After the transition into a mature civilization, most ecological, economic, and social problems will be solved without legislation, as the very structure of society itself will be whole and healthy, and free of such problems.  The problems wont need legislative solving, since the problems wont even exist in the first place, due to the saner, more wholesome social system.

However, we aren't there yet, and we have a global emergency on our hands - so some action must be taken within the existing system, to keep our planet on life-support, while we evolve and reorganize.

These things, being emergency measures, will be carried out by existing gov institutions, as soon as the power is achieved to do so.

But still, keep in mind that most of these (rather forceful) legislatively imposed measures will become obsolete, once we implement the Blueprint.

Anyway, here it is:

The Omnicide-Abatement Emergency Package of 2020

Ban on consumer advertising
Ban on lawnmowing
Moratorium on house and other nonessential building construction Universal squatters rights
Complete debt jubilee
Moratorium on road construction
Moratorium on logging
Moratorium on mining inliving earth
Complete and absolute nullification of prohibition of all visionary plants
Funding for massive hemp cultivation for soil restoration and resource material replacement
Ban on fracking
Ban on fossil fuel exploration
Ban on new fossil fuel infrastructur
Ban on Roundup
Moratorium on GMO development
Moratorium on monocropping
Abolition and closure of CAFOs
Abolition of commercial cattle-raising in non-arid biomes
Abolition of breeding mills
Abolition of vivisection
Abolition of mechanized abbatoirs
Rationing of existing meat supplies to cushion transition to plant based
Funding for fully adequate shelters for all unhomed pets
Funding for universal spay/neuter
Funding for landfill mining
Funding for advanced recycling plants and devices
Funding for ocean cleanup
Funding for ecosystem restoration
Funding for greening deserts
Funding for water distribution
Funding to end hunger
Military occupation of sensitive ecoregions to prevent poaching and other destruction, to form a perimeter around the Amazon, Congo, Borneo, etc., and shoot jair bolsonaro in the face
Permission to hunt down trophy hunters
Arrest and trials of war criminals and other irredeemables
Rationing of air travel
Rationing of mobile data usage
Ban on new mobile networks (5g)
Dismantling of smart meters
Funding for universal fiberoptics
Cargo ship passenger sharing
Reemergence of ferries and sailing
The Bering Bridge
Right to garden, nullifying ordinancs
Right to collect rainwater
Right to off-grid living
Right to tiny home living
Right to village chickens/cows/goats
Right to hitchhike (and encourage)


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