Some people believe that sex and gender are two different things.

This is a philosophy, and you can believe in it, if you want.

But it's not the only philosophy on the subject matter.  There are others.  Like for instance, the idea that gender and sex are synonyms for the same characteristic.

There are multiple philosophies on the nature of gender.

And when someone's philosophy on it  is different from yours, that does not mean that they "hate" anyone.

Having a different philosophy on  gender does not equal "hate."

You can disagree with them. And you can say why. And you can share your philosophy with them, and explain why you think it's better and more accurate.  Go ahead and do that.  Dialogue is healthy.  

But it's time to stop throwing the "hate" label.  Differing philosophies does not mean that someone "hates"  anyone who identifies as transgender.

There are people out there who do hate people for identifying as trans, and for any non-conformity to their gender expectations.  That is not a made-up problem. It does exist. And it's something society should acknowledge, and fix. A lot of people do need to learn to chill out when they see an effeminate man, or a masculine woman. There is an outsized rate of violence against gender non-conformers, and society needs to do better in stopping it, and individuals with hate need to engage in some introspection to contemplate the potential reasons why they have hate, and heal their own traumas.

But that is all different from having a simple philosophical disagreement about the nature of gender.

These are two different things.  Hate, and philosophical disagreement.

Two. Different. Things.


Technocracy is Exploiting Transfolk to Advance Its Own Agenda

Technocracy is using transpeople as experimental testing-grounds for its own advancement, with zero concern for their actual well-being.  It's exploiting some of the most vulnerable people in society.


More specifically, it's using transfolk as vehicles for the normalization of technocratic body-engineering, in order to "prime" humanity for its intended merger of biology and technology.

The technocratic agenda seeks the synthesis of flesh and computer - and eventually, the replacement of all biological Life by an artificial, digital form of "life".

Since such a proposition is horrifying to the vast majority of people, the architects of the agenda know that they'll need to find ways to make us "comfortable" with it, before they can present it to us openly and in its entirety.  And one of the ways it does so is by sneaking small portions of it in, gradually.  A few pieces at a time.

And one of those pieces is the medicalization of gender non-conformity.


The main belief they're attempting to normalize is the interchangeability of living matter, and the forgetting of its sacredness.


Nature is sacred.  Life is sacred.  All of it.


And that includes the human body.  We aren't machines, where you can just exchange one part for another.  Transplants to save life or restore functions is one thing - but mutilation and removal of perfectly healthy organs is another category entirely.  Such procedures are not medicine - they're sinister exploitation, for money, and for the advancement of the technocratic agenda.




It's important, for the agenda, that they train us to want tinkering for non-medical purposes - purposes related to psychology and self-esteem - because people with legitimate reasons to want body-engineering (e.g. those who have failing organs or lost limbs) constitute only a small percentage of the population.  And although they have a natural reason to be interested in body-engineering, everyone else, with fully functioning bodies, doesn't.  The vast majority of the population has no temptation to want such engineering.


In order to get the majority on board with elective engineering, and open up the entire human population to tinkering in their bodies, a psyop has to be waged.


The basic structure of the psyop is to convince us that we're incomplete without tech.


And transfolk, due to their inherent emotional vulnerability in a society that's hostile and unwelcoming toward them, provided an easy target for this manipulative message, so the technocratic cabal selected them as an early experimental pioneer-group for the initial, introductory phases of this campaign.

The general model of Problem-Reaction-Solution is as follows:

1. First, they decide what changes they want to make to society.

2. Next, they think of a problem that those changes can be presented as solutions for.

3. Then they create that problem.

4. Finally, they present the pre-intended changes, as "solutions".

How is Problem-Reaction-Solution being implemented specifically in the arena of transgenderism?


Here's the game-plan for the mass-media:

1.  Target an audience of people who don't conform to society's expectations of the gender associated with their sex.

2.  Change their gender non-conformity into gender dysphoria, by telling them that the problem isn't just society's rejection and repression of them - but something inside them.  Convince them that there's something intrinsically wrong with them.  They're "in the wrong-sexed body."

It's very important to understand that, although pre-modern, pre-industrial, pre-imperial cultures - i.e. indigenous cultures - do have plenty of gender-nonconforming individuals (i.e. people who would identify as "trans" were they living in the modern, technocratic world), such cultures did not, and do not, have gender dysphoria.  

Gender nonconformity and gender dysphoria are two different things.

In ancient cultures that accepted masculine women and feminine men, (and in the aboriginal cultures who still do), gender nonconformity does not turn into gender dysphoria.  There is no reason to feel unhappy with your prescribed gender expectations if there aren't any such expectations.  If you're totally free to be yourself, and express yourself - free to talk, walk, dance, sing, dress, and love others in whatever way you feel intuitively is right for you, without worrying if you're acting "too much like the wrong gender" - then nonconformity never becomes dysphoria.

Ancient two-spirit folk (and those still lucky enough to live in an intact aboriginal culture in the present era), did not, and do not, attempt to cut off parts of their bodies to "transition" into the opposite sex.  There are no reports of them clawing or hacking at their own penises or breasts, trying to excise them.

There are no reports of them being depressed because of their biological sex, nor of them hoping/praying for a technologically advanced culture to sail/fly/swoop in to their land and "save" them by bringing plastic surgery and hormone potions so that they can finally "be themselves."

There was, and is, no clinical-level gender dysphoria in pre-imperial, pre-technocratic cultures.

Technocracy, and the Empires that it spawned, caused the problem.  

And now, it's covering its tracks, by training gender-nonconforming people to view the problem as themselves - a problem they were born with.  Thus, it absolves itself of culpability, while ruining their self-esteem even further.

Isn't that sinister?

But that's not all!  Once gender-nonconforming people start to believe the problem is something within themselves, and they're the "wrong sex", the technocrats take it one step further, into body dysmorphia.

4.  Coalesce the feelings of gender dysphoria and inadequacy into specific body parts.


The easiest parts to do this to are obviously those parts most closely associated with gender.

Sex-specific organs (genitals, breasts), as well as any other feature associated loosely with gender that the subject can be convinced to interpret as "not_____enough".

The mass-media shows reports of people who went through this "journey" - from simple gender non-conformity, into gender dysphoria, and then into body dysmorphia (and eventually the final goal, body engineering).  It shows lots and lots of such stories,  blazing a "path" for the masses to follow.  


And finally:

5.  Sell them the "solutions" in the form of technocratic body-engineering.

Start with hormones and genital replacements.  Then move on to opposite-sex-organ insertions, like functioning breasts so males can breastfeed, and functioning wombs so males can give birth.

Sell it as the "only solution that will allow some people to be self-actualized and happy."

Make an entire field of medicine out of it.

6.  Once there is an "established" and "respected" field of medicine devoted to the mixing and matching of sex organs for entirely psychological (not to save life or restore lost function) purposes, then society will be comfortable enough, with the idea of tinkering with the human body, to accept the insertion of computer hardware for the same (elective, not medical) purposes. 

From "I'm a woman", the cognitive dissonance of looking in the mirror and seeing a male body, must be addressed.

So the media steps in once again, and says, "My body is the wrong body."

Conservatives have to take responsibikity too.  They helped create the problem, by causing the original dysphoria, through their closed-minded insistence on rigid conformity to gender-based behavioral expectations, and restrictions of self-expression to an exceptionally narrow range.


"What do you think about transgenderism?"

Regardless of your philosophy regarding the nature and origins of transgenderism, we should all be able to agree that everyone has the basic right to self-expression. 

In fact, the Right to Freedom of Expression is enshrined in Title 1 of the Law of the Earth!

The Right to Freedom Of Expression

To ask any question,

to share any opinion,

to report any observation,

to speak about any experience,

to peacefully express any idea or feeling,

and to criticize any person, opinion, or idea,

and to peacefully express one's feelings and identity,

without reprisal, retribution, punishment, or fear of such.

(More details)

If someone expresses themselves in a non-traditional, or culturally non-conforming way, they're not doing anything wrong (as long as they're not hurting anybody else).

If a man wants to wear a dress, he's not hurting anyone, and therefore, not doing anything wrong.

If a woman wants to style her hair in a crew-cut, she's not hurting anyone, and therefore, not doing anything wrong.

Anyone who has a problem with this, and feels anger or hatred towards such people, and desires to judge them or make their lives more difficult on purpose because of it, needs to engage in some self-reflection and meditation, and figure out where that anger is really coming from.

"Do you support medical procedures to "change sex"?

Sex-change operations are not medical procedures.  Amputation of healthy organs is not medicine.

If an organ is diseased, and it's causing pain, and there is a low chance of recovery, then amputation may be a legitimate medical option.  But if the organ is not diseased - if it's perfectly healthy - then amputation is not medicine.  It's self-mutilation.

Self-mutilation is completely different from other forms of gender-nonconformity.  Singing, dancing, wearing clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex, working in jobs traditionally associated with the opposite sex - these are all healthy expressions, if they align with your inner sense of self.


But self-mutilation is a different category.  Self-mutilation is not a healthy expression of who anybody is.  If you're feeling the desire to self-mutilate, then that is a mental illness.


Self-Mutilation = Psychological Illness. 


The problem is not the targeted organ or body part - the problem is psychological.  And since the problem is psychological, the proper treatment is psychological as well.

"But the organ IS causing pain.  Mental pain, yes, but pain nonetheless.  The organ doesn't match the brain's "map", and the dissonance causes suffering."

If the mind and body don't match, then the problem is not the body - it's the mind.


If you have a map that doesn't accurately reflect its terrain, then you change the map to match the terrain - not the terrain to match the map.

Just about all suffering is caused by a self-image that doesn't match reality.  This goes all the way back to Buddha.  When your mind refuses to accept what IS, you suffer.

And the answer is something along the lines of:

"I accept myself fully as I am."

"I am whole, perfect, and loved, exactly the way I am."

If someone says "My nose is too big", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are.

If someone says "My boobs are too small", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are. 

If someone says "I was born with the wrong eye color - I'm supposed to be blue, not brown", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are.

If someone says, "My skin is too dark - I need to bleach it to become white", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are.

So, if someone says, "My genitals are the wrong type",, what is the correct response?

Accept yourself as you are.

We are aware of the painful history of gender-repression.  We encourage all people to express themselves, including in ways that don't conform to traditional gender roles and expectations.  But we do not condone mutilation.


People calling themselves "doctors" who perform these gruesome experiments are not doctors at all, and they should lose their medical licenses.  They are quacks, and history will bear this out.

Right now, we have museums and history books replete with examples of medical quackery, such as:

-Trepanning (drilling holes in people's skulls to cure mental illness)

-Electro-shock therapy to "cure" same-sex attraction

-Female sexual desire being treated as a mental illness

-Ingesting arsenic to make cheeks redder

-Chastity belts to "cure" masturbation

-Cutting off infants' foreskins to make them "cleaner"

-Cutting off infants' clitorises to make them "better wives"

-Drinking snake-oil to cure hundreds of different ailments

This list barely scratches the surface.  The point is, just because "doctors believe XYZ" does NOT make XYZ medicine.  There has been quackery before, and there is still quackery NOW.  And cutting off someone's genitals, turning them inside-out, and declaring that the person has now "changed sexes", will be featured in the quackery museums of the future, alongside all of those other quackeries.


We want to be on the correct side of the history.  Do you? 

"Hang on!  I found a contradiction in your philosophy!  You said doctors should lose their licenses for performing these operations.  But the Law of the Earth states that everyone has the right to do whatever they want, as long as they're not violating anyone else's rights.  Right?  And considering the fact that these "sex-change operations" are performed on WILLING PARTICIPANTS, with full CONSENT, it means that the doctors aren't violating anyone's Benign Sovereignty.  Their subjects are fully consenting.  Don't adults have the right to consent to anything they want to consent to?  How is this position consistent with the Law of the Earth?"

The doctors should lose their license, but a license is not required for practicing medicine. 

If you want to let a random person off the street perform surgery on you, you have the right to do that, and they won't be violating the Law, as long as you've consented to whatever you're having them do to you.  Consenting adults have the right to do whatever is mutually consensual between them.

A medical license is just a way of advertising competency.  A non-licensed person claiming to be licensed is committing a crime.  But a non-licensed person who is not claiming to be licensed, and who is simply saying "Hey, I'm not licensed, but let me operate on you anyway!" is not committing a crime.

If you are someone who wants to mutilate your own body, you have the lawful right to do so, and you have the right to grant consent to anyone to whom you wish to grant it.  The Law of the Earth doesn't prohibit these procedures, and the Earth Party will not try to stop them by force.

But truth is truth, and mutilation is not medicine.  And we will continue to speak the truth.

"I do find the recent explosion in so-called sex-change operations a little alarming.  It's weird how it become so popular so suddenly.  And what's even weirder is how no one's allowed to criticize it.  It's like the entire mass-media is conspiring to popularize this.  Have you noticed that?"

Yes, and there's a reason for it.  It's the same old villain as usual:  technocracy.

One of the branches of technocracy is trans-humanism, which is the idea that humans can, will, and ought to, be merged with machines.  It's an ideology that envisions a half-human, half-machine hybrid species in the (alarmingly near) future.

Since such an idea is grotesque to the normal mind, the masses won't accept it unless we're primed for it.  In other words, we will need to be tricked into thinking of it as "normal."  This will have to be done in stages, to prime us gradually.  And the normalization of genital mutilation is one of the early steps.

Trans-humanism relies on the belief that bodies are nothing but "mechanical flesh sacks" - basically just computers made out of biological material instead of metal and silicon.  This belief leads to the attitude that biology and computers are interchangeable. 

Interchangeability is a key component of trans-humanism.  In fact, it's absolutely indispensable to it.  Without the belief in interchangeability, trans-humanist ideology falls apart.  Think about it:  If body parts are not interchangeable with computers, then anyone who replaces part (or all!) of their body with computers is losing something fundamental.  They'd be losing a part of themselves.  


Trans-humanist ideology requires the belief in interchangeability.  

And "sex-change-operations" normalize the idea of interchangeability by claiming that a penis can be interchangeable with a vagina (as long as you turn it inside-out first, and do a little Copy+Paste).

We (the population) are being primed to view body parts as interchangeable, so that we'll be more ready to accept their replacement by machines, and more willing to consent to the technocratic agenda.

"This is insulting to trans-folk.  This is hurtful."

What's even more hurtful is the exploitation of trans-folk by greedy quacks who make millions of dollars off of tricking them into mutilating themselves, and by technocrats who are using trans-folk as science experiments for mass-mind-manipulation.

We oppose the exploitation of gender-nonconforming persons as science experiments.  We oppose the hijacking of their identities, and the taking advantage of their suffering to make them poster-children for technocratic trans-humanism. 

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