The Original Cosmology

Originally, the human race had a concept of the world that went something like this:

We live in a living universe.  Life is everywhere.


From the largest creature to the tiniest... plants, animals, even the Earth itself and the stars and the space within it: everything is alive.


The Universe is conscious, and consciousness pervades the Universe.


(Interestingly, the physicist Niels Bohr came up with the same theory, identifying Consciousness as the "Source Field" from which all space, time, matter, and energy arises, and this theory is gaining acceptance in the particle physics community).

And since there's Life everywhere, everything is sacred.  No matter where you look, you're looking at Life.  The whole world is sacred.

And therefore, everything around us deserves respect.  The environment we're in, our ecosystem, all the creatures, plants and animals, around us:  all are Life, all are sacred, and all deserve respect.  

This is what it means to be part of a community.  A community is a collection of individuals, in which each individual recognizes their connection to all other individuals, and doesn't think themselves above or better than the other individuals - and so, therefore, the other individuals have just as many rights, entitlements and privileges as they do, and no one's whims or desires should go above anyone else's needs.  Everyone owes respect to everyone, and everyone deserves respect from everyone.

Man - the species known as "homo sapiens" - humanity - is a member of the Community of Life, on Planet Earth.

The Community of Life is a living spirit - a consciousness, an intelligence, a Being in its own right, more than just the sum of all its individuals.

We don't even have a name for it in English.  "Gaia Theory" is the closest we have, but the word "Gaia" is Greek, and still doesn't quite do the idea justice.

But regardless of whether our language has a word for it, regardless of whether our culture is wise enough to recognize it, we are, in fact, members of the Community of Life, and we have a responsibility to respect that Community.

This belief system leads to a World Model that's shaped like a circle.


In the minds of aboriginal peoples (and all peoples if you go back far enough in time), this is what the world looks like.  This is the world's shape.

No beginning, no end.

No top, no bottom.

No superiority, no inferiority.

Everyone is a member of one interrelated Community.

But then...

Some people came up with a different story... 


The Altered Cosmology

​Somewhere along the line, some humans, somewhere, came up with a new model of the world.


(We'll explore the questions of "who", and "where", and "when", and "why", further along in this series). 


And it goes something like this:


"The universe is not alive, or conscious.  Only Man is conscious.

The universe is an object.  Not a who, but an it.


The entire natural world:  the planet we live on, and all the plants and animals in it - are not "who"s, but "it"s.  They are nothing but resources for Man to use and exploit. 


Their entire purpose is to serve Man - and they have absolutely no purpose outside of that, and no value beyond their usefulness to Man.

And they are all subordinate to Man.  Nature is subordinate to Man.  The entire ecosystem, and all Life within it - indeed the land itself, and every living being who lives in it or upon it, is the property of Man.  Man owns Nature.  He owns the lands, the seas, and all within and upon them.  Man has the right to do whatever he wants with "it", whatever he sees fit.

This is hard to even say, or write.  This sounds like violence, doesn't it?  This is an ideology built out of violence - can you feel it?


Anyway, let's get it out on paper, so we can inspect it, and see what kind of insanity is really lying at the root of all these problems.


While individual men own individual chunks of the planet, all such ownership claims are ultimately derived from a chain of succession reaching back to one very Big and Powerful man, whose name is "God", who owns the entire planet, and doles out chunks of it to men and nations as his vassals.


Since He has the right to use the land, and all living beings within it, in whatever way He sees fit, He also has the right to pass along that same authority to his vassals: i.e. Man. And thus, Man has the same authority, to do whatever he sees fit, to the land, and to every living being within it.

This belief system leads to a world model that's shaped like a pyramid:

Man at the top.


Woman right beneath him.


Next, other species whom we directly exploit for economic benefit (such as sheep, goats, cows, and horses).


Finally, all other species, which we don't have a need for.


Actually, that last statement is not true.  And it's so not true, it's actually what's leading us towards our downfall.


In reality, we need every species.


We might not notice or understand our need for all of them, but they're all part of the ecosystem, and are all vital to its optimum functioning.


But, of course, our dependence on an animal that we have a direct economic use for, such as a sheep or a cow, is more easy to see than that of, say, an ant or a dandelion, upon whom our dependency passes through several other inter-species relationships before it reaches us.


But we do depend on them - on all of them.


We forgot that.  And we started treating all forms of life that we didn't see any immediate value in, as if they were completely expendable - an annoyance, an obstacle, or a resource at best.


Think about that.  Nature used to be a community - a universal field of sacredness.  Then it became a commodity, and/or an outright adversary - something inconvenient, to be replaced with our "better" and "more orderly" order of things.


Can you start to see the violence that happened to the human mind in order to produce our current civilization?


And thus we have the two world models:

The circle model, wherein Life is recognized as a community, and the pyramid model, in which Life is a hierarchy of dominion.

These are the Two Cosmologies.

The Community Cosmology...

...and the Dominion Cosmology.

Here's a quick comparison:


Universe:  Animate

Life:  Community

Man's place:  Member

Species:  Interrelated

Purpose:  to Exist, to Live

Value:  Intrinsic

Positions:  Equal

Outlook:  Sacred

Beings:  Beings

Attitude:  Respect


Universe:  Inanimate

Life:  Hierarchy

Man's place:  Owner

Species:  Causally Isolated

Purpose:  to Serve Man

Value:  Insofar As Useful

 Positions:  Superior/Inferior

Outlook:  Economic

Beings:  Things

Attitude:  Exploitation

Irrefutable Proof

Now, there may still be some skeptics of this idea.  Some people might still not believe this.

The objections can be summarized as follows:


"Hey.  Back up a minute.  My society might have some problems, I won't deny that.  But it's still the best society that's ever existed!


There's more prosperity now than ever before!  We've lifted more people than ever out of poverty!  We've cured diseases!  We have phones and internet and cars that go really fast!  We have so much cool stuff!  We even put a man on the moon!  No one's ever done that before!  Our civilization is the very first to achieve such heights of success!"

To this we say...

"By their fruits, ye shall know them."


What are the fruits of these two systems?

Let's examine them one by one.

1.  Water

Once upon a time, every lake, river, and stream on Earth was clean, pure, and potable.

We know this, because pollution didn't exist.


There was no oil drilling, so no oil spills or slicks.

There was no mining, so no mining tailings.

There was no plastic, so no plastic pollution.

There was no industrial effluent, because there were no factories.

There was no household product pollution, because there were no detergents, or other such chemicals.

But there were people.

Humans lived during that time.  And they did it without polluting the water.

Any of it.

From the time of Creation, all the way up until the "industrial revolution", all water was drinkable.

"Nuh uh!  You couldn't drink from the ocean!  It's salty!"

All freshwater.  Nice try though.

"Hey now, wait a minute!  Places with indigenous peoples do have polluted rivers!  Look at Africa!  Look at Indonesia!  There's plenty of pollution there!"

Aboriginal cultures have polluted rivers only if there are non-aboriginal economic activities nearby.


Wherever you find uncontacted tribes (cultures that have had no direct contact with "the modern world" as we call it), you find absolutely pristine ecosystems, with no pollution whatsoever.  No oil slicks, no toxic dumps, no plastic.  That stuff only shows up when Dominion Cosmology show up.

Whenever a Dominion society shows up in a new place, that place's water starts becoming dirty and undrinkable.


And the only time water becomes dirty and undrinkable is when a Dominion society shows up.

Community Cosmology

Dominion Cosmology

"And how exactly do these cosmologies lead to their respective outcomes?"

Well... think about it.

If water is alive, and has a spirit (and perhaps even a deity with some sort of power), then you're going to respect it, aren't you?  No way you'd pollute a living spirit of Nature.

But if water is just a "thing", then you can pollute all you want - if it suits you.


Perhaps you won't, because perhaps it doesn't suit you - perhaps the cost of polluting is higher than the cost of not polluting, and it's in your self-interest to keep the water clean.  Perhaps.  And if that's the case, hurray.

But there are problems with this:

What if polluting does affect you more than you realize, perhaps in an indirect way that passes through several other inter-species relationships before it curves back around on you?  What if it affects you, but you just don't have enough ecological wisdom to foresee that consequence?

What if there's no cost to you, but there is to someone else?

What if the cost isn't being felt now, but will be felt by future generations?

In Dominion Cosmology, you might pollute, or you might not.  It all depends on whether it suits you, because it's up to you.  Because you have "dominion" over the land and waters.  They're "yours", whether "you" are an individual with an individual plot of land, or a nation with a whole region of land.  If you want to pollute, it's your prerogative.  Polluting might be dumb, and self-sabotaging - but it's your prerogative.

But in Community Cosmology, you'll never pollute.  Not under any circumstance.  Because it's not your prerogative, to do so in the first place.  You recognize that you have no right to pollute - no matter how much it might suit you.

Community Cosmology is a fail-safe against pollution.  And the fruits bear this out:

Community Cosmology

Dominion Cosmology


The civilization currently in control of the world is the very first to make WATER UNDRINKABLE.


2.  Air

​It's also the first to make AIR UNBREATHABLE.

For the same reasons as water:  If the sky is a living being, you won't feel comfortable polluting it.


And if it's just a "thing", then... why not?

Community Cosmology

Dominion Cosmology


3.  Food

​The first to make FOOD INEDIBLE.



And this unnatural diet leads to the universe of health problems unique to modern society - and absent from aboriginal ones.

This is widely accepted in the field of anthropology:  Indigenous peoples don't suffer from the diseases of the modern world.  And they only start suffering from those diseases when the "western diet" gets introduced to them.



And it applies to teeth too.

One of the common arguments in defense of the Dominion society is:  "Yes, but we have modern medicine and dentistry!"

The implication is that the human body is "naturally sickly", and just gets sick all the time - and that the teeth get rotten automatically.  And before "dentistry" came around, no one could do anything about their rotten teeth, and these masses of poor hapless tribes-people just had to sit around in horrible dental pain without relief.

But this is a myth. 

Dental problems are nearly non-existent in aboriginal societies, following their original, natural diet:

"Across the world, Dr. Price witnessed the same story being told again and again. Groups of people who avoided modern foods made from sugar and white flour were able to maintain the optimized health of their ancestors. These people were uniformly robust and strong, with wide dental arches that adequately housed all of their teeth, allowing them to grow in straight without orthodontic assistance. Their lack of cavities ensured they enjoyed good dental health for life.

From Dr. Price’s observations, it can be hypothesized that crooked teeth are an unfortunate symptom of multi-generational sup-optimal nutrition. Crooked teeth – in turn – suggest a higher risk for disease infection, respiratory issues, tooth decay and possibly other skeletal issues. The implications are extensive."

Before  <----------------->  After

Before  <----------------->  After

Community  <----------------->  Dominion

"And exactly how does cosmology determine diet?"

Community Cosmology treats the entire living world as one organism, inconceivably complex, and deeply interconnected.

When this is recognized, we don't want to needlessly "mess around with" the systems that are part of that organism.

We won't mess around with our food.  We won't mess around with our nutrition. 

Food is sacred. The body is sacred.  In this outlook, there is no room for junk food or GMO's.

But if the world is not a living organism... then it's not deeply interconnected - it's just a "machine" with easily understandable components that don't affect one another (unless we specifically want them to).

In this outlook, we can fool ourselves into thinking we "understand how it all works", and that "messing around" with the system won't have any adverse consequences.

So why not condense mildly toxic laboratory chemicals into a solution of pure sugar, and then market it to children?


4.  Land

The first to make LAND UNINHABITABLE.



If the Land is a living being, you're not going to assault her.

You're not going to strip-mine someone you revere and possibly worship.

You're not going to chop down trees if you pray to them. 


How in the world could anyone take an axe to the sacred?

But if the trees and the land are just "things", then you can do whatever you want, if it suits you.



What happens when "modern" civilization shows up?


The trees start falling... immediately.

They don't fall until this civilization shows up -

- and as soon as it shows up, they start falling.


In less than 100 years, this:

turns into this:

Yet the aboriginals have coexisted with the natural world around them for thousands of years.  Tens of thousands.  And they have no such problem.  



5.  The Night Sky

The first to make the STARS INVISIBLE.




6.  Our Ambient Environment

​And the first to make SILENCE IMPOSSIBLE.



Peace and quiet are vital for our mental health.

Without them, we find horrific problems with:


7.  Our Mental State

​​Wherever this civilization shows up, madness and misery follow it.

Mental illness increases exponentially:

Not that --->



​Community falls apart.
Huge swaths of the population live in severe loneliness:

Not that --->




​Suicide becomes an epidemic:

Not that --->



​People live in such severe alienation that they snap and start killing random bystanders indiscriminately.


Not that --->



And the misery has spread beyond our species, to the entire living world:


7.  The Experience of Animals



Not that --->





Landscapes of torment:


Not that --->




Literal lakes of feces.  Seriously, it's a thing, and it's standard practice in industrialized meat/dairy production.  Lakes.  Of feces.


Not that --->




Mechanized slaughter factories:


Not that --->



Gruesome experiments on living beings:


Not that --->




The Dominion society has turned our planet into a torture chamber.

Billions of tormented beings cry out for justice, for an end to the cruelty.  At any given time, trillions of souls are praying for the collapse of this so-called "civilization."

And their prayers might be answered, if we don't change course.  In fact, we're the ones answering them.  The Dominion Society is not only filthy and cruel, but it's self-destructive.  It's chopping away at its own foundations.


8.  The Omnicide

Wherever Dominion Cosmology shows up, green turns into gray.   It erases Life and replaces Life with non-biological material.  Wherever it shows up, Life shrinks.  It literally eats the land.



​No prior civilization has EVER done this.

​Just look at this:


If this was happening on your skin, you'd know you were sick. 


Well, it's happening to our planet.


Our planet has a serious illness.

And the illness has the potential to be terminal.

The society of Dominion Cosmology is the first society to create nuclear radiation, nuclear waste, and nuclear weapons.  The first to put the entire human species - indeed, all life on Earth - at risk of total annihilation. 

The first to create the ability to sterilize the entire planet - to erase a billion years of evolution - within seconds.


The verdict is in:















"Are you calling humans a disease?  That's not very... uh... nice...  It's misanthropic..."


No, humanity is not a disease.  There are humans - human cultures - who do not do the kinds of things in those pictures.  They do not carry the sickness.


Since there are humans who aren't sick, then humanity itself cannot be the disease.


We might carry it - but it isn't who we are.

And that means...



"OK, I concur that we should restore our original cosmology.  "Community Cosmology", as you're calling it.

So... what now?  How do we do that?

How exactly does one... um... change one's cosmology?"

With knowledge.


It's time to learn about how we changed the first time. 

If we understand how we changed from Community to Dominion, then we'll be better prepared to understand how to change back.

"So, how did that happen?  How did it start?"

Well first let's identify some simpler things:

When did it start?

Where did it start?

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Chapter 3:  The Lie of History

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