The *Proper* Response

to a (Real) Pandemic


The responses chosen by most governments have been completely useless, and actually counterproductive and harmful.

If there were a real pandemic, medical authoritarianism would make it worse, not better.

Lockdowns destroy society, and the human spirit, and all systems of the body - including the immune system. They create mass-trauma and hysteria, which throws the body and mind out of balance, leaving us more vulnerable to pathogens.

Wearing masks, as a healthy person, decreases your health, and leaves you more vulnerable to pathogens.

The proper response to a pandemic is health.

But even the doctors - even the well-meaning doctors - are ignorant about all of this, because they've been taught a false medical paradigm by Rockefeller academia.

Education provides opportunities for learning - but also for brainwashing.  The more time someone has spent in "education", the more things they know - but some of those things could be false.

And it shows, all over the place.

Believing that the answer to any health question is for "authority figures" to control every person and every space at all times, is not only monstrous, but completely ineffectual, and illustrates the failure of the technocratic paradigm.


What If the "Pandemic" WERE  Real?

Of If *Another* One Comes Along That's Real?


By now, everyone who does not insulate themselves from information knows that this "Covid" thing is a psyop, not a real pandemic.

We even have the User's Guide to how they're doing it!


But what do we do if a *real* pandemic shows up?

A mature civilization has contingency plans for major situations.  And we should have one for biological situations.

We should be prepared, and have a plan to respond.  Sanely.


Like, without muzzling people and locking us all in our houses.

Here's the proper way to respond to a real pandemic:


The Earth Party's

Universal Pandemic Response Plan


Resolve to follow LOGIC - not emotion.

Emotional responses are not useful in these situations.  In fact, they're dangerous.  More dangerous even than the initial crisis itself.

In any difficult situation, not least this one, we get into trouble when we base our responses on emotion.  Panic always leads to trouble.  It doesn't solve the problem.  It causes chaos.  It may make things even worse.  No matter what the crisis is - whether it's economic, geopolitical, or biological - leading with emotions is not helpful.

We can (and should) be learning from our past.  There have been previous instances, where countries have fallen into emotional panic as a result of a crisis, and the panic causes far more damage than the crisis itself.

One example of this is 9/11. 
Remember that?

We don't want to act hysterically the way we did then, again. 

If anyone tries to silence debate, or shame anyone for trying to calmly and rationally approach the situation, and tries to spread emotional hysteria to bypass all logic, then we need to confront that person, and expose what they're doing.


DO NOT allow them to control the debate.


Choose the correct paradigm of medicine.


Teach the public how the immune system works


Provide proper nutrition to those without access


Teach meditation and self-healing


Mitigate unnecessary sources of stress


Restore natural social units with multiple layers of self-sufficiency.

Other helpful things:


-Provide voluntary centers of self-quarantine for people who believe themselves to be extra-vulnerable (perhaps due to immuno-suppression), and allow them to "wait it out" there, with all food and basic supplies provided to them, free of charge, by the government, for the duration of the pandemic.  Each city can rent out a large hotel building for this purpose.

-Provide delivery of food and basic supplies to the homes of the vulnerable who choose to stay in their own homes, so they don't need to venture out.

-Prosecute executives at tech companies who censor information relating to health (or any info, really).

Notice what's not on the list?

-Forced quarantines


-Facility closures

-Business closures

-Arresting people for normal activities

-Social distancing

-Obsessive disinfection

-24/7 fear-porn "news reports" of real-time carnage numbers


Because these things don't work.  They're not scientific.  There is no scientific evidence to suggest that lockdowns are beneficial whatsoever.

We can obviously surmise that lockdowns slow transmission of pathogens, yes - but we cannot surmise that that transmission decrease is worth the overall reduction in health that comes from completely shutting down society.

We know paranoia decreases transmission - but it also decreases health.  Including immune health - which is... kinda important, if you're actually in a pandemic, right?

Is there any evidence that the benefits of the former eclipse the drawbacks of the latter?

No.  There is no such evidence.  Such draconian experiments have never been done before in the entire history of humanity.

Thus, there is zero scientific study on them, and zero scientific evidence to support them.

Yet our governments did them anyway.  Because the whole thing is not about a virus.  It's about something else.

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