eradicated - because if it were dispatched completely, then you won't be able to use it anymore, and you won't be able to scare people anymore.

coroneptember 1.jpg

Step 2:  Create an Image Template for the Scary Threat


It should be a picture that's infinitely reproducible - something that can be re-made, over and over again, with slight variations, so that a new picture can come out virtually every day, and be different, but still be the same general form.

coroneptember 2.jpg

Step 3: Identify an Enemy Mastermind


This is the one person at whose feet the entire crisis/threat can squarely be laid.  The person who is either "behind it all", or is somehow connected to it.


It's important to have such a figure at hand, so that all of the anger, frustration, and hatred about the crisis can be channeled into their visage.


By diverting these volatile emotions toward a scapegoat, you can dissipate them before they start causing public disobedience.

coroneptember 3.jpg

Step 4:  Create a Story Template


This is the story that you're going to be telling in all of the news articles and broadcasts.


Like the image, it's going to be the same story, repeated over and over and over again, every day, all day and night - but with an endless supply of slight variations.

coroneptember 4.jpg

Step 5:  Create a Priestly Class of "Experts" who can never be questioned or doubted by the "lay people", because the lay people "don't know enough" about the topic to form a valid opinion.

Whenever it's one of these people's word vs. the word of ANYONE else, you know which one takes precedence.

coroneptember 5.jpg

Step 6:  Completely Saturate the Media


It has to go everywhere.  Every network, every show.  Every news broadcast must begin and end with it.  No day should go by without some kind of important-sounding news about the threat. (And it goes without saying, the news has to be scary news).


It must be CONSTANT.  If even a single day passes without it, the Threat will start to seem less pertinent, and the population will start doubting how important it is.  If any reporter/investigator brings forth hopeful news, denounce them as insufficiently dutiful towards the Fear.


coroneptember 6.jpg


Step 7:    Associate Normal Duties with The Threat, to Establish Fear as a Character Virtue


Tell the population that they not only have reason to be afraid, but a duty to be afraid.  Connect "being afraid" with already-existing social duties, such as "patriotism" or "caring about the well-being of others."


Reward the Fearful Faithful by praising them and giving them permission to experience a dopamine-surge of self-righteousness whenever they psyche themselves into feeling fear of the Threat, and even more so if they display that fear publicly.


Call them "heroes."


Meanwhile, shame and denounce those who refuse to display the adequate amount of fear, by saying they don't care about the Duty.

coroneptember 7.jpg

Step 8:   Otherize Dissent.


Create a category - a label - for those people who question the hysteria and doubt the narrative.

Make sure that the label serves as a giant red letter painted on their chest, so that everyone knows to avoid talkng to them, and to avoid exposure to their dangerous and subversive ideas.  


It should be fairly pejorative, but not outright thuggish (as the latter will seem too blunt and unintelligent).

coroneptember 8.jpg

Step 9:   Prevent Rational Dialogue via a Shutdown Phrase


This is a super-important step.  If people start dialoguing with one another rationally, the entire mass-hysteria will fall apart very quickly.  All rational discussion must be interrupted before any light-bulbs go on.


This is accomplished by arming the Fearful Faithful with a key tool, called the Shutdown Phrase.


The Shutdown Phrase is a quick statement that can be uttered at any point during any argument, to instantly "win" it.  It's like an Ace card that a poker player holds inside his sleeve, ready to deploy at the key moment when needed - when the dissenter is starting to make too much sense.


Once the shutdown phrase is uttered, no further arguments or statements need follow.  It instantly wins ALL arguments on the subject.  Once uttered, the Fearful Faithful need not engage the dissenter any further, because the argument has now been won, and there's no point in arguing more - it's just a waste of time and there are more useful things to spend time on.


It doesn't matter if the dissenter agrees with the gravity of the situation, but is merely pointing out how the official government-approved strategy is making the problem worse.  It doesn't matter if they're just trying to discuss a better strategy for accomplishing the goal that both debaters share.  None of that matters.  Just *use the phrase*, and then shut the conversation down.

coroneptember 9.jpg

As you may notice, there is a certain syllabic "rhythm" to the phrases that greatly adds to their emotional power.

The rhythm goes ONE two three FOUR five!

DA da da DA da!

Step 10:  Keep replaying footage.


Trigger a rich combination of many emotions.  Fear, but also sadness and anger, and also pride in one's conformity to the government's response strategy.  It's important to get all four.  Too much of one and too little of the other... and the public loses interest.


Continually replay footage of the carnage and suffering, to trigger all four of these emotions.


Examples:  Planes flying into towers, towers collapsing, people on the streets looking up in fear, people falling out of the towers, bystanders weeping, Ground Zero smoldering, caskets of victims (and later, fallen soldiers), bereaved family members mourning, tearful citizens waving flags in support of their country and leaders, pictures of the leader standing on a rubble pile with a megaphone


Examples:  Crowded hospitals, exhausted doctors and nurses, crying doctors and nurses, intubated patients, computer animations of viruses infecting cells, bereaved family members mourning, citizens washing their hands obsessively and dutifully staying shut inside their housesIt's important to note that you only need one or two each day.  As long as you can find anywhere in the country where these things are occurring, you can film it there, and then broadcast it and make it seem like it's happening everywhere (a concept we'll explore in greater detail in Part 3).


Step 11:  Create a Jingo


Make a phrase to whip "slackers" - those not sufficiently enthusiastic about the government's prescribed strategy for combating the threat - into action.

coroneptember 11.jpg

Step 12:  Go to Battle


Find an enemy that you can actually fight.  Remember, the "Big Threat" is something that can never be defeated, because the very concept of defeating it would be nonsensical.


But that doesn't mean you can't have a real, physical enemy too.  It should be someone connected in some way to the Big Threat.  (Or someone not connected, but susceptible to being portrayed as connected, if you put together a slick enough presentation in the media).


Example:  Afghanistan and Iraq, Muslims (i.e. surveillance)


Example:  Anti-lockdown protesters, anti-vaxxers, general skeptics, Trump-supporters

Step 13:  Take rights away.


Identify the civil rights and liberties you'd like to abolish.  Craft legislation to do so. (You should have the legislation written and ready to go, before you initiate the crisis that brings the Big Threat to public consciousness.  You always want to be prepared!)


Step 14:  Fuggedaboutit.

Once you've consolidated all the power the crisis was designed to consolidate, forget about the crisis.

Not all at once.  Not overnight, obviously .  But gradually slow down the reporting, and gradually lower the intensity, over a period of several months to several years.

Do not say that the threat was neutralized.
Do not make any attempt to explain "where the threat went."
Do not answer any questions about it.

Simply report on it less and less frequently, until the public gets distracted by other things, and forgets about it.  Don't say the threat is over, because they'll wonder how and why.  Don't say it was never that big, because then they won't believe you for the next one.


Step 15:  Wash, Rinse, Repeat for the next round of power consolidation!

* * *

To learn more about the specific ways in which governments and media are manipulating statistics and emotions, and what really might be going on with "the pandemic", visit our main page on Covid19.

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