Why are They Doing This?

This pandemic situation is being exploited by the ruling elites of our world, to suppress the popular uprising that would otherwise be gathering steam now.

Last year, 2019, was the beginning of a planet-wide populist uprising.  Millions of people took to the streets, in dozens of countries at once - most of which were barely reported (or not reported at all) by U.S. corporate media.  

Did you know about the protests rocking Chile, and the protesters getting shot with live bullets?

Did you know about Ecuador, and Colombia?   Nicaragua?  

Probably not, if you get your news from corporate media.

You know about the Yellow Vests in France, right?  

And Extinction Rebellion?  And the Sunrise Movement?

Both the Left AND the Right were rising up, at the same time, and beginning to merge into a single, unified movement - the greatest fear of the elites.

 As soon as we saw Greta Thunberg and the ignition of worldwide Climate Marches (i.e. the Left), happening simultaneously with the populist workers uprisings (like the Yellow Vests - i.e. the Right), we knew things had reached a critical point, and humanity was ready for a major change in the way this culture is run.

And we knew that the elites at the top of the pyramid were frantically looking for ways to clamp down, and get all the "rabble" out of the streets.

They passed draconian anti-protest legislation in places like Australia.  But that was just a test, to see whether the public would be willing to consent to it.  And the test came back a failure!  Such legislation met with INTENSE resistance wherever it was passed.  They realized they couldn't stop the protests that way.

So what could they do?

I think you know the answer already.

They may have bitten off more than they could chew, however.  Their move could backfire.

This does NOT mean that the virus was "man-made."  It could be, but we don't know.  At this point, there is good evidence for BOTH the man-made hypothesis AND the "bat-soup" hypothesis.  The Earth Party is not yet ready to take an "official position" on this subject.  We just don't have a compelling case for either theory yet.

But regardless of whether it was man-made or natural, the fact remains that the shadow oligarchy is absolutely milking it.  They're not letting this crisis go to waste.  They're rolling out a veritable smorgasbord of totalitarian mandates.  Everything on their long-standing wish-list is being tested out right now.  They're like kids in a candy store.  

The right to Freedom of Assembly (guaranteed in the 1st Amendment) has been summarily abolished.  With no debate.  Just POOF!  Gone.

We're hearing talk of potential extra-judicial detentions, indefinitely without charges (suspension of habeas corpus) in the near future.

We're hearing talk of tracking people's movements via their smart-phones.

We're hearing talk of forced vaccinations, once a vaccine comes out.  They're "testing the waters" to see how compliant we (the public) are willing to be.  

We're getting an exponential increase in demands for internet censorship, to prevent people talking about cures and treatments that fall outside of the "officially accepted" options.  People are being "reported" on Twitter for simply talking about Vitamin C.  

The Climate Marches are over.  Extinction Rebellion is over.  The Yellow Vests are over.

Bam!  Just like that.

They do promise us, of course, that we'll get to come back outside again... eventually.  Just like they promised with the Patriot Act two decades ago, and the Iraq and Afghan wars:  It's only temporary.

But then the same people say, out of the other side of their mouths, that this could go on for a YEAR, 18 months, or even TWO YEARS.

But even though the pandemic itself won't last NEARLY that long, the totalitarian "adjustments" to our society are another story.  They ARE meant to last that long.  In fact, they're intended to be permanent - just like the post-9/11 crap. 

It's been 20 years, and the Patriot Act is not only still being renewed, but expanded.  They've passed NDAA's, which give the government the "authority" to arrest us, hold us without trial, indefinitely, and torture us for confessions.  The army is still killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Children born during those wars are now old enough to fight in them.  Our wars are now trans-generational.  We are an Empire.  We are Rome.  A Rome in which the Caesar has dystopian electronic surveillance powers.

It was never meant to be temporary.  The Patriot Act and the wars were always intended to be permanent.  The "terrorist" stuff was just an excuse.  They manipulated us.

And they're doing it again.  The virus lockdown is meant to be permanent.  They promise they'll "let us out, eventually", once terrorism - excuse me, I mean COVID - is defeated and eradicated.  Which, as just explained above, is not possible.

And they've also got "experts" on TV saying the lockdowns could last YEARS.

They do not intend to let us out.  And they will not.  Not unless we stand up for ourselves.  

DO NOT consent to martial law.  DO NOT consent to forced lockdown.  DO NOT respect "curfews."  Is there any reason why being outside at night makes you more contagious than being out during the day?  No.  It's just an excuse to train us to acquiesce to more and more restrictions, in preparation for the totalitarianism they have planned.  

Use your brain.  Don't go into small rooms packed tightly with people.  Don't do that.  

Do wash your hands.  With soap.  For 20 seconds.  Be hygienic.  Be healthy.

Be responsible.

But DO NOT allow yourself to be manipulated into submitting to Orwellian lockdowns.  DO NOT consent to it.  

And please, RESEARCH the agenda at work here.  If you don't know what the "d_ _ _ state" (the "opposite of shallow" state), or the "i_ lum_ _ ati" (the ones who are "illumined") are, start learning.  This is a REAL thing, and you're seeing PROOF of it now.

If they see how well this virus is "working" in helping them to impose their agenda, then, even if we beat this virus, they'll just unleath ANOTHER ONE.  They have hundreds, you know, in their labs.  

That doesn't mean this particular virus was man-made.  It's possible, but we're not taking an official position on it.  

But even if it really came from a bowl of bat-soup in a wet market, the fact that it's proving so useful to the elites' agenda could make them see the value in releasing more viruses - ones of their own making - to keep renewing their excuse for more of that agenda.  

So don't give them that excuse.  Show them that it's NOT working, and that it's NOT helping them.  Show them that we will not submit to their totalitarian repression, no matter how many of these bugs they release on us. 

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