"This website looks like something I designed in 8th grade.  It's very rudimentary.  It doesn't have cool graphics.  How can I take this project seriously if the website is so under-developed?"

​If you agree with the vision presented here, but feel the website is too low-budget, then help us increase the budget.  Make a donation, so we can hire a web developer - and then the website will acquire the professional appearance that you know it deserves, and this objection will no longer be an issue!  

If you believe in what we're doing, then support it.  That's how good ideas get going - people support them.  If everyone refrained from supporting good things until others supported them, then no support would ever get started, and no idea would ever get off the ground.

​Or, better yet, design some graphics yourself, and send them to us.  Email arbordragon@yahoo.com and let us know what you've got.  


If this resonates with you,

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