The False Left

(and the True One)


Lefty activism isn't what it used to be.  Many of us have been fighting for the exact opposite of the things the Left used to fight for.

We used to fight against racism, against segregation, and against government discrimination based on race.  We envisioned a world where laws don't mention races.  A world in which your race has no bearing on your right to speak, or the value of your opinion.  A world in which, to paraphrase Dr. King, "a person is judged not on the color of his skin, but on the content of his character."

We believed that people were individuals - not categories.

But now, it's the opposite.  We're supposed to be in favor of rigid categorizations by identity, with entirely different sets of rules, different standards, and even different laws, for different races, and different levels of respect for opinions based on the race and/or gender of the speaker.  We're supposed to see a person's categories and classifications first, and his or her individual choices second. 

And it's not just on issues of race.  The Left has turned upside down on everything. 

We're supposed to be against freedom of speech now (under the guise of "fighting fascism", failing to notice the irony in the fact that restricting speech is fascism).

A troll used to be someone who sabotages a conversation, while an admin was someone whose job was to keep it flowing.  Now a troll is someone who tries to have a conversation, and the admin's job is to prevent it.

The Left used to fight for recognition of the rights of the vulnerable, but now it's furiously cranking out arguments to justify the outright denial of personhood to the most
vulnerable people in the world.

The Left used to distrust those who claim to be
"authorities".  Now it's demanding absolute subordination to the whimsical dictates of un-elected nerds in lab-coats just because they have plaques on their walls and abbreviations after their names.

It used to be about
natural health, and people making independent choices about our own bodies.  Now Lefty discussion spaces are blasé about calls for vaccines to be imposed on whole populations by force.

It used to be about Loving And Accepting Yourself Exactly As You Are.  Now, it insists that
some people will never, can never, be happy until their genitals are cut off and folded inside-out, and their blood is pumped full of synthetic hormones made from the petrochemical industry's waste products.

It used to be all about Mother Nature.  Now, we promise each other salvation at the prospect of implanting microchips in brains and linking every brain together via
5G microwaves into a second internet that overlaps the entire physical surface of the planet and then eventually becomes an omnipotent deity, which can then assimilate humanity, and all of biological life, into itself.

What happened?

COINTELPRO happened.

COINTELPRO stands for counter-intelligence program.  It's a long-term joint project between the FBI and CIA (and corresponding agencies in other countries, such as MI6), to infiltrate left-wing groups, and conduct espionage on them.  It started in the 1960's, during the counterculture movement.  Among the first groups infiltrated were those opposing imperialism in Vietnam.

​Entrenched powers naturally fear the Left, because the Left is the side of evolution, revolution, and making society better by upending entrenched power structures.  This is inherently threatening... to entrenched power structures.


The Right is not threatening to such structures because it's the "let's keep things as they are" side.


Therefore, the entrenched powers channel an extra amount of corruption toward the Left, to warp it and make sure it becomes incapable of fulfilling its function.

* * *

Many people know about COINTELPRO, but most are making two erroneous assumptions:


A.  They assume that it stopped at some point.

B.  They assume that information was only traveling in one direction.


Most people think it was just for spying and surveying and collecting info on the groups... and fail to realize that COUNTER-intelligence is a different thing than just "intelligence."


"Intelligence" means gathering info on your enemy.


"COUNTER"-intelligence means feeding info to your enemy.  Feeding false info, of course, to mess the enemy up, and lead him to do strategically ineffective and counterproductive things.

They infiltrated, corrupted, and led the Left down a false road - a road whose purpose was to:


1. Divide us by identity (setting color against color, sex against sex, etc, because divided = weaker).


2. Make us scary (by programming and organizing faux-marxist larpers known as the "black bloc" and "Antifa", who draw all their art in scary black and red colors with messed-up jagged font, and mask themselves, and burn/loot and throw bottles of urine at people... all to make the Left look crazy/scary to the middle).

"But we need to be scary, to make people uncomfortable!"

Oh plenty of people are plenty uncomfortable.  But they're uncomfortable *with* the movement, not *on behalf* of it.


Why, especially on the left, people believe that making others uncomfortable is the same as winning hearts and minds.


It's like, if you dress in all-black, mask up, carry signs with Soviet-style propaganda artwork and ugly scary "jagged red letters on black-background" anarchist scrawl, and shout obscenities at people, and punch people, and throw bottles of piss at people, and scream and hiss at them, and rebuff all attempts at rational dialogue, and smash windows, and burn buildings down, and threaten to take people's right to vote away, and threaten to guillotine them, then you're winning society over to you cause!  Cuz you made them *uncomfortable*!  That's the same as persuasion! 


Like, have you ever wondered how this line of thinking came to be accepted as self-evident on the left?


And who benefits from it?

3. Corrupt us morally (by making us embrace hookup culture and wanton abortion) so we'd lose stature and legitimacy to speak on other issues).

4.  Funnel the environmental movement into a reductionist bottleneck of nothing but "carbon carbon carbon", to distract from the much bigger problem of
ecocide in all its thousand forms, and to bog down the public conversation on ecology in a quagmire of arguments about unverifiable data points collected by nerds in strange white clothes working for institutions with names that are difficult to pronounce on distant icy landmasses that 99.9999% of people will never visit, so that the conversation remains an argument about WHO to put faith in, rather than simply looking out your window and noticing the obvious fact that our civilizational model is visibly eating the living planet.

Modern "leftism" is a deep-state psyop.  

Identity politics, antifa, hookup culture, mass-abortion, reductionist carbon-fetishism, the medicalization and surgicalization of gender-nonconformity, TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), and cancel-culture, are all the results of the deep-state infiltrating the Left for 50 years.



The virus is not the host.  There is a real, actual Left Wing, obscured underneath all that.


There is a movement whose job is to evolve society, and to move forward, toward greater compassion, more respect for liberty, and for equality (under law), and sustainable civilization.

The Earth Party aims to bring that true Left back again.

How do we do that?

It's simpler than you think.  There is already a group you can ask for help. 

It's called the Right.

The Right has the answers.

This doesn't mean that the Right is "better", or that it has "all" the answers.  It isn't, and it doesn't.


But it does have the specific missing pieces that the Left needs.

Just like the Left has the pieces the Right needs.

Each side is the "eye" in the other's yin-yang.  The key to the other understanding itself.

The Right is the key to the Left, and the Left is the key to the Right. 

If one side wants to correct its course, all it really has to do is start listening to the other side, and communicating again.

A side goes astray precisely because it fails (or refuses) to communicate with the other.

* * *

We do need a revolution.  And the Left is the side that is supposed to lead one.

But any revolution led by the Left can only succeed, and SHOULD only succeed, if the Left shakes off its corruptions.

Begin by communicating with the Right.

Healing the Left

1.  Surface:  crazyiness, confrontational activism, refusal to converse, alienating potential allies,

Lefties have been making the mistake of condemning people too quickly, refusing to listen tothem defend themselves, so not being able to hearthatthey're not bigots, and so a cycle (pic)

2.  Identitarianism

People's moral stature is supposed to be determined by their actions and choices.
But in identitarianism, it's determined simply by who the person is.
Moral quality of an action is no longer based on the action itself, but on who is doing it towhom.  Any action done by a good person to a bad person is a moral action, and any action done by a bad person to a good person is an immoral action.  That's it.  



So postmodernism is a Reality interface pattern that arose out of technocracy.  Technocracy wants people in a machine consc bc that lays the vibrational groundwork for doing further work to buiod the techno world.  Vibration determines structure.  Machine consc leads to tech world faster.
Postmodernism lacks any central set of principles, and so, absent any principles on which to build a shared society, people have nothing to latch onto for meaning except their demographic identity - their physical characteristics - the basest, rawest, lowest common denominator on which to build identity.  That's ttibalism.





The main mistakes:

1.  Confrontational Activism

        A.  Social disruption

         B.  Repetition over engagement

         C.  Ostracism of opponents

which comes from:

2.  Tribalism:  Identity over principle

which comes from:

3.  Postmodernism:  Rejection of objective truth

which comes from:

4.  Technocracy

        A.  Glorification of computers

         B.  Deification of tech gurus

         C.  Scorn for rural life

         D.  Alienation from the natural world

It's a chain of causation, with Technocracy the most basic culprit.

In the style of Master Yoda:

"Technocracy leads to postmodernism,

postmodernism leads to tribalism

tribalism leads to confrontational activism

and confrontational activism leads to irrelevance."

That's what happened to the modern Left Wing.


The main solutions:

1.  Heart-Oriented Activism

        A.  Social integration

         B.  Engagement over repetition

         C.  Edification of opponents

2.  Universalism: Principle over identity

3.  Recognition of objectivity

4.  Return to Nature




from Confrontational Activism

​​to Heart-Oriented Activism


The Left has been using a dualistic strategy of inter-group warfare to advance its ideals.  The strategy looks like this:

1.  Find people who already agree with you

2.  Gather them together and form into a tribe

3.  Establish a collective "us-vs-them" identity

4.  Use ritualistic behavior (chanting, marching, sloganeering, signs, mass-produced symbols and memes, in-group terminology) to solidify the identity

5.  Reinforce the duality between the in-group and the out-group by shunning the out-group and refusing to socialize with them

6.  To to war with the out-group, and conquer them by convincing people to denounce and condemn them

7.  Victory is achieved when so many people denounce and condemn the "bad guys" that the bad guys retreat out of mainstream society and hide in a dark place, out of sight and out of hearing.  That's "victory."

In a nutshell:  Find allies, and then conquer enemies.

But that's sooooooo third-density.  It reads like the playbook from a religious inquisition.

The Left started doing this in the 1960's, and it worked back then - and so it's assumed to still work now.   But it doesn't, because we live in a different environment now.  The energies are different, and society has evolved.  Shouting over someone is no longer an effective way to change their mind.

This isn't the 1900's anymore.

We are evolving to a higher vibration - a more heart-oriented society, and only structures aligned with the frequency of love will be viable.  Strategies from the old civilization won't work in the new one.

We all - especially those of us on the Left - claim we want the New Civilization, based on peace, love, and understanding.  And if we want it, we have to BE it.


Be Congruent - no hypocrisy.  Reinforcing the dualistic attitudes of the past doesn't help to bring in the unity of the future.

So here's the strategy we need now:

1.  Seek out people who don't agree with you

2.  Befriend them and start a dialogue with them

3.  Listen to them to gain their trust

4.  Teach them about your ideas and beliefs, explaining the logic behind your beliefs so that they gain a new understanding.

In a nutshell:  Find enemies, and turn them into allies!

So find the ignorant, and edify them, so that they're no longer ignorant, but woke.

And in doing so, you just created an ally.

One Community

*No Identity-Politics*

No white community, no black community,

No LGBT community, no straight community.

No more fragmentation.

No more atomization.

There is only ONE community:  ALL of us.

You are a member of the human race.  You are a resident of Planet Earth.  You are an Earthling.  You are a member of the Community of Life.

We have some serious problems to fix here on this planet.  Some of them threaten the very continuity of Life itself.  We can't afford to be fighting against each other. 

The fragmentation of humanity into separate communities based on race, class, sex, bedroom preferences, and other egoic identities, is an age-old strategy of divide-and-conquer.  By keeping us divided and squabbling with one another, the defenders of the status quo keep us from turning our eyes to the true enemy - ignorance - which knows no race or sex.

This strategy was used by politicians in the Jim Crow south.  There were plenty of impoverished white people back then, too - but when convinced that black people were their enemy, they did nothing to truly improve their situation, and the status-quo didn't change.  Likewise, this strategy is being used again, today - but in reverse.  Black people are being told that white people are their enemy, and women are being told that men are their enemy.  It's divide-and-conquer, all over again, and the only people who benefit are those who are attached to the status-quo, who don't want change or evolution.

It's all too common now for a conversation to begin with statements such as:

"I'm a _____ and I think..."

"Speaking as a _____, I believe..."

"What" we are shouldn't matter.  Our race, sex, religion, nationality, origins, and bedroom preferences shouldn't matter when engaging in rational debate. Of course, these characteristics do shape our experiences, and hence, they shape our beliefs.  But that's a given.  It's already an obvious fact that a person's experiences affect their thinking.  We don't need to reiterate it.  All that does is separate us into tribal divisions which is the opposite of what the world needs now.  Our planet desperately needs unity.


There's a trend now for people of color to identify with their color - to single out the amount of melanin in their skin as the defining characteristic of who they are as a person.  And that's exactly what KKK members and Neo-Nazis do - they construct an identity out of their skin color.  Just like some people of color are now doing!

And even worse, some people are now being told that their feelings and opinions matter less, due to their characteristics.  Women are dismissing the opinions of a man as "mansplaining", and thus shut down debate without evaluating his arguments.  It's also common for a person of color to shut down a white person as "whitesplaining."  There's also "straightsplaining", "cissplaining", and other types of "XYZ-splaining."

The message behind these terms is simple:  "I don't care about your opinions, because you are a _____ (insert race, sex, etc.)."

Which is precisely what the KKK would say to black people, and precisely what Archie Bunker would say to women.  It's that, all over again.  The Left has come full circle, and become the stale, close-minded Right of yesteryear. 

Of course, some opinions are more valid than others, especially if the person sharing it has more experience in the topic in question.  For example, a white person surely knows less about anti-black prejudice than a black person, because s/he hasn't lived it directly.  But his/her (possibly under-informed) opinion must still be debated (and if necessary, debunked) on its merits (or lack thereof), through rational discourse - through logical evaluation - and NOT simply by dismissing the person who's sharing it.

The invocation of "XYZ-splaining" dismisses the person, while doing nothing at all to dismiss their argument.  After dismissing them, their argument still stands, because it hasn't been debunked yet.  It hasn't even been addressed.  And, due to the effects of ostracism (explained above), it goes off somewhere, and festers and grows.

How can the Left - the side that's traditionally led the struggle to end racial and sexual discrimination and prejudice - now be encouraging that very same behavior?  How can the side of inclusion now be pushing the atomization of humanity into categories, and saddling each group with different expectations of conduct?  This is pure hypocrisy, and it's a prime cause of the Left's loss of credibility in recent years.

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