The Earth Party

Narrative Part 9:

The Great Reminding

The Earth Party is a portion of a larger plan.

The ultimate goal of the plan is to make Planet Earth a place where Natural Law is upheld - so that it remains both a Living Planet, and a planet worth living on.  


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The Law of the Earth is the foundation of the plan.  We seek to apply and uphold the Law of the Earth - in every land and every country, consistently and reliably.

In order to do that, there will need to be a governing body, upholding the Law.  This body is the Planetary Protectorate - the legitimate government of Planet Earth. 


The planetary governing body must:

1.  Recognize the Law of the Earth as the true and valid law

2.  Admit, as its core creed, the fact that it has no authority to create, alter, or abolish the law

3.  Be a planet-wide body, applying the law to the entire world

4.  Overrule the wills of nation-states who violate the law of the planet that hosts them

The Planetary Protectorate is designed to meet all 4 of these criteria.

"Hey wait a minute, this sounds like globalism.  You want a global, one-world government?  A 'New World Order'?"

This is not globalism - this is Planetary Consciousness.  There is a huge difference between the two.  See our page on Globalism vs. Nationalism to read about that difference. 

We would be the very last people to endorse tyranny.  Our plan is as far from tyranny as it's possible to get.  In fact, you're already living under a tyranny; any time a government thinks it can create laws, that's tyranny - and Natural Law is the antidote. 

So the goal is to establish and empower the Planetary Protectorate, to uphold the Law of the Earth across the world, so that everyone's right to Benign Sovereignty is respected, all living beings are treated with compassion, and civilization is sustainable for our children's children.

"That's a massive project.  Who's going to set up a planetary government?  Who's going to convince nation-states to participate in this project - or at least stand down and not obstruct it?"

The Earth Party, of course!  That's our job:  To bring people and nations into recognition of the Law of the Earth, and membership in the Planetary Protectorate, through peaceful means.

The Protectorate is the upholder of the Law... and the Party is the communications arm of the Protectorate.

The Earth Party will be established in every country, always with the same message:


"Recognize the Law of the Earth, and join the Protectorate."

When people see a solution that's worldwide, with a consistent message to comprehensively solve our planetary crises, they will take the opportunity to unite under this one, universal banner.


Past movements didn't succeed because they were scattered and inconsistent, and lacked a coherent vision.  Many of us have become jaded, thinking no movement will ever succeed.  But this one is different.


To read more about why we'll win, click here.


And that's the Three-Step Process for setting up the governing structures of the Mature Civilization.

To summarize it:

The Master Plan
consists of 3 main steps:

1.  Recognize the Law of the Earth,
the intrinsic, natural law of our planet,
and stop pretending we can write our own.

​2.  Organize the Planetary Protectorate,
to apply and uphold the Law of the Earth
consistently and uniformly across the world.

3.  Establish the Earth Party,
in all nations, simultaneously,
to bring all nations and peoples
into acknowledgment of the Law,
and membership in the Protectorate,
through established democratic channels.


Once this is done, we can get into the specifics, like how to actually build our new society, physically.

You can read our full, detailed plan for evolving into a Mature Civilization here:


A Master Plan for a Mature Civilization

With much love,

The Earth Party

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