The Earth Party Narrative

Chapter 6:

What's Delaying the Paradigm Shift?



"I know about the Great Paradigm Shift, and I'm very eager to see it happen.  Why is it going so SLOWLY?"

Since the approach of the new paradigm is correlating with the increase in social dysfunction, (as was explained on the previous page) there's a temptation to view the new paradigm as the cause of the dysfunction.  After all, the closer we get to it, the more everything is falling apart.  Right?

(For an explanation about what this means, see the previous page:

Part 5:  How the Shift Works)

But the dysfunction isn't being caused by the new paradigm - it's being caused by the lack of it - by the fact that we haven't reached it yet.


The necessity of the new system is pressing up against us, but we've been too afraid to actually make the change, and we're still clinging to the old, dissonant, power-based structures in the midst of an emerging love-based consciousness with which those old structures aren't compatible.


For an analogy, think of a mother giving birth.


The birthing process is painful, and so it appears from the outside that the birth is the cause of the pain... when actually the pain is from not yet having completed the birth. 


A confused person might say that "the emergence of the baby is causing the pain"...


...and so therefore the only sensible thing to do is to "stop the birth, and push the baby back inside."


But that will of course complicate things even further, causing even more problems.


The confused person might then interpret those problems as further evidence that the birth process is bad and should be suppressed - which will in turn cause the problem to continue to get worse...


...which, in turn, strengthens their resistance to it even more, and so on.


Thus, there's a self-reinforcing cycle of resistance causing dysfunction leading to more resistance.

"This all sounds kind of abstract.  Is there are a concrete set of actors that you can point to?  Does this conflict show up in society somehow - like, for instance, in politics?" 


Here's how it plays out politically:

The Left is the side trying to bring us into the new paradigm.  That's what the Left does - it seeks evolution.  It's the driver of social change.  It's the gas pedal that moves society forward.


The Right is the side of caution.  It's more resistant to change.  It's the brake pedal.  And it's resisting the shift.

"Aha!  I knew it!  It's all the Right's fault!  Progressives are the good guys, and conservatives are the bad guys!  I knew it all along!"

Not quite. 

There's a reason the brake pedal exists.  Sometimes, the vehicle travels in the wrong direction.  Sometimes, it heads toward a cliff.  Sometimes, it goes in a very bad direction, and we need to stop it, so we can re-evaluate where we're going, and change directions into something healthier. 

The Role of Left and Right

Left and Right are not just random, arbitrary ideologies.  They're metaphysical components of consciousness.  They're fundamentally equal, both in wisdom and importance. 

The purpose of the Left is to evolve society, and change it for the better.  The purpose of the Right is to apply caution to make sure those changes are actually good.

Not all changes are good.  Sometimes, mistakes can be made.  The Left, in its eagerness for progress, sometimes chooses wrong directions to advance in, ultimately slowing down the evolution process. 

Lefties have a sense that something is wrong - that our social system is corrupt at a deep level, and we need new a new system.  And they have the willingness and the passion to change it, because that's who they are.


But just because someone is a Lefty , doesn't mean they truly understand what the Shift is.  Many Lefties are promoting a corrupt and twisted version of the new paradigm.


Righties can sense that, and that's part of the reason why they resist the transition to the new paradigm.

Technocracy - The Twisted Future

The political Left has become enthralled by a force called technocracy.  This is a worldview that seeks an ever-increasing amount of infiltration of technology into human life, with no regard for potential consequences.  It even plans to fuse our brains with computers, and ultimately to abolish biological life itself, replacing it entirely with artificial intelligence.  It makes no attempt to hide this.  You can hear the tech "gurus" talking about it every day, as if it were the best thing in the world. 

Humanity is poised to evolve naturally, but technocracy is attempting to hijack the evolution process and re-route it into a very dark direction.

For a more detailed explanation of what technocracy is and where it comes from, you can read our page on Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Suffice it to say, technocracy is one of those wrong directions that the Left can go in if it's not thinking carefully about what it's doing.  It is absolutely essential that it not be allowed to proceed further.

Progress still needs to happen, obviously - but not in that direction.  It needs to go in a different direction.  The Left needs a course correction.

And considering how powerful and ubiquitous A.I. is becoming, and how quickly it's happening, the situation is more dire than most people realize, and a reckoning has come.  A critical mass of people have realized the danger of technocracy (even if subconsciously), and distanced themselves from the political Left.  The majority of people have come to distrust the Left with absolute conviction, and while they might not realize that technocracy is the root problem, it is nevertheless what they're sensing.  All of the "craziness" the Left has gotten itself into can be traced to its mesmerization with technocracy.  And the Left will not be able to regain political power until it corrects this. We have faith that this can happen, and it's a key part of our communication agenda.

The Right is able to see this because the Right is inherently the side of caution.  It's naturally more skeptical of change, and thus less susceptible to incorrect courses, including technocracy. 

But it's throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The Stubbornness that Threatens the World


The Right is so appalled by the insanity displayed by the technocratic Left, that it's clamming up and resisting all change.


It's taken a stand against the very concept of evolution itself.


That ain't good.


The Right is holding on tightly to the fading, Power-Centered societal structure because it's frightened by both technocracy, and by the general misconception of the new paradigm being the source of social dysfunction (refer to the birthing analogy and self-reinforcing cycle of resistance and dysfunction explained above). 

The Right needs to open its mind.  Stop fearing change just because it's different.  Some changes are indeed bad.  But some changes are good.  And some changes are so necessary that humanity won't even survive if we don't make them. 

We can't keep up the current system, and survive.  It's impossible.  We need the paradigm shift, Righties.

"This is all a lot to digest.  Can you give an example of how this works?"

1.  One of the ways we can see this playing out in the political arena is the Globalism vs. Nationalism debate.

The Left is correct in recognizing that the next stage in our development is Planetary Consciousness, and that this will involve outgrowing the nation-state model of governance and maturing to govern ourselves as One Planet.


However, it has been hoodwinked by a specific cult called "globalism", which is NOT a positive manifestation of this evolution, but rather a false, technocratic course driven by a cabal of technocrats who only pretend to have the well-being of humanity or the planet in mind.

The Right is able to recognize this, and see globalism as the false path that it is.  But it conflates globalism with Planetary Consciousness - it doesn't realize that they are two distinct things.  Planetary Consciousness is not globalism, but the Right is unable to realize this - partly because the Left is unable to realize it as well! 

2.  Another example would be the issue of Borders and Immigration. 

The Left is once again correct that world-wide, hassle-free travel is a hallmark of a mature civilization, but the Right is again correct that this aspiration has been hijacked by forces with ulterior motives.  The disorganized, haphazard, selectively-applied process of opening up borders in some countries while letting other countries keep theirs closed, is the wrong way to do it.  But... there is a correct way!

3.  A third example is the issue of climate change. 

The Left is correct that the health of our Planet is the utmost foundation of our society - indeed, our very existence depends on it.  Ecological consciousness is another major hallmark of a mature civilization.  But again, the Right realizes that this concern has been hijacked by technocracy for the purpose of establishing carbon taxes to strengthen and expand its own control and power.


But again... we do need to live in balance with Nature, and we do need sustainable systems for meeting our needs. 

To read more about this, see our page on Ecology and Climate Change.


So in summary:

Left is trying to advance to the next stage, and Right is holding us back.

But does that make
Left good and Right bad?


Left is trying to get us to the next stage, but a large portion of Lefties have the wrong image of what that actually looks like.  They don't understand what a Love-Centered Society actually is.  They're mistaking it for technocracy (because they've been propagandized to equate evolution with technocracy).

And thus, the
Right's skepticism of social change is not unjustified  It's trying to prevent technocracy.


But instead of preventing the wrong type of evolution (to technocracy) and allowing correct evolution (to a Love-Centered Society), the Right is preventing all evolution, period.

So the
Left must correct its vision of what the future looks like, and get off the technocratic course.  And the Right must release that brake pedal to allow social progress - the correct kind.

But to do that, the Left needs to know what the Love-Based Society actually is.  It needs to know what we're supposed to be evolving to.


And that's what this website is for! :)


A healthy vision of our future, without technocracy.

And Right needs to stop fearing the good kind of change - the real paradigm shift.

It's vital for the Right to not throw the baby (healthy social evolution leading to a Love-Centered Society) out with the bathwater (technocracy).


And it's also important for the Left to not keep the bathwater sitting around, feeding it as if it were the baby. 

The Solution

The solution is to restore communication between Left and Right.

The Left and the Right don't currently talk to each other.  And that's why they've both become so crazy. 

If the two start talking again, then the Right can help the Left understand why technocracy is an unhealthy vision for the future.


And the Left can help the Right understand why the new paradigm (in its healthy form) is so absolutely necessary.  There are things about the Shift (even the healthy version) that scare the Right - and by talking to them, you can help assuage their fears of those things by helping them understand how they make sense in the new paradigm.  You can assuage the Right's fears about aspects of the new paradigm that it doesn't understand.  

For this purpose, the Earth Party has begun a peacemaking campaign, complete with its own hashtag:


To learn more about the Peace Process, you can visit our page on

Peace Between Left and Right.

Or, you can continue on to Part 7:

Part 7:  What Happened In 2016?


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