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Left and Right
must unite
to defeat technocracy
and heal the world.

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Welcome, friend!

You've found the Earth Party - the nexus of humanity's positive evolution, and the home of the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization.

We've created a step-by-step plan to evolve human society, beyond the current state of chaos and authoritarianism, to a new system that's built around the values of Sustainability, Compassion, and Liberty.

Some people say that these values are mutually exclusive - that you have to pick and choose between them. But we believe they're all part of the same future.

If you've heard of the "Great Reset," and are valiantly resisting it, please understand: It's not enough to say "no" to evil. You have to say "Yes" to GOOD, as well. You need a positive vision of a new world, to replace the negative vision offered by the technocrats.

They are right about one thing: The "old normal" is gone forever. We will never go back to 2019. The world is in the midst of a transition prophesied for thousands of years by traditional cultures and spiritual teachings. The existing "system" is cruel, illogical, nonsensical, and unsustainable. It must change, and it will.

The baddies are attempting to exploit this fact, to steer the world onto their own dark pathway. But that does not mean that the idea of grand change is solely their province. It's not theirs. They're just hijacking it. 

And in order to stop them, we need a vision of our own, to replace theirs.

The Earth Party provides this vision. We call it the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization. You can begin reading it here.

And in order to manifest this vision into reality, we need cooperation between the tribes - peace between the Left and the Right.

Left and Right are two poles in an intellectual dichotomy between change and caution. We need both of them. Neither of them is "evil." You don't look at a magnet and say "this pole is good, and this pole is bad." You don't look at a compass and say "east is good, west is bad." A cardinal direction cannot be "bad."

The Left and Right must work together, to heal this world. And the Earth Party plays a central role in forging this peace.

We hope you'll have a look around, and learn about the many ideas we've presented, for bringing the world into a new era of health and freedom.

The Earth Party

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