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Blueprint for a Mature Civilization

Facilitate Truth and Reconciliation

In order to begin anew, we need collective reconciliation and forgiveness.  Healing the world and building a mature civilization requires cooperation.  But if were' still fighting, or resentful of one another for past actions, this undermines our ability to cooperate.  And it risks reemergence of open conflict and war, which really really undermines it. 

So an important step is forgiveness. 

But forgiveness requires a process.  It requires justice - yet justice also has to be balanced with the fact that a clean slate would be enormously beneficial to everyone.

We could punish all the bad guys, but then we'll be caught up in a never-ending cycle of revenge and retribution.  It would distract us from the big goals we need to achieve to become mature civilization.

Or... on the other hand... we could have jubilee, with everyone forgiven for everything, unconditionally and immediately... but then what about war criminals?  What about rapists and vivisectionists and torturers and war profiteers, and ecocidal corporations, and the executives who facilitated all of this destruction and misery?  We can't just let them off the hook.

On one hand, only justice brings peace.

On the other, only forgiveness allows it to last.

"So what do we do?"

The answer is Truth and Reconciliation.



Peace Requires Justice

But Truth Is A Form of Justice


Peace Requires Forgiveness

But Forgiveness Requires the Truth

The Truth And Reconciliation Commission


Main outline:

-With natural social units restored (see Step 1), we now have the social infrastructure to begin reconciling individuals and factions who were in conflict

-Local, familial, and neighborhood conflicts can be solved and healed through the Village Council, and each Village will begin this process immediately after being formed

-A protocol is in development.  It will be based on non-violent communication techniques, ho'opo'no'pono (a Hawaiian reconciliation technique), and several other modalities

-Every level of social organization (Townships, Cities, Regions, and Planet) can do the same thing, at their level, in their Council

-On the Planetary level, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be created, similar in practice to its namesake from post-apartheid South Africa

Similar to the process in South Africa

Forgiven as long as they confess publicly, to the entire country or group whom they persecuted, and ask for forgiveness genuinely.

To be genuine, must display a desire to know the full extent of what they did, and a willingness to listen to the stories of the people they hurt.  All of them.  Everyone who experienced persecution at their hands can tell them, and they have to listen.  If they're unwilling to do this, then their penitence is not genuine.

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