I, the undersigned, hereby declare my endorsement of, support for, and intention to actively create, peace between the sexes.

The war has gone on long enough, and I choose to be a maker of peace by working with those I view as the "other " side, by hearing their stories, taking them seriously, and doing my best to empathize with their experience.  

I hereby invite dialogue, with anyone willing to engage me in a good-faith effort to understand one-another to co-create peace.

If I am a man, I invite dialogue with Woman.

If I am a woman, I invite dialogue with Man.

If I don't identify with my biological sex, and have internalized the conflict from the point of view of the other sex, then I will participate in the dialogue as a representative of whichever sex I feel best matches my identity and experience.

If I don't identify with either sex, I will still do what I can to facilitate dialogue and peace between the sexes.

Whoever I am, I promise to listen, with an open mind, and to treat the other respectfully.

And I affirm the following foundational premises in all discussion:

1.  Someone's sex/gender has no effect on the value of their life, the dignity they deserve, or their right to be heard.

2.  An individual's needs and concerns are not less important because of the individual's sex/gender.

3.  I do not have a full, direct experience of being the other sex, and I don't really know what it's like to be them - not completely.  Therefore, I offer them the benefit of the doubt that, when they insist that a challenge they face is more significant than I think it is, it probably is.  

4.  Although a full understanding may be elusive, I will try to understand as best I can, by listening, and by offering space for the other to speak, to explain what I have yet to understand.  

5.  I cannot prescribe unless I understand. I cannot understand unless I listen.  And I cannot listen unless I give the other space to speak and explain.  I commit to listening carefully to another's point before responding with my own.

The sexes were never supposed to be enemies.  We are co-creators of our shared Reality, partners in the dance of Creation.

Many years of fighting have left our world scarred and divided, but if we begin communicating with each other, we can get it back on the right path.  We can begin a new era of love and peace.  

I pledge my support for peace between the sexes, and I petition everyone who shares this planet to do the same.  




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