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The Left and the Right are more than just political tribes or ideologies.  They are metaphysical elements of Reality, similar to yin and yang.

As such, they are equal stature and importance.

They each fulfill a vital function:

The Left moves society forward in evolution, toward a more just, more compassionate, and more enjoyable world for All.  

The Right provides caution, to make sure the changes are actually positive,
because not all changes are good; some changes aren't well-thought out, and we need someone to say "Hey, whoa, careful there, are you sure about that?  That's a huge change!  Think about it before you do it!"


To use an analogy of a car, the Left is the gas pedal, and the Right is the brake pedal.  You can't drive without gas, and you shouldn't drive without brakes.  No sane person would try.

And yet, for some reason, our landscape has become divided and polarized, with most people identifying solely with one half, and deriding the other as "evil."  

"I'm a gas-pedal person, and I hate brake-pedal people!  The brake-pedal is bigotry!"

"People who use the gas-pedal are morons!  Let's just sit where we are, and never move!"

This dumb "war" between the Left and the Right needs to stop.  It's destroying everything, ripping us apart from one another, and making every problem unsolvable.  

Peace begins now.  If you're here reading this, you probably recognize that it's time to heal this arbitrary and capricious divide, and reunite the human family.

So where do we start?

Let's start with the biggest complaint of both sides:

"The other side is @#$%ing CRAZY."

Yes, whether you're on the Left or the Right, chances are, you think the other side is just out of its mind - completely beyond the ability to reason with.  It inhabits a completely alien reality, a parallel universe in which every fact of the world, and every principle of Reason, is reversed.

And you're not wrong.  The other side IS crazy.

But you are partly responsible for their craziness.  

Let's explain.

You see, the reason any side is crazy is due to lack of communication with the other side.


Without the Left, the Right gets crazy.

Without the Right, the Left gets crazy.

Without the other side, a side doesn't get the fullness of thought.

Without the other side's input, its thinking veers off further.

Without both sides, only half of the mind is thinking, and whatever it comes up with will lack the influence of the other side. 


So, whichever side you're on, the cure for the opposite side's distortion is the restoration of communication with your side.


The most effective thing you can do is to communicate.  The worst thing you can do is shutdown conversation and refuse to talk.


"But they're CRAZY!"


If the other side's craziness alarms you, that's all the more reason to restore communication, because the crazy comes from lack of it.


If you never hear X ideas explained, and only ever hear Y ideas, you'll gravitate towards Y thinking.  If the imbalance continues, you'll eventually fear X ideas, and their proponents.


So the cure is to talk again.


"Can you explain how it works, in practice?"




There are two vicious cycles that are perpetuating all of this.  We'll explain them both.


First, How Lefties are making Righties crazy:

1.  Human society evolves.  People do bad things - to other people, to animals, and to the ecosystem - but slowly, old barbaric practices are phased out.  As Dr. King said, "the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice."


Lefties, being the gas pedal for social evolution, figure the steps out first, and then seek to help enlighten others.  Some people are receptive to making changes.  Some are not.


Righties, being the brake pedal, are more reluctant to change.  They continue to act in an un-evolved way, doing things they shouldn't be doing.  It's the function of the Left to enlighten them, and teach them a better way, but...

2.   Lefties get angry at Righties for failing to evolve as quickly as Lefties, and ostracize Righties for their shortcomings.  Instead of a campaign to educate Righties by elucidating the reasoning behind the social changes Lefties want to implement, Lefties instead wage a campaign of condemnation and social isolation against Righties, which can be termed "Confrontational Activism."

3a.  Being condemned and hated causes Righties to withdraw from Lefties, and erect defense mechanisms that make it even harder for Lefties (even nice, conciliatory ones) to reach them.

3b.  Furthermore, some Lefties go even further, by cutting off communication with Righties, so that, even if the Righties want to communicate, they can't.  This gets taken to the extreme, when Righties get deplatformed and banned from social networks, so that even other Lefties can no longer talk to them.

4.  Being isolated and cut off from all Leftie voices causes Righties to have no more input from Lefties.  Now, no Leftie ideas can reach them, and the only voices that can reach the Righties are other Righties.   This creates an echo-chamber, a thought-bubble - whatever term you want to use - in which the same Rightwing ideas get bounced around over and over again, with no Leftwing thoughts to balance them.  The Righties feed off of each other's thoughts, and they become ever more extreme.

"So it's all the Left's fault!  I knew it!"

Hold on there, partner.  It's not all their fault.  It's partly yours too.  Righties are perpetuating another vicious cycle of misunderstanding. 


Righties are making Lefties crazy.

Now, How Righties are making Lefties crazy:

1.  Righties, being the brake-pedal people, have a tendency to be resistant to social change, even when the changes are proper and healthy.

2.  Lefties try to explain to Righties why they should change (evolve) their habits.  At first, they're polite and respectful about it.  But they're met with derision and apathy from the Righties.


They try again, but nothing changes.


Weeks, months, and years go by, and the Righties continue the same harmful habits, refusing to evolve.  Lefties keep trying to talk to them, but Righties keep laughing at them.

3.  Lefties become frustrated, and angry.  

4.  Righties point to the Lefties' anger as evidence that Lefties are unhinged and crazy.  This further cements the idea in Righties' heads that they're the correct ones, and Lefties are wrong.


5.  Thinking Lefties (and by extension, Leftie ideas) are crazy, the Righties hold even tighter to their habits, resisting change even more stubbornly, even to the point of caricature.


6.  These stunning displays of apathy toward others' suffering convince Lefties that Righties are pure evil, and can never be reasoned with.


The Lefties then get more frustrated, which perpetuates the cycle.

Over, and over, and over again.


"There's no way I'm gonna talk to an Alt-Right person!  The Alt-Right is racist, misogynistic, speciesist, homophobic, xenophobic, and bigoted in all sorts of ways!  They're Nazis!  They're fascists!  Talking to them would legitimize them!"

First of all, if someone is really holding deplorable ideas, ostracism only makes the problem worse.  It leads to thought-bubbles, where only one set of ideas is available.  This lack of communication between Left and Right is the primary cause of the development of deplorable ideas in the first place.

There is a racism problem in the Alt-Right.  It does exist - although it's not as bad as you think (link).

Most of the people on the Alt-Right aren't even bigots in the first place.  They're not racist, not misogynist, not LGBT-phobic, not xenophobic.  You just think they are because the corporate media has been blasting you with propaganda to give you that impression.  The media lies to you, to keep you divided, because the Establishment wants to keep us all divided, you see.  Divided, we're easier to keep under control.  Don't fall for it.

Nevertheless, some are indeed racist.  The problem does exist. 

However, a partnership with the Alt-Left is exactly the thing that will cure it.


When Alt-Righties start meeting and talking to Alt-Lefties, and hanging out, and organizing together, they'll find themselves making black friends, female friends, immigrant friends, queer friends, and so forth.  Meeting actual people always softens bigots.  Having direct, amiable social contact with people in a particular group is the greatest and most effective medicine for preventing and curing bigotry against that group.

In fact, many Alt-Righties have experienced social rejection from people on the Left, and they developed their racism and misogyny and speciesism and other bigotries as defense mechanisms to cope with it.  That doesn't excuse bigotry, of course... but nor does it excuse social rejection.  That stuff is harmful.  If you keep doing it, you're contributing to the problem. 

So stop rejecting them.

"You want POC, or immigrants, or LGBT people to have to put up with bigots, and listen to them "spew hate" in their faces?"

Peacemaking can be a complex process.  If it were simple, everyone would have done it already.  War is usually easier... but it won't lead us anywhere, except to destruction. 

Peacemaking can be messy.  It can bring up difficult emotions.  We don't want people to simply sit there and take abuse.  We advocate nonviolent communication, in which feelings (including anger) can be expressed in a safe, structured context that facilitates healing.

At the core of any bigotry, be it racism or sexism or any other kind, is anger.  The person feels hurt in some way.  They may be blaming the hurt on people who weren't responsible for it - e.g. an entire race - but the feeling itself is still real, and needs to be dealt with.  And if you're a Leftie, and you've been to college, and taken psychology/sociology courses and all of that, and you know how to use NVC, then you're well-equipped to help them.

Don't think of it as hate - think of it as anger.  The proper way to process anger involves expressing it.  The healing of relationships always requires the expression of suppressed anger (and other feelings).  There can be a safe "container" for it, of course, in the form of structured, NVC (non-violent communication) sessions - this is fine, if it's what you need to feel comfortable.  But it needs to happen in some form - communication must be restored. 

No one is an illegitimate person.  Everyone matters.  Even the loathsome among us are still living beings, with feelings, and they are part of mass consciousness, and their minds influence the mass-consciousness aggregate.  You can't isolate them from society, because society is an ecosystem, and whatever happens in one place affects the Whole.  This means that racists, misogynists, fascists, all kinds of bigots, and yes, even Nazis, are part of the ecosystem of society, and you have to address them - and address them as people, not as things.

The good news is that addressing them as people is what heals them.  They've never been treated as people before - not by anyone on the Left, at least.  The Lefties who interacted with them showed them nothing but spite, condemnation, and ostracism.  But if you start showing them some compassion and empathy, they'll see that there's a good side to you, and maybe a good side to POC as well, or immigrants, or women, or whoever it is they've been fixated on.  You can bring them out of their dark tunnel and into the light of the liberal, multicultural world, and they won't be racists, misogynists, xenophobes, or fascists anymore.

With peace made, you'll have a massive new voting and organizing bloc on your side - in fact, the reigning one, the one that's currently on the ascent all over the world.  You'd actually start winning.  Because, don't forget, the Establishment is your common enemy.  They hate it as much as you do.  They'll work with you, if you'll work with them. 


"But I don't wanna make peace with the other side. I wanna annihilate them!"


As long as the Left wants to annihilate the Right, the Right is going to want to annihilate the Left.


And vice versa, of course. 

"But they ALREADY want to do that!  I need to defend myself, by annihilating them, because they already want to annihilate me!"

They already want to do that to YOU because they think YOU already want to do it to THEM. 


That's how wars work.


Neither side really wants to fight, but they're afraid that the other side wants to fight them, so they feel they have to fight the other side first.  That's how wars work.


And you fix it with a peace treaty.  With both sides agreeing simultaneously to lay down their arms and simultaneously make friends.


That's what treaties are for.  

"Alright, so how do we make a treaty?  Do you have one ready?"

Yes, we have a peace treaty ready, and we've published it on  (petition site),  so that you, and everyone else, can log in and sign it, making known your desire for Peace. 

But wait.  Before we get there, we need to explain one more thing first. 

The Left-Right dynamic is the political manifestation of a far more ancient and fundamental relationship.

The Left and Right each represent the collective consciousness identity of one of the genders:  feminine showing up as the Left, masculine showing up as the Right. 

If we wanted to use mythological terms, we might call them "Goddess" and "God."

Since the gender dynamic is the root of the Left-Right dynamic, achieving Peace in the political arena is possible only through Peace in the sexual one. 

Peace Between Left and right rests upon Peace Between the Sexes.

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3. Making Peace Between the Sexes

Our planet's in trouble.
We've been in a bubble.
We're turning our beautiful world into rubble.
It's not just our tribe, and not just our nation,
not only our culture and civilization;
the danger is facing the very foundations
of all Life and balance within the Creation.

It matters not what label you call yourself,
or in which ideology you enthrall yourself,
whether you're a black panther or a white nationalist,
a radical feminist or a men's rights activist,
a conservative who pines for the days of yore,
or a liberal who likes when there's gays galore,
whether you're young, or whether you're old,
freethinker or someone who does what you're told,
a queer or a breeder,
a slave or a leader,
atheist or believer,
poodle or retriever,
richest and poorest, fattest and thinnest,
we all need the Earth, or else we are finished.

The Alt-Right is not inherently "bad" - it does have some valid things to say, on subjects like the importance of local communities, and economic self-sufficiency - as well as the dangers of imperialism, and censorship. 


Rather than "bad", it's unbalanced.  It's not being kept in check by its natural compliment: the Alt-Left.  


The Right is unchecked and missing its complimentary opposite.  And this type of power is what's making it so wacky, and so in thrall of its worst aspects, like xenophobia and nationalism, racism, eco-denierism, and economic monarchism.

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