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Narrative Part 7:

What Happened in 2016?

"What happened in 2016?  It seemed like everything was going one way, and then it all changed suddenly.  Was it because of Donald Trump?  Why did he get elected?  Why did Brexit happen?  Why the sudden right-wing surge everywhere?  Is Putin/Russia behind it?  What's going on?"

Our civilization's current power structure is heavily invested in preventing change.  The people who are currently at the "top" do not want humanity to evolve to a Love-Centered Society*, because they enjoy having control over the rest of us, and they don't want to lose that.

And in 2016, the rebellion began.  

Donald Trump, as an archetype, is an agent of change.  Whether such change will bring us in a good or bad direction is up to the rest of us - the mass consciousness of humanity.  But whether you see Trump as a good figure or a bad figure, one thing can't be denied:  people elected him because they wanted change.  They wanted to "rock the boat" - and he's definitely rocked it.


For first time ever, people are saying things in public that they had never said before.  A wider range of ideas are on the table than ever before - both on the Right and the Left. 


A lot of those ideas are ugly and anger-filled.  Some of them are more hopeful and unity-minded.   But the point is, the barrier was broken - the barrier of normal status-quo, "business as usual",  polite discourse was broken through.  And a revolution began.  Not with muskets or weapons, but in consciousness.  People have started to become willing to transcend the current system and get to something different.   Change came into the air. 

"Um, this doesn't seem like a revolution to me.  It just looks like a bunch of Alt-Right racists and bigots giving themselves permission to spew their hatred farther and wider.  Nothing's improving.  If anything, the oppressive power structures that were loosened under Obama have now begun to be tightened again.  Wall-Street is more powerful than ever.  Rich people are trampling the poor more than ever, corporations are pillaging more than ever, and we're not evolving at all.  We're DE-volving."

This is because the Establishment pulled a clever trick to keep itself in power.   


The revolution, in the beginning, was (or ought to have been) Left-Right balanced.  It should have been everyone - not just one side.

But there was a hitch.  The revolutionary consciousness split into two halves, and the two have been at odds with each other, and thus far unable to overthrow the Establishment.


It should have just been the Alt vs. the Establishment, but the Establishment did some tricky things,and sabotaged the revolution on the Left-hand side, while allowing it to proceed on the Right-hand side. 

This drama is playing out all over the world, but the version we saw in the United States was the most quintessential, so we'll explain it from the perspective of the U.S. election.

If you recall in the 2016 primaries, there were 4 main factions: 

The Establishment-Left, represented by Hillary Clinton

The Establishment-Right, represented by Jeb Bush

The Alt-Left, represented by Bernie Sanders

The Alt-Right, represented by Donald Trump.


The Alt split off from the Establishment, but if you recall, only one side was named in any public kind of way.  The Alt-Right got a lot of attention and press coverage, but the Alt-Left didn't.  In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find any mention whatsoever of the term "Alt-Left" in any publication anywhere.  Google it.  Nothing comes up.  Ever noticed that?

The Establishment-Left was able to keep a lid on its Alt.  The most likely reason for this is the fact that the Left was coming out of 8 years of perceiving itself to be "in power", and so there was not as much anger and frustration - two things that fertilize revolutionary thought - as there was on the Right.  The Left was satiated, happy, and willing to trust its Establishment to continue the "good times." 

But the Right, reeling from 8 years of perceived helplessness, was ready for upheaval.  The lid blew off.  The Alt candidate won the Republican primary.

In comparison, the Alt-Left candidate failed to win his nomination, and so once the general election came around, it was an Alt candidate - Trump - against an Establishment candidate - Clinton.  And it was never a competition - the Alt was destined to win.

The Alt was what the world wanted - and still wants - and wants more and more, every day.  

"But the Alt-Right is horrible.  They're a bunch of bigots.  They want a revolution alright - but a horrible, fascist revolution."

The reason for this is because the Revolution is only thinking with half of its brain - the Right half.  The Left half is not making it through to consciousness. 


When Bernie Sanders lost his party's nomination, the Alt-Left was suppressed for the rest of the election.  The Alt-Right candidate won his nomination.  And so the Alt-Right became the only nominated Alt. 

The Alt-Right was nominated, but the Alt-Left was not.  So the Revolution took a sharp Rightward turn.


Had the Alt-Left been able to join in the Revolution, then the Revolution would have taken on Lefty values - like diversity, open-mindedness, environmental consciousness, compassion, and the desire to evolve forward, rather than devolve backward. 


For example, if more people of color, more women, and more immigrants had been able to join the Revolution, then the Alt-Righties would have had more exposure to these kinds of people at their meetings and events.  Contact is the greatest weapon against bigotry.  When people start meeting those they fear, and start seeing that they're normal and not all that different from themselves, they start to fear them less. 


If more environmentalists had been able to join the Revolution, then they could have explained their reasoning to the Righties, and the Righties could have learned something about ecology, and then become more ecologically conscious.  The list goes on.

But, sadly, the
Right is the only side that's functioning.  The Right is in power.  It controls a major political party - the Republicans.   But the Alt-Left has nothing.  It controls no party (the Democrats are still Establishment).  It's dis-unified.  It has no leader.  The mainstream media doesn't even mention it.  Whenever we hear the term "Alt", we always say "Alt-Right."  The Alt-Left has not taken its appropriate place in consciousness.  Yet.  


Some people, people who have been brainwashed by the Establishment, they think that the problem is the Alt, and that the solution is to defeat the Alt, and bring back the Establishment.   But that's not correct.  

The solution is to recognize that the
Alt is a good thing, but it's just imbalanced because it's missing half of itself.   We need to add the other half back.


If we add back the Left part of the Alt, and it will balance out the Alt-Right, and the Alt will no longer be only on the Right side - it'll be balanced.  And the dangerous aspects of it, like the fascism, will be countered and cleansed from it.  

This means that if you want the Alt-Right to not have a monopoly on power forever (because no side should ever remain in power, unchallenged, indefinitely), then the answer is the Alt-Left.  Not the Establishments - the Establishment can't fix this, because it's a sinking ship, a last remnant of a crumbling control grid that humanity demands liberation from. 

The Establishment is the greater enemy.  It starts the wars, it controls the media and uses it to lie to us.  It's the vehicle of technocracy, it's the arm of the cabal, it's giving aid and comfort to the people designing super-intelligent A.I. to take over the planet and enslave us or fuse our bodies with computers, and it's the entity that has presided over the most destructive, cruel, and insane period in recorded human history.  We must stand together to dethrone it.

The Establishment must be defeated for humanity to be liberated.  To do this, the Alts must make peace with each other, and join forces.  The Alt-Left must team up with the Alt-Right, and join together to form a "Combined Alt" - a unified revolutionary consciousness.

"No way!  The Alt-Right is a bunch of

racists, sexists, and fascists!"

"No way!  The Alt-Left is a bunch of

pinko commies!"

There are issues, of course, and they need healing.  The good news is that the extremes of each side are caused primarily by a lack of communication with the other side.

In other words, the extreme views of some

of the members of the Alt-Right have developed

because of a lack of communication with the Alt-Left...

...and the extreme views of some

of the members pof the Alt-Left have developed

because of a lack of communication with the Alt-Right .

This means that when the two sides start talking to each other, the extremes will soften, and no longer be so extreme.

For this purpose, the Earth Party has begun a peacemaking campaign, complete with its own hashtag:


To learn more about the Peace Process, you can visit our page on

Peace Between Left and Right.

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