Dear friend,

If you pay attention to the news, and you're aware of what's happening to our planet, you might feel like there's "no hope" anymore - that it's "over."  

It does seem that way... at first glance.

Ecological destruction is not only continuing, but accelerating.

The climate feedback loops are gathering momentum.

Humans perpetrate such cruelty against each other (and against the rest of the living world) that it calls into question whether our species even deserves to continue.


And in the midst of it all, our societies are turning backward, regressing into authoritarianism and reactionary insanity. 


It's one great big feedback loop that seems to have no end in sight - except the eventual destruction of our whole planet.

Some people are feeling like it's already "too late", and that nothing can be done, and that there's no point in anything anymore.

They call this "climate despair", or "climate depression."


If this is what you're going through, we have some hope for you!


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First of all...

Healing the planet, while providing for the needs of 8 billion of us, is physically possible.  With the technologies that we already have.

With all the resources, energy, manpower, womanpower, and all the technological infrastructure humanity possesses, we can turn this ship around.

The obstacles are not physical or technical.  The obstacles are social.

If everyone got their act together, and affirmed the goal of healing this world, we could do it - and it wouldn't even be difficult.

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​​​​​​This is not even conjecture - it's fact.  The techniques exist.  The power and the know-how exist.


But we lack the willingness to use it.  More specifically, we lack a social system that prioritizes the proper coordination or resources to fix our problems.   


Our current system has the wrong values and priorities, and is not equipped to address what's happening, or provide solutions.  In fact, it actively prevents the solutions.  It's like a brick wall, standing in the face of every solution to every problem.

brick wall.jpg


No matter what problem anyone seeks to address, or what solution they come up with, "The System" stops their implementation. 

The very deepest rules and assumptions, around which we've built our whole society, prohibit the solutions necessary for preserving that very society! 

In fact, the system in many cases makes solving problems downright illegal.  Healing the planet is actually illegal, under our current social system.  Our very survival is illegal.


We will not be able to solve any of our world's problems while we still use this "system."  To solve them, and give our world a new chance at Life, we must let go of this dysfunctional system, and allow a new one to take shape.

To use a computer analogy, most people assume the problem is the software, when really, it's the operating system.  If the OS is corrupt, then no amount of installing and reinstalling individual software programs will fix it.

Our problems are solvable... but not from within the existing system.​

So, obviously, we need a new social system.

Good news:  Many people have already figured this out.


And the worse the crisis gets, the closer we get to an awakening.  Everyone around the world is starting to realize some key things about the world:


Everything on Earth is connected.


These crises are not isolated, but interwoven.

There is no such thing as an isolated phenomenon.

Everything we do in one place affects all other places.

We all depend on each other, and on our shared ecosystem.

And it's becoming more and more obvious by the day.  No matter how entrenched someone is, or how bad of a news source they watch.


The more the consequences of our faulty paradigm come to impact our daily life, the harder they are to ignore.  And the more we see the current paradigm failing to solve these crises, the more we realize the fundamental inadequacy of that paradigm, and the more willing we are to consider a new paradigm.

So, thankfully, there is a stopper on this feedback loop.  Because the more dysfunction we see around us, the more people realize we need to change.


Image credit:  Sustainable Human

Now you might still be thinking:

"But it doesn't seem like anything is changing..."

"We march, we protest, we do everything we can..."

"But nothing changes.  It doesn't look like it ever will."


"This system is too ingrained..."

"...and peoples brains aren't wired to comprehend problems of such a big scale..."

"...and there are just too many vested interests standing in the way..."

"...and we don't have enough money..."

"...and the powers-that-be will never allow it..."


"...and you'll never get enough of the stupid population to agree to it because they're too stupid..."

they live consume.jpg

Yes, it seems like all our attempts at revolution - at overthrowing the corrupt social system destroying our planet - are failing repeatedly.

Every revolution either fails, or leads to an even worse system than before.  And no revolution has happened any time recently.

But why?  Why haven't we been able to succeed, so far?  Especially when so much is clearly at stake?

Because one thing was always missing! 

Something very important.

Can you guess?

It's pretty easy...






Previous attempts at revolution all lacked a plan for what to change the system TO.

Duh!  If you want to change the system, you can't just condemn the existing one - you need a new one to replace it with!

But no such plan was available.  So the most we could do was vent our frustration.


We got in the streets.  We chanted various forms of "down with...!"

"Down with capitalism!"

"Down with statism!"

"Down with imperialism!"

"Down with colonialism!"

"Down with racism/sexism/bigotry!"

"Down with nationalism!"

"Down with corporations!"

"Down with The Man!"

"Down with the system!"

We knew what we DIDN'T want...

system is broken - protest sign 2.jpg


But... what about what we DID want?

Where was that?


Protesting gives people an outlet to vent their anger at the system, but it presents no alternative.  It's "against" bad things, but it's not "for" much.  It has nothing for people to rally around.

And that's why the revolution keeps failing.  One attempt after another... they all meet one of the same two fates:

Either they fizzle out, with the establishment taking control back...

...or they succeed in overthrowing the establishment, but, since there's no plan or vision for a new system, the result is a horribly thought-out hodge-podge of incoherent ideas, usually resulting in a new tyranny, or a new chaos.

This produces social division, as people who look to the future divide themselves into two groups:  the
Lefties and the Righties - or, "revolutionaries" and "counterrevolutionaries."  The Lefties seek revolution (with no plan for what comes after), while the Righties, terrified of the Lefties' lack of planning, simply put a foot down and halt the whole thing, seeking to keep the existing powers in place.

Then, they play tug-o-war, and no substantial changes occur.  Because it seems like those are our only two options.


Attempts at revolution will obviously fail if you don't know what you're trying to change to.

​So here's more Good News:

The fact that they failed doesn't mean that revolution is impossible.  It just means that you were lacking a key ingredient.


Which also means that if we add that ingredient, then meaningful revolution becomes possible, for the first time.

We need a plan!  A plan for a new system, after we dismantle the current one!

We need to have an answer for questions such as:

​What will the economic system look like?

What will our relationship with Nature look like?

What will the physical layout of our communities look like?

What will be the governing structure and/or decision-making process of our communities?

How will it be decided where resources go, what work is done, and by whom?

What will be the legal/moral system upon which all of this rests?

Now you might still be thinking:


"But there ARE answers already!  The solutions are out there!


There's renewable energy.

​There's permaculture.

There are worker's co-ops.

There's local community democracy.

There's Medicare-For-All, and other programs proposed.

There's ranked-choice voting.

There are international conservation organizations.

Most of these ideas aren't new!  They've been around for a long time.  We HAVE had a plan for a future system.


But none of it mattered."

Yes, some people have of course offered solutions to very specific problems. 


​So you could say that the various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle have been put forward, by different people.  Each person, or each organization, has a piece.  Or perhaps a few pieces. 

And that's great, and we are very thankful for all those who have found these pieces and put them on the table for us to use, to craft a bigger picture.

And that's what has been missing from the equation this entire time.  The cover of the puzzle box.  

We had the pieces.  But no one put them all together.

No one put forward a comprehensive picture of what the world ought to look like when we finally evolve and mature as a civilization.

The revolution needs a coherent vision which brings all of the puzzle pieces together into a tangible picture of how the future ought to be - one that the average person can actually imagine in their mind - and provides a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to get there.  With such a vision, we can transcend the Leftie-Rightie battle, and unite both sides around a common banner of sanity.


No one has offered such a vision.   

Until now!


The Earth Party offers a comprehensive vision of what the future should like like.  A better way to run this world.

We offer a plan that begins at the very bottom-most foundations of society and works its way up.

It's called the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization.  Everything is ready, and it simply awaits humanity's willingness to use it.  With this plan, we can "hit the ground running."


The Blueprint involves 3 main components, woven together:

1.  The design of an ideal world - a comprehensive vision that address all aspects of sustainable, peaceful living

2.  A step-by-step process to transition the current world to the ideal one, in an orderly manner, with minimal disruption to societies and economies

3.  A strategy for political victory, so we can implement the Blueprint throughout the world, via established democratic channels

With this plan, humanity now has a common goal.  We can now see what it is we're working towards.



Don't Give Up!


The opportunity to heal our world - to really and truly get to the bottom of what's going on here, and fix it for real and for good - is greater now than ever before.  We have the chance to fix thousands of years of errors, right now.


This is the best time to be alive.



The most significant event in human history is approaching.  Not our destruction - but our graduation.  We are witnessing the beginning of the formation of planetary consciousness.

Since the beginning of history, we've evolved from one level of societal consciousness to the next:


from individuals...

to families...

to bands...

to clans...

to tribes...

to nations...


And now we're ready for the next level:  a planet.


A new level of identity, wherein we see ourselves as members of the total community of life on Earth. 


And we're not talking about some weird computery stuff - we're talking about in spirit.


Not through technology, but through our own consciousness - from within.


A raising of our identity from fragments of a world, to THE world.  From chunks of our planet, to the whole planet. From nations, to the Earth.


This changes everything! 


With this new level of consciousness, our problems are solvable.

While it's true that our many converging problems are unsolvable in our current level of thinking, planetary consciousness presents a new level of thinking.

einstein quote with chalkboard.jpg


With a new level of consciousness, we can satisfy the conditions of Einstein's famous quote.  We're not staying in the same level of thinking that created our problems.  We are evolving to a new paradigm.


And since it's new, and it hasn't been factored into the predictive models, it's a wildcard that upsets all of those models.  Without this new variable, the models and predictions would probably be right, and we'd be screwed.  Dire predictions have been made indeed - but without factoring planetary consciousness into the mix.  



But take note!  There is no guarantee that planetary consciousness will form in time to avert collapse.  It's a possibility, and a good one - but it's not in the bag.  We have work to do.  We have to fight for it.

And we have to do it now.

The coral reefs have just a few more years.  The Amazon is approaching its self-reinforcing drying-out tipping-point.  Borneo is almost finished.  The Congo is almost finished.  The oceans are screaming for help.  Our primate cousins are teetering on the brink of extinction, and the elephants, dolphins, and whales are not far behind.  The last remaining aboriginal tribes with traditional lifestyles, who guard the wisdom and insights our out-of-balance civilization is most in need of, are facing a renewed wave of settler-colonialism, intent on erasing what little of them still remain.  If they're gone, there will be no one left to teach us.

brazil indigenous genocide.jpg


We don't have any more time to wait.  If we wait any longer to save the world, there won't be a world left to save anymore.  It's now or never.  The revolution must begin now. 

We invite you to explore our website, read our plans, and, if you resonate with what you see, get involved and spread the message!

We understand how bad it is.  But there's hope.

We can heal this planet.  We can restore peace and justice.  We can liberate all the oppressed.  We can do it all.

We just need a unifying banner to really around.  And that's here.  It's the Blueprint for Mature Civilization.

Don't give up.  Don't despair.  Stand and fight!

Please get involved.  Help spread the message.

We need you.

With Love,

The Earth Party