Awake, Arise!  People of the Earth!


Our world's in trouble, and your vigilance is needed.


A sinister force besieges all Life.  Its name is technocracy.


Long has it sought control over this world.  Into every facet of the human mind and society, its tentacles have reached. A fight for freedom rages.


Today, we stand at the critical juncture of the war.  Soon, our paths will be chosen, the fate of the world sealed:  Either we turn to the path of wisdom, and compassion, and heal each other and the planet through the power of love and the spirit of Nature... or wind up in a totalitarian techno-dystopia from which there might be no escape.

What we do this year, right now, could determine which of these fates awaits us.

And each and every one of us has a part we can play, and a potential to effect the outcome.

Even you.

You might just be the one who tips the balance.



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"I dunno.  Things look pretty bleak.  The Empire appears to be winning.  There is no one in power who truly cares about the People, or the Planet.  Let alone both.  What hope do we have?"


Yes, every sane person has wondered, at least a few times in recent weeks and months, "Are we screwed?"  

"Are we?  Is it over?"

We hear you.

Scary stuff is indeed happening, and the war between Life and technocracy has reached an inflection point this year.  The dark forces are going for the goalposts.  They want it all.  They want to finish what they started, all those eons ago.  They want to complete the conquest of the human spirit, forever.

They've launched their "endgame."

It's not "just a mask."

And even if we manage to defeat medical dystopia, and keep the forces of authoritarian collectivism at bay for a while, we still have to contend with the equally vexing problems coming from the other end - i.e. the more "normal" challenges of poverty, and war, and ecocide, which we still haven't managed to solve, and which are still continuing to fester and grow, engulfing more and more of us in their grip with each day that passes. We're approaching the points-of-no-return for these problems as well, with no solutions on the table. Out of the frying pan and into the fire?


The technocrats present us with their version of solutions - like a totalitarian "Great Reset", or a Green New Deal that's little more than a giant ordering-form for more tech - and the astute among us know that these are false paths.  Far from solving anything, these agendas are Trojan Horses that will do nothing but advance technocracy, and will only make the problems worse, while further cementing the elites' control.  No real solutions are forthcoming - at least from any mainstream sources.


And in the midst of all this, we face a sudden and highly aggressive campaign of censorship across the entire internet and media landscape, making honest dialogue harder and harder.  Even our friends and family are becoming more censorious, more unhinged, and less capable of having a conversation.  For many of us, it seems like people we tried to wake up, and had some success in so doing, are now sliding back into slumber and narrative conformity. 


All in all, it seems like corruption, cowardice, and evil are spreading exponentially, reaching into every nook and recess, in every institution and every heart.  It recalls the movie "The Neverending Story," in which a mysterious, nihilistic force called "The Nothing" expands like a cancer, devouring the world bit by bit.


We hear you.  It's bad.

"So how in the world do we move forward now?  How do we defeat this abominable system? What can we actually DO at this point?"


"What power do we have?  WHERE is our power?  What form does it take now?"  

"What avenue remains?"

"Is there any path?"

Well... not to brag or anything... but...

...this is exactly where the Earth Party comes in.

The Earth Party is unique among activist bodies,

because we bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The world is not lacking for good people.  Many people are awakened, and willing to fight for truth, justice, and sanity - and are already doing so, every day.  There are enough of us to save the day, and right this ship.

The only real obstacle is a lack of coordination.  Every awakened person is doing their own project, helping with just one or two pieces of the puzzle, fixing one wayward aspect of humanity, and healing the world in one or two specific ways - but still trusting, as a matter of faith, that someone, somewhere, will eventually bring all the pieces together into one coherent picture and "new system."



We all know that a paradigm shift is nigh, and some day, the pieces will come together into one place, and a new system - a Light one, based on positive principles and wisdom - will be born.  Despite the frightening headlines, and the even scarier technocracy being pursued behind them, humanity is actually on the cusp of a spiritual awakening, to a higher (and wiser) type of consciousness.  And as this happens, society will reorganize as well, on the outside, to match the new paradigm we've achieved on the inside. 


The process has been going on for some time.  The corrupt elites are trying to delay and suppress the shift, by introducing a rapid sequence of new traumas into society, to keep us distracted and disoriented.  They're also trying to lay a framework to hijack the process, and turn it to their own aims, with a new technocratic world order, rather than an awakened one.  That's why they've presented us with their creepy "Great Reset" - a dark, negative version of a paradigm-shift.

So it's important that we counter them with a positive version, from the realm of light.

They have a plan, so we need one too.  They know exactly how they want the world to be, covering every aspect of life and society, down to the smallest detail.  So we need a plan of our own, a blueprint if you will, with the same clarity, and the same capacity to reassure anxious humanity that every base has been covered, and every concern can be answered with a reasonable degree of confidence.  The technocrats have this, and we'll only compete with their version, and defeat it, if we have something comparable in scope.


And yet the plan also needs to be wise.  If it's going to be the foundation for our entire civilization going forward, then it must be grounded in the deepest and most eternal wisdom of the universe.  Before we can even approach the details, we need to make sure we've got the big picture correct.  We need to answer questions like:

-What is law?  Where does it come from?

-What is morality?  Where does that come from?
-What are rights?  Who has them?  And which ones do they have?

-What do we do when two different sets of rights appear to conflict?

-What is the proper relationship between humanity and other species?

-How do we maintain a healthy ecosystem?

-What do we do when human needs and ecological needs conflict?

-Which one takes precedence, and how do we decide? Who decides?

-How should we arrange our communities, physically/topographically?

-Economically? Politically?

-How should decisions be made? Who makes them? When? Where?

-What limits should they have? And how do we identify the limits?

And how do we know, after answering all of these questions, that our answers are actually the right ones?  How do we attain that confidence? Not just in ourselves, but in others - in enough of humanity to win the level of popular support necessary to ensure that the whole thing is politically sustainable, and won't fracture into warring blocs?

And once we have such a plan, how do we bring it to the masses?

How do we win hearts and minds?

How do we appeal to both the Left and the Right at the same time?


How do we bridge that highly emotionally-charged gap?

And how do we prevent the existing "dinosaur" systems from interfering with our efforts and sabotaging our new structures before they mature?  How do we get "The Government" (TM) and the corporate elites and the "Karens" off our backs, long enough to build a viable alternative?

(Apologies to anyone whose actual name is Karen. It's just a meme. You're totally welcome with us!)

"Let me guess... the answer to all of these questions is... you.  Your plan fulfills all of this."


The Earth Party's mission is to unite Left and Right to defeat technocracy.  And as a foundation for this goal, we provide a plan called the Blueprint for a Mature Civilization.  It's a step-by-step process to re-organize human civilization to be sustainable, compassionate, and free.

And a key component of the Blueprint is natural law - the only true law that (justly and logically) governs human affairs.  We have identified the basic structure of natural law, and distilled it into a short and simple publication called The Law of the Earth, which serves as a moral foundation for everything else we've done and plan to do.

"And why is it YOU who gets to do this?"


Well, has anyone else?

"Umm... not that I know of.  Not yet.  But I'm sure someone will."

Is anyone even trying?


"Hmm.  Good point."


Thank you.

"But how do I know your plans and ideas are actually correct and good?"


You can read them.  You can browse this entire website.  You can see what it's about, and decide for yourself.  Does it pass the test of logic?  Does it stand up to the light of rational scrutiny?  Does it conform to the laws of Reason?  You tell us!

If it resonates with you, and passes your discernment test, then I hope you'll join us.

Because in addition to the Blueprint, we have many other resources as well.

Remember how you're gonna need a way to keep nosy authoritarian bureaucrats at bay while you take back your sovereignty long enough to build a new system without them interfering?  We've got a plan for that, too!  It's called the Take-Back-Your-Rights (TBYR) Plan, and it's a conversational template for the necessary discussions to win over the support of local leaders, officeholders, and decision-makers.  Even if you can't get their assistance, you can at least get them off your back!

Next on the list is our Activist Resource Library: A portable database of memes, quotes, and url-links, stored on a Google Drive, that you can access from anywhere, at any time, to provide proof, evidence, examples, and argumentation for whatever positive principle you're trying to convince someone of.  It's arranged by topic, and by sub-topic, and even by sub-sub-topic, on every subject, ranging from ecology to animal rights to election rigging to race-relations to free speech to geopolitical anti-imperialism to dismantling covid medical dystopia.

Just click that link and browse by category!

Next, we have a healthier and more naturally intuitive version of democracy called Land-Based Sequential Delegation.  Don't let the long name intimidate you!  It's actually very simple.  It involves direct election of representatives at in-person meetings, progressing up the ladder of jurisdictional scale in successive conclaves wherein the person elected at the preceding level votes for the next level.  The reason it's so important is because it ensures that all elections are held physically in-person and everyone is voting on candidates they personally know and have relationships with.  This prevents the political process from turning into a contest of celebrity, wherein politicians are distant and disconnected from their constituents.  No good decision-making can come out of such a system, and Land-Based Sequential Delegation fixes that.

What else?

One of the biggest hurdles to implementing any kind of meaningful changes to society, at any significant scale, is the conflict between socio-political blocs and identity-groups.  We have women angry at men, men angry at women, blacks angry at whites, and vice versa.  And most importantly, underlying all of it, we have the age-old conflict between the Left and the Right.  Whoever fixes humanity is going to have to address this.  We'll need a process to achieve passable consensus on prickly topics so we don't get distracted by wedge-issues.


When we're divided, we're weak - and that's why they've been dividing us for all these years.  But united we're strong.  And the way forward leads through Uniting the Left and Right.  We've developed a template for dialogue to hash out our disagreements, heal ancient traumas, release grudges, and make peace with one another, so we can cooperate on the big projects and changes that need to be done. 


Like I said earlier, we have all the puzzle pieces.


And if there's one we're still forgetting, feel free to tell us!  Just send an email to and share what you know!

Just one more question to ask yourself:

How much longer are you willing to wait?

"Wait... for what?"


For another avenue.  A better organization.  One with more funding.  One that already has more followers.  One that your favorite news site or pundit tells you it's OK to put your hopes in.  One that your peers are already into.


How much longer will you wait for it to come along?


Another year? Another two? Three? Five?


Ask yourself:  Do we have time for that?


Look around you.  Look at the world.


Do we?

If you're done waiting, if you know It's Time, then join us.

It's not enough to march and shout.  It's not enough to merely "resist" tyranny and oppression.  We have to actively shape our destiny.


Your voice matters. Your actions count.


The world is counting on you.

The Earth Party

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