What is the Earth Party?

It's many things.

It's an alternative "third party" for those tired of the duopoly of existing parties.


It's a home for the freethinkers who don't fit in with the crowd from the Left or the crowd from the Right, because you recognize the value in both. 

It's the vehicle to unite the populist working class from both sides - because the only way to truly stand a chance against the elites is together.

It's the publisher of the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization - a step-by-step plan to reorganize human society, from the bottom up, to enshrine the virtues of freedom, compassion, and ecological consciousness.

It's the only party offering a comprehensive vision of the way the future can look - thus supplying the missing link that was absent in previous attempts at meaningful paradigm-shift.

It's the nexus of the planetary revolution.

It's the most idealistic thing you've ever seen.  And that's a good thing, since "realism" ain't workin'.


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