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Technology vs. Technocracy

Part 5:  We Can Defeat Technocracy

Let's make sure everyone's clear on one thing:  

Technocracy is NOT going to win.

Technocracy will NOT take over this planet.

We can stop technocracy... and we WILL.  

"What makes you so sure?"

Because we have the authority - the moral authority - to do whatever it takes to stop it.

A lot of people hesitate from taking action because they're not sure if it's the "right thing to do."

But this is now a matter of survival.  We now fully realize what's going on:  We are under assault.  And with that comes the right to self-defense.

We, the living beings of the Earth, assert our right to self-determination.  We will decide our destiny.  It will NOT be foisted upon us.  We do NOT consent.


We do not consent to the erasure of our biosphere.
We do not consent to being replaced by machines.  

We do not consent to the technocratic agenda.  Computers do NOT have our consent to rule us.

To the technocrats:

We have told you NO.  If you continue, you are rapists.  

Our bodies are NOT your property.
This world is NOT your property.

You WILL stop.

You are hereby ordered to CEASE AND DESIST from violating the sovereignty of this planet.   If you do not stop willingly, then you will face the wrath of the combined consciousness of all life on Earth.  

The giant is waking.  You've gone beyond mere annoyance, beyond injury - beyond anything we can continue ignoring.  You now threaten the survival of Life itself.  You march into the inner sanctum of Life, and lay bare your intentions to destroy everything and everyone.  We know what you want.  We will not allow it.  

Stand down.   

Stand down, or We the Earth will stand you down.  

You are MEMBERS of the Community of Life - not owners.  You BELONG here, but here doesn't belong TO you.  You are GUESTS, and this planet is your HOST.  You will respect your host, or you will be thrown out.  





The Earth Party calls upon all sane people to rise up and take control of your own destiny.


Defeating technocracy is a multi-faceted endeavor.  It may be one of the most challenging things humanity has ever done.  But we have to do it.  Our very existence is at stake. 

Here's the good news:


Even though humans can be lazy in confronting challenges, existential threats are the one exception.  When our survival is in jeopardy, we get up off the couch and act. 

And technocracy has become so monstrous, it now jeopardizes all life on the planet.  So the time is ripe for humanity to finally stand up and put a stop to it. 

"So how do we do that?"


First, we need a vision of what healthy technology actually looks like.  Remember, technology's purpose is to serve Life. 


And what does that look like?


What does a world look like when advanced technology exists, but is subservient to Life?


What does our society look like when we use or technology only for purposes which improve our lives while respecting Nature?


What does a landscape look like if it hasn't been mutilated by technocracy?

What kinds of values lead to such a healthy world?

We must envision such a world.  Only after we've created it in our minds can we begin to create it in the world.

The answers to these questions will be explored on the following page, Part 6: A Vision of Healthy Technology.

"Hmmm... sounds about right.  What's next?"


Secondly, we need a way to implement the aforementioned vision.  And that has to be done collectively.  The solution has to be collective.  We have to defeat it TOGETHER, as a PLANET.

It's been attacking us as a planet, so we need to face it as a planet.

Individual choices won't stop it.  Even if you decide to make some adjustments in your life, to be a little more independent from your technology... even if you do that, it's not going to change the course of humanity.  Even if 99% of people agree individually, if there's still 1% of people who still want technocracy, then they're going to keep developing insane things, continuing to put our planet at risk, and continuing to make themselves more powerful.

So whatever we do, it has to be applied universally.  The solution has to be planet-wide.  The entire human race has to implement the solution, everywhere, at the same time. 

This will require a planet-wide governing body.  Thankfully, it already exists.  It's called the Planetary Protectorate, and it's the Earth Party's parent organization. 

"Wait, what!?!?!?  Global government?  GLOBALISM???  I can't believe it!  After all that stuff you just said about technocracy being BAD, you want a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT?!?!?!?  I don't understand!  How can you support globalism after everything you just wrote!!!???  Globalism is the EPITOME of technocracy!!!!"

Correct.  Globalism is a key arm of technocracy, and the "globalists" are technocrats, creating their global government as part of the technocratic agenda.  No dispute there!

But we are not part of that movement, and we don't want "globalism" as most people know it.  We're asking for planetary consciousness, which is completely different from globalism.

They're two different things.

Globalism seeks a unified world through technology and computers.

Planetary Consciousness, on the other hand, is a spiritual unity that arises organically as the minds and souls of people evolve and mature, to naturally recognize their commonality with the rest of the world as brothers and sisters.

The spiritual dimension is the key aspect that distinguishes planetary consciousness from globalism.  This will be explained further in Part 7.

Which brings us to the next aspect:


This is a spiritual battle.  There is, of course, a material solution - but it requires a spiritual solution first.  Technocracy has spent the last several centuries (and millennia in some places) poisoning our minds with its programming.  As a result, we are not in our natural condition anymore. 


We have to cleanse ourselves from technocratic programming, to make our minds pure and free from technocracy.  Only then can we be in a position to defeat it.  If we try to defeat it materially, without first doing so spiritually, then we might end up making the problem worse.  Technocracy could "sneak back in through the back door", and hijack our efforts, using them to strengthen itself.  We might unwittingly help technocracy and continue advancing its agenda, if we don't get clean on the inside first.  This will be explained in Part 8.


And finally, we must be willing to make material changes in our own lives, to liberate ourselves from our own unnecessary technologies.

Understand that the solution is both Individual and Collective, and both Material and Spiritual.

These are the four aspects:

We'll now go through each of the four, starting with the formation of a picture of what a world with healthy technology looks like.

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Part 6:  A Vision of Healthy Technology

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