The Earth Party Narrative

Chapter 1:

The Great Paradigm Shift

Humanity stands on the brink of a new age, with amazingly positive transformations in store.


Our economic system, our politics, and even the basic structure of our society, will all change.  Once they do, the world will be a much happier place, for everyone:  rich and poor, human and non-human, and the entire Living World.


We just have to make it through the transition.   And we can.


"Things don't look very "positive" to me.  It looks like the whole world is falling apart.  How can you be optimistic when civilization is on the brink of collapse?"

Image credit:  Sustainable Human

It sure looks like it.  To the untrained eye, at least.


Good news:  The world isn't ending - a particular social system, or paradigm, is ending.

If you're scared about the process, it's only because you're identifying the world with the paradigm. 

The world, and the way we run the world, are two different things.  But you're conflating them, as if they were the same.  They're not.  When the paradigm ends, the world will not end, because the world and the paradigm are two different things.

"But this sounds so scary!"

If you're afraid of the paradigm shift, it means your "self-concept" is very deeply identified with the exiting paradigm.  It means you've built your entire sense of "who you are", on top of the paradigm. 


If you're very heavily invested in the paradigm, then, if the paradigm is ending, it will seem like the world is - because you think the paradigm is the world.  So the end of the paradigm seems like the end of the world, and you feel afraid. 

But if course it isn't.  When the paradigm ends, the world will not end.  It will continue, as a much happier and healthier place, for all of us.


"I don't see any evolution, or progress.  All I see is tension and stagnation."

The process of evolution, when viewed from a large time scale, appears fairly constant - like a solid line, pointing ever-so-steadily upwards.



But if we zoom in to smaller time scales, we see a different shape.  Evolution occurs mostly in sudden leaps.  After those leaps come long periods without change - known as "plateaus" - followed eventually by another sudden leap.


Usually, things don't change without necessity.  And real, true necessity takes a long time to manifest.  Usually, existing systems can cope with a lot of stress, without needing to change fundamentally.

It's not until the system hits a point of crisis, that it finally changes at a deep level.  And when it does, it reorganizes very quickly - i.e. a "leap."

"Can you give an example of what you mean?"

Sure.  How about the evolution of Life from the oceans to the land.


A fish (or other aquatic creature) is not going to try to walk up onto land for no reason.  What's the point, if the ocean is a perfectly fine habitat for it?

Paleontologists mostly agree that such a big change wouldn't have occurred without a "crisis." 


Perhaps a small area of the ocean became separated from the main ocean, due to plate tectonics.  Perhaps it became a lake.  Then, as it gradually dried up, over the next few million years, the life inside it had nowhere to go - except onto land. 



The drying of the lake was a crisis for all the creatures inside.  They had to evolve.  There was no other way.

"So the lake is our current social system - our economic system, our political system, our value system... etc.  Right?"

Right.  And as it becomes less and less capable of serving our needs in a sustainable way, we are being forced to look for alternatives.

There are points, during evolution's course, when progress hits a wall, and stagnates.  Change can't continue in its present trajectory, because it has run up against the natural limit for its current paradigm.  In order to progress, it will need to change in a way more fundamental than before.  It's going to need a major leap.

And that's where we are.


We're on the cusp between two paradigms - two fundamental ways of seeing the world and interfacing with it.  The old paradigm is fading, but we haven't fully switched to the new yet.  We're in a "limbo" area between the two, and so the world doesn't seem to make sense anymore.

"OK, I understand.  And I know of plenty of examples from human history when this kind of thing happened.  Various problems and challenges led to the invention of new technologies, and in some cases, new social and political systems.  But now seems different.  The present planetary crisis dwarfs anything that came before.  It's never been this bad before."

Bigger changes require bigger crises, to move mass consciousness toward making them.  The bigger the change needed, the bigger the crisis preceding it.

The degree of dysfunction at the conclusion of the ougoing paradigm is proportional to the profundity of the upcoming change, and thus to the potential for improvement!

In other words, there are two ways to see it. 

1.  "Oh no, the system is falling apart"


2.  "Oh yea, the system's falling apart, and that means a much better one is just around the corner!"


You can interpret it with dread, or with excitement.  We choose the latter.  The extreme dysfunction at the end of this paradigm means the upcoming paradigm is going to be worth whatever travails we went through to arrive at it.

"What exactly are the paradigms involved here?  What are we evolving FROM - and what are we evolving TO?"

There are many ways to word it.  The simplest explanation is perhaps this:


For thousands of years, we've built our society around power.  And our destiny is calling us to graduate to one built around love.  We are evolving from a Power-Based Paradigm into a Love-Based Paradigm.

The idea is not new.  People have been conceiving it for thousands of years.

It appears in the Bible:


"The lion shall lay down with the lamb..."

It appears in the Torah:


"...swords into plowshares..."


In the Hindu Vedas:


"The Kali Yuga (age of chaos) gives way to the Satya Yuga (age of truth)..."

In Buddhism:


" day, all Beings shall be enlightened..."


While we don't endorse any particular religion, it's obvious that when they spoke of these things, they were pointing to something.  They didn't have sophisticated scientific words yet, so they used mythological language instead.  The phenomenon they were describing really exists. 

But the best way to describe it involves chakras.

The human body has 7 main energy centers, called chakras.  They correspond to the 7 main levels, or layers of mind. 


The first chakra deals with basic, physical survival needs and instincts.  This is where most of the animal kingdom is centered.

The second deals with social relationships and energy flows.  This is where most indigenous and aboriginal cultures are centered.

The third deals with power.  It's at this level that dominance hierarchies form.  And this is the level at which most of human "civilization" has been stuck at, for the past few thousand years.  Our social systems are designed to resonate with this level.

The next stage is the heart chakra, which deals with universal love, compassion, and empathy - the recognition of self in others.  When we make it through our current chaotic transition period, this is the level at which our society will become centered.

Human civilization is evolving from the third paradigm - the Power-Based one - to the fourth, which is Love-Based.


Yes, that sounds hippy-dippy.  But there's science behind it. 

For the science, watch the following simple video.  In it, iron filings react to sound-waves.  As the sound vibrates the table they're sitting on, you can see the filings arrange themselves into a geometric shape, in accordance with the vibration of the sound wave.  The character of the wave determines the geometric shape of the filings.

Vibration = Structure.


Check it out:

An atom


Isn't that cool?  :)

The geometry changed as the frequency increased.


But did you notice anything?


"Yea, those shapes were beautiful!  Natural physics sure are cool!"


Yup.  Sure are!  Anything else?


Anything... odd, or unexpected?


"Yes.  The change wasn't gradual - it was an "all-at once" event.  It was one shape for a while, and it stayed the same, even while the pitch increased.  But then, once it reached a certain point, it rearranged all at once!  Like, in less than a second!"


Good!  The operator turned the knob gradually, at a rate that was constant, but the filings' rate of change was not constant.  They stayed together in the same shape until a threshold was reached.

Notice anything interesting in the moments leading up to the threshold?

"Yes.  In the moments leading up to that rearrangement, the structure became increasingly unstable.  The closer it got to the threshold of change, the more wobbly the shape became."


Correct!  That's because the existing shape was becoming increasingly non-resonant with the vibration passing through it.  The shape stayed the same - but the vibration kept increasing.  And the more it changed, the less compatible the shape was. 

Now we need to understand another concept.  We'll come back to this one shortly!

The Concept of "As Above, So Below"

Our universe is built in a fractal structure, meaning that the same structures repeat themselves on both large and small scales.  Solar systems mimic the structure of an atom, with nucleus + orbiting bodies. And galaxies repeat the same shape yet again.  Crystals have the same shape as the molecules of which they're constituted (for instance, a hexagonal crystal, such as quartz, is made up of atoms with hexagonal bonds).  The macro reflects the micro. 

A solar system

A galaxy

Molecular structure

Shape of the crystal

Neurons in the brain

Galaxies in a supercluster


A society is much bigger than a table with iron filings on it, but it behaves in the same manner.  The same physical laws that inform the structure of atoms, molecules, and iron filings, also inform the structure of a society.  A society reflects the same natural laws as any other body in the universe.

"So the shape of our society is about to change."


"Because of a... higher vibration?"


"But... what exactly is vibrating?"


Our minds can think at various "frequencies", depending on our mood, intentions, beliefs, the type of food we eat, how often we meditate... and various other factors.

"Uh oh... woo-woo alert!"

It's not woo - it's science.  Human consciousness has a vibration, and a frequency.  It's an established fact that our brains produce electromagnetic waves, and those waves are based on our state of consciousness.  There's a happiness vibration, a fear vibration, an anger vibration, a love vibration, and so forth.  And the heart produces such waves as well, but over 1000 times stronger than the brain.


The type of vibration an individual emits will affect the people in his or her immediate surroundings.


And the type collectively emitted by everyone in society will affect the entire society.  It will influence how the society is built - how it's shaped, and what its overall character is.

So as the vibrational frequency of human consciousness increases, it's going to affect the geometric shape of society.

The type of vibration we're collectively producing is informing the structure of our society.  And it's increasing, from a power-based frequency to a love-based frequency.  And that's a good thing!

"If that's a good thing, then why does it seem like everything's falling apart?"

Think back to the iron filings.  As they got closer to the threshold of rearrangement - or , evolution - the existing structures become wobbly and unstable.

Our existing social systems are no longer resonant with the frequency of our consciousness.  They're going to rearrange - but until they do, there is uncertainty and instability.  And we see that all around us, as the existing, power-based structure becomes less and less resonant with the vibration passing through it.


All of our systems...


Our economy...

Our politics...

Our architecture...

Our urban layouts...

Our relationships...


...are arranged in the old, power-based geometry, and so, as our consciousness frequency increases, all of those systems are going to change.  And until they do, they become more and more dysfunctional - until they finally rearrange. 


And in the mean time, we're in an "in between" area.  Our old systems don't work anymore, but we don't yet have the new ones to replace them.

"So what's the solution to all this?"

So the solution to all of this is to complete the shift.  Into the new paradigm.  Once that happens, our social structure will be in resonance with the higher vibration, and the dysfunction will give way to increasing harmony. 


"OK, so we've got the science behind the Shift... but what are we actually shifting FROM, and what are we shifting TO?  You said something about a "Power-centered paradigm" and a "Love-centered paradigm."  What exactly does that mean?"

We'll explain on the next page!

Chapter 2:  A Corrupt Civilization

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